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Coastal Pet Size Right Nylon Adjustable Pet Harness Black by Coastal Pet

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Coastal Pet Size Right Nylon Adjustable Pet Harness Black Description

Coastal Pet Products introduces the new Size Right Harness. This completely adjustable, figure-8 harness allows the neck and girth to be perfectly sized. A comfort fit pad with swivel ring allows the dog to move freely without the lead tangling under the legs.

  • Completely adjustable figure-8 harness
  • Comfort fit pad with swivel ring allows freedom of movement
  • Easy on and off

Coastals Size Right harness is simple to use. Just place it over the dogs head and snap the buckle. Safe and comfortable, the Size Right is unconditionally guaranteed. Measure around dogs body behind front legs for proper sizing.

FOR HARNESSES: Measure dogs girth behind front legs (all the way around the body) and add 2" for correct size.

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Coastal Pet Size Right Nylon Adjustable Pet Harness Black Customer Reviews

Elaine, Eden Prairie MN on 2014/10/16
Easy On and Off and Sturdy Harness -- Love It!

Love this make and design dog harness. It is easy to adjust, put on, take off, and it is a sturdy item too. I have tried other designs and makes, but this is the one I prefer, paws down, at least for a medium or smaller breed dog. I do not have an opinion/recommendation as to any dog/breed larger than a 35 lb. Shiba Inu or American Eskimo/Pomeranian mini. 10 lbs.

Joeda, Yukon OK on 2014/10/09
Very secure harness

I purchased this harness because I had previously purchased one at a pet supply store and could sno longer get them there. The harness is very comfortable for my Shelties and it goes on very easily. The most important thing is that the dog cannot slip the harness if fitted correctly. The best harness I have ever purchased.

Robin, Aurora CO on 2012/12/28
I lOVE this harness! :)

I volunteer at a no-kill animal shelter, and ordered this harness in every size! It is so easy to adjust, and put on the dogs, and you don't need to worry about it getting tangled as with most other harnesses! I just wish it would come in an XLarge also, since it doesn't fit the St. Bernards or Mastiffs. Hopefully one day in the near future? Excellent product, and if adjusted correctly, the dogs cannot wiggle out of it!

Sandy, Atlanta GA on 2011/07/27
The ONLY one to have!

I purchased my first Size Right several years ago and it is still like new. This is the only harness that I will ever love. Simply Perfect! I have bifocals and get dizzy if I lean over too long - a real challenge with other harness styles. By the time I get one of those on (if I do), I am too dizzy to take the dog out. We rescued a new dog and I was really concerned that my favorite product was not at the pet supply store. Thank heaven for the internet! Problem solved - just like this harness!

Jessica, Northwest OH on 2010/09/30
Best Harness Ever!

Got this harness years ago for my dog because he kept slipping out of his collar on walks. The harness was picked because it had a simple to put on design, slip it on over his head and clip around his belly. Even helped with his pulling, when he would pull hard the loop around his neck would snug up a little and he'd stop pulling. Now I'm buying more for the 2 newest additions to the family!

Catherine, Denver CO on 2009/10/24
The best harness for bassets!

This is the only harness we use for our Basset -- bassets can pull right out of collars (he would just turn to face us and pull hard and "pop", the collar would come off!) -- Other harnesses take forever to adjust and put on. This one takes less than 5 seconds for our Basset to step into and snap, and he can't pull out of it. He finds it very comfortable, and it gives much more control than a collar. I would never buy anything else! However, my Blue Heeler was able to step right out of THIS harness, so it doesn't work for all dogs --!

Debbie, Morganton NC on 2009/09/29
Works like a charm

We purchased the Size Right harness as a second harness for use with our foster dogs. It really helps the dogs learn to walk better on a leash - teaching them not to pull. We like this one because of the single snap on the body part of the harness - so it's easier to put on the dogs.