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Chuckit Ultra Ball for Dogs by by Chuckit

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Product Description

Designed for the most demanding use, the Chuckit Ultra Ball is no ordinary ball. Simply put, the Chuckit Ultra Ball is the best ball for the game of fetch. The Chuckit Ultra Ball promises to outplay the ordinary!

  • Developed to have a high bounce
  • High buoyancy and high visibility
  • Durable and made to last longer than ordinary tennis balls

The Chuckit Ultra Ball is perfect for exercising your dog! Use the Chuckit Ultra Ball in the park, in your backyard, or anywhere there is plenty of room. Fits Chuckit Ball Launchers!

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Jon, O'fallon MO on 03-27-2015
Awesome toy!

Dogs love these ultra balls!

Sarah , Austin TX on 03-13-2015
Small Bounce Ball

These are fantastic & the dog loves them. They offer a surface on the ball that allows the dog to grip it even once it becomes wet. And it has a nice amount of bounce to the ball. Great for my small dog - highly recommend.

Nancy, Kansas City KS on 12-25-2014
Great bounce! Favorite ball!

Our Great Dane loves this ball and it is the perfect size. It has great bounce and even when he chews on it, it does not tear apart.

Kathy, Berka NY on 11-28-2014
Does not stay orange for long

I have bought many of these balls over the past 3 years because of the tough quality. The problem is that if left in the yard for even a short time, they get discolored and turn black. No amount of scrubbing returns the color back to orange.

Angela, Rockford IL on 11-20-2014
Chuckit balls

What can I say? Chuckit balls are pretty much like crack for dogs. Not Kong strong, but pretty sturdy for chewers. My English bull terrier is obsessed with these things. He likes us to roll them down the railing next to the stairs while he chases them, but he doesn't bring them back up. So I bought 40 of them - a whole bucket full - so he can run up and down the stairs like an idiot for an extended period before I have to go down and collect them. Pet Mountain has the best price I have found on Chuckit balls, online or otherwise. I'll be back once he manages to destroy this batch.

Tina, Albuquerque NM on 07-30-2014
Doggies love it

We have several chuck balls as my dogs like to bite them and throw them chase them and run around with them. We are really pleased with all the chuck it balls we have. This ball is great and even gets all of my dogs involved with wanting to play. Great product for my German Shepherd Dogs....

Joy, Columbus OH on 04-30-2014
Chuck It

This is the one and only ball our Golden Retriever cannot destroy!! She loves it and plays with it every day!

Melody, Rainier OR on 04-16-2014
My Dog Loves Balls

My dog, a boxer/lab mix, loves to chase balls. I have an acre on a hill and throw the ball for her with the ChuckIt thrower and she goes hunting without knowing where it is! She looks for 5-10 minutes sometimes, just running in patterns until she finds it. Great self-exercise!

Kristin, Marysville CA on 02-18-2014
Love these

Love these balls. They hold up better than tennis ball - no fuzz to pull off. They have a great bouce helping with extra distance and agility for my girls.

Joanie, Camden TN on 01-28-2014
Not fuzzy like I expected but actually better for durability

Bought two replacement balls for my chuckit launcher for a large dog. He is using the original but he will chew it up pretty quick. Like the two replacement balls better he won't get to damage those so quick.. and he likes them.

Lehnora, Bend OR on 12-30-2013
Chuckit Ultra Balls

These are the best. My cattle dog destroys just about every toy in moments and has yet to ruin one of these. We lose them before they're ever ruined.

Holly, Nederland CO on 11-27-2013
Great Toys!

Love the "chuck it" balls. They are long lasting, bounce great, and do not harm the dogs teeth like tennis balls. When tennis balls get covered in dirt they become more like sand paper than soft balls. Since I have switched to these balls my dogs are happier and their teeth are healthier.

Jar, Mclean VA on 04-24-2013
Chuckit Ultra Ball...Love it!

We've purchased a variety of fetch balls most have been chewed up and thrown away...this is THE BEST! Dogs love to catch/fetch this ball, chew this ball, chase this ball...but it still holds up! Worth the price! Thank you!

Ed, Cape Cod MA on 03-21-2013
Best ball

One of the few things that my dog cannot chew apart. Great bounce. Medium "Chuck It" works great with it.

Katherine, Marshfield ME on 03-12-2013
"My dogs love them"

Thank you...the best balls for dogs to chew and play with..last for a long time!!

Lucie, Albion CA on 03-05-2013
Fetch on the Fly

I've been using these ever since they became available and they're great! My Lab prefers these balls because they are easy to see, float high in the water, bounce, roll and fly really well. He also seems to like the mouth feel. I like them because they don't get gummy, are easy to throw and pick up with a ChuckIt ball tosser, can be washed off and dried immediately and are highly visible.

Tami, Georgetown ID on 06-15-2012

I read the reviews on these balls and ordered them with reservation. I have a heeler who loves to run and chew and destroys a tennis ball a day. I bought a black Kong ball, but it was too hard. It has now been almost 2 weeks and the unltra ball is as good as new and my dog can run and chew all day. We are both happy!

Trish, Edmonton AB on 05-20-2012

We have a very high energy doodle and this is the only toy that can keep up to him. THANK YOU CHUCK IT!!

Lauren, Darby MT on 12-12-2011
Great Balls!!

We have a border who loves the smaller ball size. But she is a dedicated de-fuzzer of tennis balls. These balls provide the play time she likes, and I am not picking up tennis ball fuzz all over the house. The price is worth the longevity!

Paul B. Schoen, Southfield MI on 09-21-2011
Fits Large Chuckit

Tennis balls fit the Chuckit, but these balls, one of which comes with the Chuckit, are far livelier. Tennis balls also fit the Chuckit and are much cheaper, but my dog destroys tennis balls and, so far, has not damaged the Chuckit ball. I fling the balls into the woods, trying to make the dog look for the ball, but sometimes the ball hits a tree, takes a high bounce and goes over the fence into the neighbor's yard. So, bear this in mind if you have a small yard.

Bob, La Crescenta CA on 08-10-2011
The Toughest So Far

We have found that the large Chuckit balls are by far the best for heavy chewers. One of these will last our large dog for several weeks while other balls only last from a few minutes to a few hours. He chews it day and night like gum and eventually pops a tooth through - then it's only a matter of time before he opens it up and shreds it. I have shopped around and this site has the best price when buying 4 or more, even without free shipping.

Chuck, Chester VA on 05-22-2011
Great for Greyhounds

I have three Greyhounds and we were "dog sitting" another for a friend while she had to move. He loved the little Chuck-It ball that we had for our Jack Russel. It seemed a bit small for him so I ordered the bigger 3" size. Now we don't have to worry about him swallowing the smaller one and he has yet to be able to pop it. I highly recommend the rubber Chuck-It balls.

Jane, Santa Fe NM on 12-03-2010
Must have

My fetching dog will not have anything to do with any ball except the chuckit balls, and she is obsessed with them. Therefore we must have them. They don't wear out, but occasionally get lost or stolen, so I am delighted to find this source--much less expensive than local stores.

George, Savannah GA on 11-12-2010

This Chuck It Ultra Ball is fantastic. My Lab will chew up any and everything. She hasn't hurt this ball yet and it bounces like a tennis ball or better and I won't need to replace balls so often if ever.

Michele, Mayville NY on 10-27-2010
I loved it and so does my dogs

The best ball I ever invested in. My large puppy eats everything. Been through so many tennis balls. I keep buying them, she really does enjoy them. We use the Chuckit thrower and she flies going after the ball.

Laurie, Hammonton NJ on 10-02-2010
Finally, a toy my lab can't eat!

We have a yellow lab and a border collie. the border collie loves to fetch, and the lab loves to eat all of the border collie's toys. These are the only ones that he hasn't eaten yet. They are perfect for Skip to fetch, and for Bruiser to NOT eat! We got 2 from a pet store (which were expensive), and I haven't been able to find them until today. Yay! No more money wasted on indestructible (yeah, right) toys.

Jim, Surprise AZ on 06-19-2010
Chuckit Ultra Balls

I have a very out going 7 plus year old Weimaraner that loves to chew up toys. I was using tennis balls for pool toys. You could go broke buying them. I got the "Chuckit Balls" yesterday and from the time she got one she loved it, more importantly she has not been able to break one yet. These are the best toy money I have spent in a long time.

Elizabeth, Lubbock TX on 03-25-2010
Dog Chewing Gum

I have 2 Standard Poodles (70 lbs & 40 lbs), they LOVE these SMALL Ultra Balls. We call them their chewing gum because they are the perfect size for them to "quish, quish, quish" and not break or pop them. They are a great size for playing in the house without damaging anything.

Chuck, Chester VA on 01-09-2010
Dog tsted owner approved

These fetch balls are a circle of fun. It's a perfect size for my Jack Russel and he hasn't been able to destroy it. He has (well, we) have left it outside in the freezing cold and it hasn't cracked or popped and it's not so hard that he can't chomp down on it and get that chew that he needs, But it is also soft enough to bounce and has the perfect weight for throwing. It also kicks well off the end of your shoe, so if it's too cold for your hands, just kick it. I'll be buying more if it wears out!!

Christine, Rockaway NJ on 12-12-2009
Fantastic For Dogs!

Even if you have never used a Chuck-it with your dog, these make fantastic play and fetch balls. I have a one year old dog who is very hard on toys and these last her forever.

Gary , Pt Orchard WA on 12-01-2009
Happy with product and delivery.

Fast shipment/delivery. I got exactly what I wanted. I would shop here again.

Lisa, Catonsville MD on 10-27-2009
Great item!

I have been hesitant to purchase these in the past because my boy (black lab) is tough on any fetch ball. He loves to hold one in his mouth and clamp down - I call it squishing the ball. These have stood up to his rough treatment! I'd recommend them to anyone with a big dog.