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CaribSea South Sea Base Rock for Aquariums by CaribSea

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CaribSea South Sea Base Rock for Aquariums Description

Natural weathering processes form the fantastic shapes of CaribSea South Seas Base Rock by the erosion and pitting of limestone over the course of eons. It is clean and safe for marine, reef and hard water freshwater aquariums such as African cichlids. South Seas Base Rock can also be an interesting and realistic addition to a desert reptile biome.

  • At an unprecedented 50% void space (macro and micro)
  • Safe for all marine and high ph freshwater systems
  • Calcium Carbonate rock supports health ph
  • Great for marine, reef and cichlid
  • Can be used in a desert biome as well

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CaribSea South Sea Base Rock for Aquariums Customer Reviews

Scott, Boise ID on 2020/02/13
Excellent Product, well shipped

I had about 12 really good sized pieces, roughly about 6-8andquot; in diameter, but each had it's own characteristic. Very easy to piece together and you could bind them if you wanted to. Shipped tightly in a box, so I had almost no damage to the rocks as they arrived. The picture is pretty much exactly what you get. This is a good buy for base rock.