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Cat Dancer Action Cat Toy by by Cat Dancer

  • $4.99
  • (34%)
SKU: CD10001
UPC: 093419100010
MPN: 101-D
  • $84.99
  • (50%)
SKU: CD10001M
UPC: 680031015381
MPN: 10001M

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Product Description

The Cat Dancer Action Cat Toy is the original interactive cat toy. Spring steel wire and rolled cardboard create an irresistible lure for cats and great fun for cat lovers. This toy will mount to the wall and it will remind your cat of things like birds, butterflies and mice to make them want to chase it like crazy!

  • Spring steel wire and rolled cardboard
  • Irresistible lure for cats
  • Mounts to the wall and reminds your cat of birds, butterflies and mice

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Customer Reviews

Tammy, Dallas TX on 2018/05/16
My cats all love this ridiculous toy

My cats love this toy. I wanted to give as gifts to friends and this bulk price is amazing. 2/3 the price as anywhere else. Shipping was fast and easy. Very very pleased. Thank you so much Pet Mountain. I will be back.

Terri, Canonsburg PA on 2015/04/28
Don't hesitate to buy this toy

This is the best cat toy ever! The kitties never get tired of this toy!

Tom, Austin TX on 2015/04/08
K.I.S.S. Prevails

It's wire and cardboard with a price that matches its simplicity. Simple doesn't mean inferior, especially when it comes to cats. This is by far one of the best cat toys I've ever bought. My cats are mad for them. They can be used like teaser wands for interactive play, or just left tucked in a door jamb so they can play at their leisure – and believe me they do. Highly recommended.

Augusta, Willsboro NY on 2014/10/18
Great interactive toy

My three cats love this toy. In fact, the youngest has figured out that if he sits on one end of the toy, he can play with the other end as it arcs and sways in the air. Also, I take at least two Cat Dancers with me each week when I volunteer at a local animal shelter. Got to make every cat feel engaged.

Ashley, Staten Island NY on 2014/02/26
The Ultimate Cat Toy!

If you're debating throwing this item in your cart, I suggest you DO IT! This toy is beautifully simple and super inexpensive, but is an absolute favorite for every cat I've known. The way the wire moves sparks that crazy, obsessive hunter mode.

Cindy, Coldwater MI on 2013/11/23
Cats love them

Cat dancers are hard to find in stores. Good price. Came really fast!

Deborah, Minneapolis MN on 2013/03/05
Best Cat Toy Ever - even for seniors

I've had this forever, and both of my cats love it. It does require a human to hold it and move it around, but it easily makes erratic moves quite easily that the cats adore - this one and the fabric cat dancer toy are clearly their favorites, and they even play with it in their senior years (one is 16, the other 17).

Laura, Chico CA on 2012/08/08
Amazing toy!!

I highly recommend this toy. I have had it for 6 months now and it is still the favorite among all 3 of my boys. One of my kitties, Iggy, has a weight problem and before this toy I had difficulty coaxing him to play, now he has a toy that peaks his interest. My 17lb cat has not only cracked us up with his backflips but he has also dropped down to 16.2 lbs.

Laura, Chico CA on 2012/07/16
An instant favorite!!!

I have 3 cats in the 6-8 year old range with different activity levels but all 3 LOVE this toy! Frankie is naturally playful and definitely prefers this toy. Iggy was occasionally playful until this toy, now he is very playful. Sinatra was an outdoor stray that adopted me, I have had him for 3 years now and this is the first toy I have ever gotten him to play with. This toy is surprisingly comfortable and easy to manipulate and is an excellent value. :-)

Margo, Cincinnati OH on 2012/03/14
Super Fun!!!

Cat dancer is a HUGE favorite among our kittens! Especially the older ones -- it is great!

Holly, Ferrum VA on 2011/03/20
Best Toy for the $

Our cats will play for ages with this simple inexpensive toy. And the best thing is we don't have to help them use it, they can entertain themselves. They love it.

Kelly, Eugene OR on 2010/12/22
My cats love this!

My cats absolutely love this toy. One of our cats is usually not interested in playing, and this one gets him running and jumping. I usually buy several in case they chew up the end- which is great because they are so inexpensive!

Sue, Hillsborough NC on 2010/08/18
Best interactive cat toy ever!

Cat Dancer is a wonderful cat toy that all cats from kittens to older adults love. I work with a rescue, and all the kittens love it, but my own 5 year old who didn't play much loves it too! I can't find it in any petstore, so I am buying in quantity!

Janell, Rocklin CA on 2010/06/28
My cats love it!!!

I have had two cats that are no longer with us, but they both loved this toy. Went to Pet smart and they said they were discontinued, because they could not sell them. I think I have bought about 10, my 1 year old cat, has had them since she was a baby, and never tires of it. I've also bought for friends who have cats. Best ever toy.

Teresa, Grosse Pointe MI on 2009/12/16
Great Cat Exerciser!

One of the best cat toys ever made! The design is ridiculously simple, yet my 8 yr-old cat and 8 month-old kittens never tire of this toy. I keep one affixed to a chair in the kitchen and use another manually for exercise sessions.

Jama, Wichita KS on 2009/12/08
Very Happy With Order

Very pleased with the price of the Cat Dancers I ordered. Best cat toy out there! Received order in satisfactory time.