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Cat Mate Automatic Pet Feeder C20 by by Cat Mate

  • $52.99
  • (48%)
SKU: AM00201
UPC: 035368002014
MPN: 201

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Product Description

Cat Mate C20 Automatic Feeder has two separate 48 hour timers. The C-20 is a rectangular bowl with two separate lids. Each opens separately according to your pre-set time. It contains a built-in icepack to keep food fresh if you prefer to feed wet food. Requires AA battery, not included.

  • Ideal Auto Feeder for Cats and Small Dogs
  • Serves 1 to 2 meals at the pets' normal meal times
  • Two independent 48 hour battery operated timers
  • Easy clean, dishwasher proof lids/bowls

First to develop the concept of automatic pet feeders, Pet Mate offers you the world's best selling product range with 3 models that cater for all requirements. Whether working late or away for a weekend, all Cat Mate feeders ensure fresh meals will be reliably served at the correct time, automatically.

Product Features:
- Reliable and accurate quartz timers
- Over 1 year's continuous use from 1 x AA battery
- Battery condition indicator
- 3 year guarantee

Ideal for short weekends or days away from home, the C20 serves 1 or 2 fresh or dry meals at ant required times over a maximum period of 48 hours. Two separate full size (1lb/450g) meals may be served individually, or both at once to two pets. The ice pack supplied helps keep food fresh. Ice pack helps keep food fresh - 1 lb canned food in each of two bowls, 1 + cup dry; 2.10lbs.

C20 Dimensions: 10.5"L x 8.25"W x 3.25"H

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Customer Reviews

Jennifer, Las Vegas NV on 2015/12/16
Pretty good.

I'd really love to give this product five stars, and it was close, but I couldn't. Although it is an excellent product, one time the feeder did not open (yikes, not cool) and I had to add something underneath the ice to raise it to where it would actually cool the food. My intention was to use this for 12 hours after leaving home and without raising that ice pack I would be very nervous to feed my cats 12 hours later. Also, I was nervous enough to prepare their food, freeze it in little hamburger patty shapes and then put it in the feeder w the ice underneath. At 12 hours it's perfectly ready to eat. Other than that, easy to operate, easy to clean, and no funny noises, my kitties weren't frightened of the device at all.

Jackie, Akron OH on 2015/05/31
I love it

I had one of these feeders and needed a second. I have 3 cats. I love that both feeders can be set to open at the same time to feed 2 cats. Most of them do not. I also love that there is an ice pack to keep canned food cold. I was pleased with the price. Packaged well for shipping and arrived on time.

Frances , Rockville MD on 2015/05/01
Works well for me

I got the automatic feeder to avoid getting up at 4:30 or 5 a.m. when my cats start wanting their (soft only) food, sometimes desperately! For the first few days they kept waking me up anyway, not realizing I guess that the food was ready to go, so I got up and showed them the thing. I also decided to feed them all their meals out of the two plastic white dishes that come with the feeder so they would get used to them and not keep looking for their cute little round ceramic dishes. After about 5 days of this, all is well. The doors open nicely, the ice pack keeps things cool for 8-10 hours or so, and neither of my cats (10 and 11 years old) tries to tear the thing apart or bounce it around. It's pretty good, try it.

Kim, Granada Hills CA on 2014/11/17
Love it !!!

I had one a long time ago and loved it then. This time I ordered two. They work great and I would highly recommend them.

C, Groton NY on 2014/07/01
Great automatic feeder

I have tried a lot of automatic feeders and this is the best for me. With two doors, I can set them to open at different times for 2 feedings or choose to open both together for a larger portion at one time. The units I've had have been reliable, only failing if the battery dies. There are a couple of drawbacks. The ice pack will melt within 12 hours, so the cooling ability is limited. And the doors are not tight and will not stand up to a determined animal who tries to pry them open. I used one unit for my outside kitties and it was ripped apart by a raccoon. But they are very adequate for timed feeding of a typical small dog or cat. I rely on them when I am on vacation so that my pet sitter needs to come only once a day. Great product!

Jane, Bayside NY on 2014/03/25
Working out very well!

My cats were waking me to be fed at 4AM. I bought 2 of these units and for a few days just got them accustomed to eating out of the dishes, without setting the timers. When I did set it up to open early in the morning, it worked beautifully -they wait for their food and I am able to sleep!

Stella, Tampa FL on 2013/10/22
Doesnt stay cool for more than a few hours

If you're planning on doing more than an 8 hour cycle, the freeze pack doesn't cut it. The base isn't insulated so the packs defrosts pretty quickly. So if you feed wet food on the first cycle and dry on the second you'd be ok. Unfortunately my cat turns her nose up at dry food. She's old and cranky. But being able to at least time the food for the middle of the night so she doesn't wake me up is worth it. The folks who make this product should have invested a buck into some foam to insulate it. For the relative cost of the materials they could have spared it.

Rich, Brazoria TX on 2013/08/14
Better than imitations models

Works great so far. Better designed than imitation units that lasted only a few weeks. Make sure you buy the original, "Cat Mate".

Kathie, Long Beach NY on 2013/05/15
Loved it...

It worked great, and was so easy! Will try it when we are home a few more times but this will give us peace of mind if we go away for a night.

Gail, Denver CO on 2013/04/17
Does what it promises!

I bought this feeder so that my cat could get his meals on time if I was gone overnight. It's easy to use and works well. The only problem I had was that the first time I used it, my cat shoved it partway under a cabinet overhang and the second meal container couldn't open. After I outsmarted him by putting it where he couldn't move it, it worked just fine.

Judy, Tucson AZ on 2012/08/01
Great cat sitting tool!

I house and pet sit globally and most pet owners are not aware of this product. It is good for one cat or one dog, but I haven't had to use it for 2 pets..I don't think it would work as the dominant pet would probably eat all the food. I discovered that you don't ship out of the USA, so I take mine with me and leave it as a gift when I am done. I'm ordering one today at your sale price which I will take on my next trip internationally...and I'll watch for your next sale as I'm sure I'll need more! FYI, depending on how long the food needs to stay cold, you can freeze it first in the dish before setting up and the cold pack works even better.

Sheryl, Arlington VA on 2011/11/08
Awesome product for cats

I needed something that would keep my cats wet food fresh and on a timer which I could program when I am at work up to 18 hours a day. This auto feeder is perfect!!! My 2nd one I purchased. Pet Mountain offers the product at a great price with low shipping prices to boot!

Matt, Charleston SC on 2011/07/11
Works as advertised!

We bought this feeder before we left for several days and according to our pet sitter it worked like a dream - doors opened on cue and the cats were happy to eat out of it. There is no noise - the unit is totally silent. I would suggest if you are going to be away for longer than a night or two to find replacement ice packs for your pet sitter to insert into the unit. Typical ice packs do not fit well. Alas Pet Mountain does not stock replacements - I suggest Amazon.

Sharon, Campbell CA on 2011/01/08
Awesome Item

In December 2010 I ordered the Auto Pet Feeder for my two cats because they were consistently waking me in the wee hours to be fed (despite feeding them just before I turned in each night). This has made a huge difference and now I'm able to get uninterrupted sleep. They accepted this immediately as their "alternate feeding method" and I'm sure glad they did. I'm a much happier pet owner.

Yumiko, Maumee OH on 2010/11/18
Works well!

My cat likes to wake me up at 5am to be fed. He only likes canned food and doesn't like to eat it when it's been sitting out for more than a few hours. I set this to open around 4-5am. I mix a little water to the food so it doesn't dry out. The ice pack helps to keep it fresh. I only notice a faint tick-tock sound once in a while. It looks like you can fit a regular store-bought ice pack too if you need additional ones.

Hs, Columbia MD on 2010/08/17
Ordering a spare!

This works so well for the early AM feedings and for the day/night portions our elderly cat needs. It helps to keep the younger cat from her food. I have the CatMate 50--could never figure it out/don't recommend it. Also a feeder by another company--won't accommodate an ice pack so useless for wet food. I do refrigerate the wet food 1st & ordered extra ice packs. We are really dependent on this so I'm ordering a back up one just in case.

Jeff, Orange CT on 2010/08/03
Wonderful Product!

We went away for two days and this product work great! Our cat was fed on time because the unit has two 48 hour timers.

Anita, Seattle WA on 2010/07/14
Served the wet food

My older cat is accustomed to wet food throughout the day. The pet sitter loaded the feeder with two canned food meals and the ice pack each morning. The feeder operated perfectly and the ticking of the timer is barely audible.

Jennifer, Traverse City MI on 2010/05/16
great way to feed the cat.

I love that this will open up and feed him early in the morning so i don't have to. I like that it has an ice pack so that he can still get his wet food in the morning. So far it keeps the food cold for at least 9 hrs. Haven't yet tried it for longer. It helps that the wet food is cold when i put it in overnight. Wish the time could be set for an exact time not just by delayed hours.

Bob, Wayne NJ on 2009/11/30

Completely satisfied Well made, simple to operate. It solved the problem of our cats crying for breakfast too early. We set one tray to open @ 3AM, the other @ 4AM and this keeps the guys quiet till our normal wake up time!

Shannon, IL on 2009/11/17
Must Have for Vacationing Cat Owners!

I've owned two of these timers for 10 years. I have one cat, and when I go away she is set for breakfast and dinner for 2 full days! (She eats dry food... I've never used the ice-packs.) The timers have never failed me.

C, Los Angeles CA on 2009/08/29
Not as good as expected

It's ok for one cat, but if you have two cats and are trying to synchronize the timing, it is impossible because of the timing dial. This allows my piggy cat to eat the first one that opens and then when the second opens a few minutes later, to bully away my first cat. Also, for wet food, the ice pack only keeps the food cool for less than a day even though it's a 48-hour timer on the feeder. There is a more expensive feeder with a digital timer that I may get two of and try instead.