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Coastal Pet Size Right Nylon Adjustable Pet Harness Blue by Coastal Pet

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Coastal Pet Size Right Nylon Adjustable Pet Harness Blue Description

Coastal Pet Products introduces the new Size Right Harness. This completely adjustable, figure-8 harness allows the neck and girth to be perfectly sized. A comfort fit pad with swivel ring allows the dog to move freely without the lead tangling under the legs.

  • Completely adjustable figure-8 harness
  • Comfort fit pad with swivel ring allows freedom of movement
  • Easy on and off

Coastals Size Right harness is simple to use. Just place it over the dogs head and snap the buckle. Safe and comfortable, the Size Right is unconditionally guaranteed. Measure around dogs body behind front legs for proper sizing.

Harness Sizing: Measure dogs girth behind front legs (all the way around the body) and add 2" for correct size. Dimensions listed show (strap width x body size).

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Coastal Pet Size Right Nylon Adjustable Pet Harness Blue Customer Reviews

Ronando, Yakima WA on 2016/06/15
Easy on, easy off, good for cats too

I got this thin harness with the Four Paws Comfort Control Harness which has a wider contact area. Both are great. This one is easy to slip on and off. I specifically hunted this harness down since we already had one on one of our cats and none of the local stores sold it. Easiest damn harness to put on a demon cat that doesn't like wearing clothes. 18" is a good size to get for the average cat.

Martie, Wrightsville Beach NC on 2015/01/14
Best harness!

One of our dogs has had one for at least 8 years, and we recently ordered a replacement for our other dog's harness (she managed to chew through the strap, but she's a "chew pro"). These are great; they're easy to fasten (unlike those sold at a competitor website website!) and really durable. They've been in the ocean a lot and they don't fade or wear out. Glad to have found the online source!

Cindy, Blaine MN on 2014/12/29
Coastal Small Pet Harness

I ordered a black and a blue small pet harness for my two small dogs as a Christmas present. They have had the same Coastal pet harnesses for the last 7 years so I was happy to be able to find them online at Pet Mountain. Very easy to put on and take off as needed.

Vinnie, Vernon CT on 2014/05/13

Harness works great. Was exactly what I was looking for. Can't find it in stores anymore.

Vinnie, Vernon CT on 2014/05/13

Harness works great. Was exactly what I was looking for. Can't find it in stores anymore.

Merle, Centreville VA on 2013/09/11
Great Product!

We have loved these harnesses for years but they are hard to find in our area. Also, we used to have more color choices. With 4 dogs, we had a different color for each but can only find black and blue choices now. They last a very long time and rarely wear out!

Rick, Mckinney TX on 2012/12/02
Excellent product

The plastic, cosmetic, part broke after 14 years but that has not stopped this fantastic harness. The functional part is made of metal and has survived 3 German Shepherd Dogs. One dog was over 100 pounds in weight. I love it's simplicity and ease of use. We have other specialized harnesses but this brand is by and far away the best value. I am ordering 3 more today for my new GSD puppy. I know she will grow into the largest in no time. Thanks for offering this product at such a reasonable price.

Gloria, Saddle Brook NJ on 2012/08/27
Great item

Have always loved these, so happy to find them at such a reasonable price.

Merle, Centreville VA on 2012/04/11
Perfect, as expected

Size Right harness is the best figure 8 for our Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. We usually color code harness and leashes (so they are all adjusted properly), but nobody seems to have the green harness anymore. So one of them now will have the black harness and a green leash.

Jay, Knoxville TN on 2010/11/01
perfect harness

Perfect harness. Comfortable for our dog, doesn't choke her and she can't slip out.

Maryann, Middletown NY on 2010/09/25
I Just Love This Harness!

I have had this harness for my Pug for over two years and it is fantastic! I now have a new puppy and I am getting one for him too. It is the most user friendly dog harness I have ever had, so easy to put on and take off, and it adjusts so well too! No matter how hard my Pug pulls on it it has never come apart or broken! This is by far the Best Dog Harness......Ever!

Kevin, Middletown NY on 2010/09/25
Super Fantastic!

This "Size Right" Harness is THE most easy harness to get on and off my dog! It adjusts perfectly while walking my dog, even when he pulls or runs he never breaks free! I have had one for about two years and would recommend it to all who own a dog/pet. It is truly the only harness you will ever want to buy once you have had one!

Steph, Martinsburg WV on 2010/05/01

I LOVE this harness! It is a PERFECT fit for each dog. Now if I could only get the younger one to stop chewing on the other dog's harness when it's on! Do they come unchewable? :D