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Coralife BioCube Protein Skimmer by by Coralife

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Product Description

Coralife BioCube Protein Skimmer is used to quietly and effectively remove any harmful and unwanted organics from saltwater tanks. This protein skimmer is made to be used with the BioCube 14, 29, and HQI.

  • Quietly and efficiently removes harmful organics from saltwater environments.
  • Simple to set-up, easy to clean
  • Fits conveniently into built-in filtration system in the back of the BioCube Aquarium

The BioCube Protein Skimmer comes equipped with a heavy-duty air pump, air flow valve, and tubing.

Note: Formerly called the Oceanic BioCube Potein Skimmer Model #82053.

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Greg, Wichita KS on 01-20-2015
Pretty good for a nano

I wasn't expecting much but it does produce foam from our 8 gallon cube. It is picky about water level. Also it tucks in the back compartment so we don't have to give up valuable aquarium space. It is definitely worth having it in the tank.

Vince, Lawrence KS on 02-18-2013
Decent but could be better

The good news is that the skimmer comes pretty much fully assembled. It can clip into the back of a Biocube 29 or has suction cups. For older Biocube 29s, it can only clip into the far right chamber in the back as you face the front of the machine. This place is actually fine for it, but you may have to move some other equipment (that's where I had my heater). It works by pumping air through an air stone that creates the foamy bubbles upon which the protein and other tank junk rise into the collection cup. The amount of foam generated can be controlled by a little air valve connected to the line running from the air pump to the air stone. I would rate the foam generated as an OK amount. I have had other skimmers that generated more bit some that generated less. The worst issue is that the collection cup has a lid that doesn't snap on but rather sits on the top of the cup. This lid is pushed off easily by the foam, which may make the unit less effective. My personal fix for this problem is to rubber band the lid onto the cup in an area where it doesn't fit onto the skimmer's main body. This works keeping the lid on. Overall, the product is a pretty good value for the price. Unless you have extreme protein skimming needs, this product is pretty cost effective.

Andrew, Wichita KS on 07-14-2011

It says it fits all aquariums but i have a 10 gallon nano reef and the skimmer does not come up high enough to clear the rim so if you don't keep your water at a lower level then it does not seem to sit high enough. And if you are using a glass top the cup of the skimmer is in the way so you have to cut out the entire plastic part that is in the place you put it which it must be on one of the sides because it sticks out to far to fit on the back and clear the glass.