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Cascade Pro-Carb Filt-A-Pack Nylon Mesh Filter Bags with Carbon by by Cascade

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Product Description

Cascade Pro-Carb Filt-A-Packs are ready-to-use nylon mesh filter bag replacements for Cascade Canister Filters. These convenient, no fuss, disposable filter packs are filled with laboratory-quality activated carbon crystals for superior chemical filtration.

  • Ready-to-use 8 oz nylon mesh carbon filter bags
  • Convenient, no fuss, disposable filter carbon
  • Removes harmful chemicals, toxins, odors and discolorations

Carbon filters remove harmful chemicals, toxins, odors, discolorations, and other contaminants to keep your aquarium water crystal clear. Replacement is easy and takes just seconds. Replace once a month for optimal filter performance.

For use in:

  • Penn Plax Cascade Canister Filters
  • Eheim ECCO
  • Eheim Pro and Pro II
  • AquaClear 500
  • Filstar Canisters

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Customer Reviews

Tonya, Seattle WA on 2017/08/19
Gimme That Carbon!

I have a Cascade 1000 for my RES turtle, and we both agree, don't forget the activated carbon! The bags make it simple and easy.

Teetertotter, Janesville WI on 2017/08/18
Best Price

I had to shop on line as local national chain pet stores do not carry my model Cascade anymore.I selected shipping mode of fedexsmart and took 8 days, including a weekend, from the time picked up in CA to be delivered to Southern WI. Way to long long.

Djfkat, Virginia Beach VA on 2011/04/05
Cheapest Price and Easy to use

I purchased a cascade 1500 filter along with extra floss,sponge and the 2 pack of carbon from pet mountain. The carbon comes in an easy to install mesh bag so there's no mess.Just rinse and install. I put the carbon bag in the second from the bottom basket on a floss pad in the filter. Pet Mountain has the cheapest prices on all the items I purchased and they were all in stock.