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Chuckit Max Glow Ball for Dogs by Chuckit

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SKU: CK20020
UPC: 029695323126
MPN: 20020
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MPN: 00232M

Chuckit Max Glow Ball for Dogs Description

Chuckit Max Glow Balls make sure the fun doesn't end when the sun goes down! These balls take just minutes under a light source to provide hours of bright glow time. Max Glow Balls are made with premium, virtually indestructible rubber to survive hours and hours of playtime.

  • Durable glow-in-the-dark rubber ball
  • Easy to grip, toss and catch
  • Use with the Chuckit! Ball Launcher to throw it farther

Chuckit Max Glow Balls are made with safe, non-toxic glow material. Balls are compatible with matching sizes of Chuckit! Ball Launchers (sold separately).

Tip: For maximum glow, expose toy to a bright light source for at least 5 minutes.

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Chuckit Max Glow Ball for Dogs Customer Reviews

Cyndi, Southern MD on 2015/08/29
A Chihuahua favorite

My chihuahua loves these balls. She plays with it all day and night. It's truly her 'binkie". She usually doesn't take to the "new' ball right away, but this time I was able to switch them out with no whining, searching or barking from her. They are hard to find, so I caught a sale on this site and bought a ton of them. They last a few months so she'll have them for a long time to come.

Sarah , Austin TX on 2015/03/13
Glow in Dark Ball

This ball is awesome & stayed glowing for a long time. Only suggestion would be to the manufacturer - once the ball gets wet from either the dog or wet grass, it becomes hard for the dog to grip in their mouth (ball is slippery). Maybe put a few more ridges on the ball to allow the dog a way to grab it with their teeth. But overall, fantastic product.

Nancy, Kansas City KS on 2014/12/25
Great glow in the dark! Stays light for a long time!

Our lab likes to play ball day and night. This ball you just put under the light for a few minutes and it will glow bright outside for a long, long time. The dog is able to see it easily and can play catch even when it is dark outside. It has great bounce and is good for all types of weather.

Marilyn, San Antonio TX on 2014/05/13
Amazing product

These dog balls are indestructible! My dog has destroyed every other ball except this one. Plus, they float and glow in the dark. I am extremely pleased with this product.

Bill, Sun City West AZ on 2013/10/22
Extended fun!

My dog loves chasing his orange ball at the local dog park. When we are there prior to dawn or after sunset, however, the game becomes a lot more problematic on moonless nights. What a joy the Glo-Max has been. It really does glow for hours on a charge of less than five minutes! Both dog and master are very pleased with our purchase.

S, Mckinney TX on 2013/06/28

If you want a tough but chewable ball that can well outlast a tennis ball, this is it. Glow in the dark makes them a bit more fun. These are the only balls that my Pitt won't chew to pieces in a couple of hours. Great product.

Joan, Portsmouth NH on 2013/06/26
And they float!

This is a favorite toy in the Double J household. It glows, it floats and it withstands the Mr. T. Chewing test. Love it.

Cara, Iowa City IA on 2013/04/14

We purchased a replacement glow ball for our Chuckit thrower after we lost the first one. Much cheaper on PetMountain than in local stores or anywhere else online. Our dog loves this ball -- we don't always make it home in time to play fetch with her during the daylight hours. The glow ball makes it possible for us to play with her in the dark. And, it's easier for us to find if she gets distracted!

Julia, Orlando FL on 2011/07/10
It's the best!!

Our cocker spaniel is rarely out of sight of one of these balls. She adores to chase/fetch the ball outside and to chew on one--almost like a pacifier--inside. We are astounded at how obsessed she is with playing with this particular type of ball!!!

Francie, Rancho Palos Verdes CA on 2010/10/20
Fabulous Glow Ball

This is far and away my dog's favorite toy. When I come home from work, she runs to where I keep it and waits eagerly until I get it out and start throwing it in the back yard. And she'll "fetch" it for a loooong time. That's great for me because it wears her out at a time when I'm tired. And now that's it's getting dark earlier, she can find it easily. It glows very brightly when exposed to light for a brief time.

Ara, Nantucket Island MA on 2010/10/14

What a delight not only for my puppies but also for me: It GLOWS in the dark:) Not only does it fit their mouths, but, it also GLOWS in the dark. We look forward to many more hours of sure bliss:)

Keven, Littleton CO on 2010/05/24
The best toy ever.

This is the best toy for a retrieve-loving dog. Now that it's warmer at night, we have a "ball" playing at night. I get a kick out of watching the ball come back to me. I can't see my dog, just the ball. It's a lot of fun and it has more bounce than a regular tennis ball. I highly recommend this for any dog that likes to fetch.