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Company of Animals Clix No-Bark Collar by Company of Animals

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Company of Animals Clix No-Bark Collar Description

The Company of Animals Clix No-Bark Collar is the safe, humane way to teach your dog not to bark. A built-in microphone detects barking and instantly interrupts it with either a sound or vibration. These low-cost bark collars provide effective, efficient training, without the use of sprays or painful electric shocks!

  • Stops dogs from barking using sound or vibration
  • No sprays or electric shocks
  • Fully adjustable for a comfortable fit

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Company of Animals Clix No-Bark Collar Customer Reviews

Brandy, Olathe KA on 2016/02/06

I didn't think it was possible, but this has stopped my pom from barking and driving the neighbors crazy. She has an anxious personality and when outside, barks incessantly. This stopped her at her first bark. She tried again a few minutes later, and again it stopped her! She even seemed to enjoy herself more outside with it on, if that makes any sense! It stopped the compulsive behavior long enough for her to play and sniff around. Seriously, thank you. I'm sure our neighbors thank you, too!