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Coralife Aqualight T5 Dual Fluorescent Lamp Fixture - Saltwater Aquariums by by Coralife

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Product Description

Coralife Aqualight Freshwater T-5 Double Fixture Dual Fluorescent Light is a light fixture for saltwater aquariums. The streamlined fixture design wonderfully displays your live plants and fish with brilliant lighting.

  • High intensity light output and growth stimulation for saltwater fish and reef aquariums
  • Sleek and streamlined fixture with 6 foot cord
  • Dual T5 fluorescent light fixture includes one 10,000K Daylight Bulb and one 420nm True Actinic bulb

This compact fixture takes up very little space and allows for easy access to the lamps. Features an on/off switch and built-in ballast, adjustable width tank mounts perfect for saltwater and reef aquariums. Its compact and slim-profile style is suitable for applications where space is limited. The fixture is equipped with a modern, designer-black aluminum housing and a highly-polished reflector for optimal lighting. It also includes a protective acrylic lens cover which allows easy access to the lamps. Coralife ColorMax lamps can be used in this light fixture to provide desired lighting in your aquarium.

24" Aqualight T5 - (14 Watt 10K Daylight + 14 Watt 420nm Actinic)
30" Aqualight T5 - (18 Watt 10K Daylight + 18 Watt 420nm Actinic)
36" Aqualight T5 - (21 Watt 10K Daylight + 21 Watt 420nm Actinic)
48" Aqualight T5 - (28 Watt 10K Daylight + 28 Watt 420nm Actinic)

Customer Reviews

Orlina, Delmar NY on 2018/03/13
Great fixture!

The fixture is very light and doesn't need additional devices. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was not very hot in the end of the day. However, it illuminates the whole tank!The company quickly and professionally resolved the issue with damaged bulb.

Jim, Villa Hills KY on 2015/10/19
A Good Fit

Purchased this light as additional lighting for my 75 gal. saltwater tank. I have an LED light on the tank but felt I wasn't getting enough light to grow some soft corals. Saw this Aqualight at Pet Mountain and it seemed to be a good choice for adding more light to my tank. The fact that it took up little space (I have a wooden hood over top of tank) and Pet Mountain's price was very good, convinced me to try it. Well, since using it about 8 hrs. a day I can report I've had a surge in growth of corals and algae (the good kind). My only negative on this light is a lack of a timer to turn it on or off. But for the price I can't complain.

Celia , Venice CA on 2015/07/22
Loved It

The light is bright and it illuminated our forty gallon tank perfectly. It gave the wattage that was needed for our plants too. The light for the price is amazing!

Jeff, Indianapolis IN on 2014/06/03
Lots of light

Coralight puts out A LOT of light with bulbs that came with it all at GOOD price.

Annie, San Antonio TX on 2014/02/05
Great Product!!

This light works awesome for my reef tank and I didn't spend a fortune on it. Brings out the color on my coral and fish nicely. Packaged really well and got here rather quickly. Highly recommend this light!