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Coralife Luft Pump Aquarium Air Pump by Coralife

  • $73.99
  • Save $35SALE (48%)
SKU: AF05143
UPC: 096316051430
MPN: 100105143

Coralife Luft Pump Aquarium Air Pump Description

The Coralife Luft Pump features a new design that maintains efficient air flow rates, even in deeper aquariums. The Luft Pump features an adjustable air flow dial which allows you to run air pump-driven equipment, ornaments, and appliances at peak efficiency.

  • Ideal air pump for deeper aquarium applications
  • Adjustable air flow dial
  • Quiet operation

The Luft Pump is the perfect air pump for protein skimmers, ozone/oxygen reactors, air pump-driven decorations, and under-gravel filters. Its air hose outlet connects easily to air tubing for quick installation. Rubber feet absorb vibrations for ultra-quiet operation.

Note: Air tubing sold separately.

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Coralife Luft Pump Aquarium Air Pump Customer Reviews

Scout, Atlanta GA on 2020/09/06
Buy this pump!

We've now tried 4 different kinds of pumps, 2 of which we inherited with our first fish and 2 of which we purchased when we added to our fish family. This pump is exceptionally good! It's strong enough to power 2 double-headed sponge filters at high intake and 2 air stones in 2 different tanks (one 40 gallon breeder tank and one 20 gallon male betta tank). I've got the main line connected to a 4 way valve, but this could easily power more connections. For this value and at this crazy good price, I wish I had ordered more. Instead, I hedged my bets by ordering 2 different air pumps (one of which was this particular pump). This is the best! It mounts to the wall and even with the adjustable valves, it's still further adjustable at the pump. I love this one!

Judy, Pasadena CA on 2018/08/13
Works Great on Aquarium

The powerful pump runs quieter than expected. Great value and fast shipping. The Coralife luft pump is set up on a 60-gallon freshwater aquarium.