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Company of Animals Pet Corrector by by Company of Animals

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Product Description

The Company of Animals Pet Corrector Dog Trainer is your go-to tool for stopping a wide variety of unwanted or bad behaviors. Pressing the top of the can emit a loud hiss of compressed gas that triggers an instinctual reaction in dogs, causing them to stop bad behaviors immediately.

  • Compressed gas emits a loud hissing sound dogs dislike
  • Stops barking, chasing, stealing, jumping up & more
  • Completely safe, humane & effective
  • 30 mL (30 uses per can)
  • 50 mL (50 uses per can)
  • 200 mL (200 uses per can)
  • Free training guide included

Pet Corrector is used and recommended by trainers throughout the world. The inert gas has no smell, is totally safe and works on most animals including cats, horses, and more. When combined with positive training methods, the Pet Corrector stops barking, chasing, stealing, jumping up, and more bad behaviors.

Important: The Pet Corrector includes a free training guide to help you get started. Use Pet Corrector in accordance with the guide for the most effective training.

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Christie, Santa Ynez CA on 05-11-2018

I carry this product mainly for when I walk my dogs and bigger dogs have come out of nowhere and start to charge us. I blast the Pet corrector and boy do they scram the other way:-D I recommend it highly for that reason alone!

Heidi, North English IA on 09-09-2017

Works great for my pups to stop the barking!!

Blair, Germantown TN on 07-18-2016
This stuff works!

We have a 5 year old mini goldendoodle whose only flaw is his barking. Incessantly. Even at us when we come in the room from another. This can emits a loud hiss that our dog clearly doesn't like. It doesn't hurt him, but, after a few uses, all I have to do now is hold up the can, and he quiets immediately. Now, if I can just get my husband & son to use it with the dog ...

Julie, Chesterton IN on 06-20-2016
Best product!

Our rescue dog was very aggressive to anyone entering our home, including biting them. We started using this and in two days it all stopped! Our friends couldn't believe this was the same dog. I don't know how it does it, but best product ever!

Judy, Pittsburgh PA on 07-31-2015
Very good product!!

I'm very satisfied with this product that I bought from Pet works!! :)

Lisa, Lakeport CA on 06-29-2015
Love the pet corrector works great

I will totally buy this again. Works, fast shipping.

Lethal, San Antonio TX on 01-21-2015

This pet corrector is an awesome tool to help train your pets. With my dogs I only have to show them the can and they stop barking. With my cats if they are misbehaving, one push and they scatter. LOL I have also used this when I walk my dogs. If a stray dog starts to approach, I spray the can and this usually scares them off. Be sure to read the directions on how to use it! This is very important!