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Cat Mate Pet Fountain by by Cat Mate

  • $58.99
  • (47%)
SKU: AM09335
UPC: 035368093357
MPN: 335

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Product Description

The Cat Mate Pet Water Fountain has a unique design that maximizes the appeal of drinking, encouraging pets to keep themselves safely hydrated. Water cascades down three drinking levels, providing plenty of water movement to ensure naturally oxygenated, cool water throughout the day. Maximum and minimum water levels are clearly marked, so there's no danger of overfilling!

  • Ideal electronic waterer for cats and small dogs
  • Quiet operation with constant water movement
  • Replaceable polymer carbon filter keeps water clean
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

Capacity: 2 Liters (70 oz)
Dimensions: 10.5"L x 6.8"W x 8.8"H
Power cord: 10'
Warranty: 3 years

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Customer Reviews

Arden, Kingman AZ on 2016/04/02

This product is quiet and the cats love it. Unfortunately, the "top" is easily displaced as the cats think it is their new toy to be batted around. So, I have had to tape the top to the body to prevent the cats from dismantling the fountain. Of course, the tape gets wet when I wash the unit, so the tape has to be constantly replaced.

June, Lomita CA on 2015/04/01
Great Product

This is a great product! It's so quiet you can't tell that it's even running! The water pump in our old Drinkwell fountain finally went out. I started looking for a new fountain and found this one. I wasn't disappointed! I do add water daily to keep the water level up as I have 3 cats. It is very easy to clean and replace the filter.

Carole, Russellville KY on 2014/12/31
Amazing Product!!!!!

My cats love this so much!!! It is quiet and easy to clean!!! It isn't messy! They drink so much water from it!! My dogs even love it!!! I have to refill it twice a day. Sometimes I even find them sitting and staring at it!! Funny!

Jill, Talbott TN on 2014/11/23
Cats were drinking from it within seconds

For years, my cats have enjoyed the original Drinkwell fountain. However, one of my cats kept knocking the top cover off to drink from there. So I bought the Multi-Tier Drinkwell thinking this would be the perfect solution. It would have been because my cats loved drinking from it but I hated it! I had to fill it several times a day or it would make a horrible noise and it constantly leaked causing the towel under it to be soaked. So I tried this Cat Mate as a replacement. The cats were fighting over it within a few seconds of me putting it to use. It is so much easier to put together than the Drinkwell so it's easier to clean and doesn't leak so I'm a fan as well. The only advantage of the original Drinkwell is that it has an attachment for additional water so I don't have to fill it as often.

Jarod, Aurora CO on 2014/07/15
Cat Mate fountain

Got the cat mate fountain to stop my cat from sloshing his water bowl around so he could drink from moving water. IT WORKS! My cat has stopped sloshing the bowl around thus making a mess, and readily drinks from his new fountain. The fountain is easy enough to take apart for cleaning, the filter is easy to change, and it is pretty quiet with only a very low hum noticeable only when it is quiet in the house. The main bowl is marked for max/min water fill so it is easy to make sure you don't over fill it. Best of all my cat loves drinking from it!

Deb Weimelt, Cobb CA on 2013/10/25
Better than the others

For many years I have purchased the DrinkWell fountains. Because of the reviews, I bought this one and it is great! My cat drinks continuously and it's so much easier to clean. Love the top bowl, too! I passed on the info. to family and friends for their next fountain purchases. 'Stachie and I thank you!

Chris, Katy TX on 2013/09/05
Great product

Three levels makes this nice as guests with visiting cats can choose a difference location to drink from.. It is easy to clean and quiet and the filters last a month with my one cat so....makes this a great choice.

Carol, Brookville PA on 2013/08/02
My Cat Loves the Cat Mate Pet Fountain

I received the Cat Mate today and immediately my cat went and got a drink. It is so much better than the drinkwell because you can take it apart and get to all the parts. I could never get the motor out of the drinkwell. Good product. Thank you!

Julie, Bradford PA on 2012/12/02
Bailey loves it!

Our cat was only drinking from the sink. We bought this fountain and she loves it! It is very quiet also.

Jim, Haslett MI on 2012/06/13
My Chihuahuas Love It

The Cat Mate Fountain is very quiet and has no splashing. My Chihuahuas love this thing and refuse do drink out of anything else. If it's not fresh moving water, they are not interested. Highly recommended. The Pet Mountain price cannot be beat! Great price on the replacement filter also.

Kathy, Salisbury NC on 2011/12/15
Cats really like this fountain

It is easy to clean and does the job of hydrating all four cats and my Lab.

Karen, Ashburn VA on 2010/04/15
All three kitties approve

I recently chose this fountain based on the reviews here and now have first hand experience that this fountain is quieter and easier to maintain than the others. I have three big kitties who seem to enjoy drinking from the top two bowls so they don't have to bend over. This model makes all of us very happy.

Paula, Statesboro GA on 2010/04/01

I bought an original drink well fountain 2 years ago and my cats love it. It is quite as far as the motor goes, but a loud sound of water all the time, and hard to take apart to clean it weekly. The CAT MATE fountain is totally silent, and extremely easy to clean. My cats explored it, smelled it and within 5 minutes were drinking from it. That speaks volumes for my female lynx point siamese because she is so easily spooked. My male ginger cat tried to dip his paws in it the first day...Overall I rate this product a 10 and am very satisfied with it and think you will be also..Water intake is so important for all pets, and in cats, it can help prevent painful kidney and bladder stones and infections...Do your cats or dogs a favor and give them the oxygen rich water they crave, you'll be so glad you did!!

Jimmy, Torrance CA on 2010/01/11
I love it!

My cats wont drink from still water out of a bowl, they always jump in the sink and cried till I turned the water on. I found a lot of different pet fountains and chose to go with this one pretty much because I like the design. I just got mine in the mail, and was anxious to see how my cats would react to it. They took to it very quickly. What I really like is that it has two tiers, so one will drink from the top while the other from the bottom. The pump is a very quiet hum... its more quiet than the water it runs. It is small and compact, so you can hide it anywhere; but still the design doesnt make for an eye-sore if want it out in the open. 2 thumbs up!