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Caribsea Jungle Indian Almond Leaf by by CaribSea

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Product Description

The CaribSea Jungle Indian Almond Leaves, also known as Catappa leaves are used by fish breeders worldwide to recreate the natural environment of tropical fish and invertebrates such as bettas, tetras, cory, angelfish, discus, freshwater shrimp and other species that come from the soft-water jungle or rice paddy habitats. The natural tannins released by these unusual leaves are touted for their many health and biological benefits, and the softcover created by these leaves gives your tropicals shelter similar to what would be found in their native ecosystem. These leaves can also be used as a forest floor substrate for arthropods, tropical reptiles, and amphibians. The Jungle leaves are the perfect addition to your tropical environment.

  • Create realistic jungle floors
  • Great for soft water fish like discus,angels,tetras and betas
  • Create a natural soft shelter that tropical fish and invertebrates love
  • The perfect natural substrate for bubble nests
  • Made in the USA

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CaribSea Caribsea Jungle Indian Almond Leaf

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