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Current USA Aquachef Programmable Automatic Fish Feeder by by Current USA

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SKU: CU08024
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Product Description

The Current USA Aquachef Programmable Automatic Fish Feeder keeps your fish fed, even when you're away. Program up to 8 feedings per day using the intuitive digital display, fill the large capacity hopper with flakes, pellets, or crumble food, and let the Aquachef take care of the rest!

  • Compatible with virtually all aquariums
  • Feeds flakes, pellets & crumble food
  • Program up to 8 feedings per day
  • Battery powered - never miss a feeding, even if the power goes out

A feed lever on the hopper allows you to adjust how much food is dispensed in each serving: choose single or double feedings based on the amount of food your fish need. The Aquachef includes a mounting bracket for easy installation on aquarium tanks with top widths of 0.1-0.8 inches, and is battery powered for continual operation.

Aquachef feeder
2 AA batteries

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Tom, Mercer Island WA on 10-15-2014
Aquachef Programmable feeder

We've had two of these and they've worked well for our vacations. Programming them is a little tedious, but following the directions works. You do need to run them for a couple of days before you leave to see that they are dropping an appropriate amount of food for the tank. We've just bought a third.

Cary, Brooklyn NY on 07-22-2013
Great feeder for pellets

I have a 55 gallon tank and I use this to feed pellets to my fishes. Just maybe need to refill the storage every week and a half. Now I can just enjoy watching the fish and no need to remember to feed them.

Dave, Rolling Meadows IL on 12-28-2012
AquaChef fish feeder, Good Product

We used this fish feeder on our tank while away from home for 5 days and all appeared to work as expected. I will say that I did follow a few other review comments to have the feeder distribute food over a dry surface for a few days to obtain a good average of food distribution prior to actual use. This was essential to find the correct feeding setting. We did use flake type of food which seemed to work well but we had to use the smallest opening setting which probably was a little more than I would have desired but we only have 3 fish in a 45 gallon tank. I think the feeder was designed for more fish and possibly a larger tank. The gravity activated door on the feeder also stuck closed on occasion (determined during initial testing) and I had to clip a paper clip on the door to make sure it would open every time. I would have returned it but I only received it a week prior to needing it and I felt there was no time to make the exchange. If the door worked properly upon receipt I would have probably given this product 5 stars. I did write a review on the FishMate F14 and I do feel this is a much better product. Pet Mountain did ship very fast and I will purchase from them in the future.

Matt, Florence MA on 06-14-2012
So far so good.

Have had this for a few weeks now and it seems to be working just fine. It was a little tricky to control the amount of food that is dispersed with each rotation, seems like one setting is way too little and the next setting could have feed a tank at the Baltimore Aquarium, but after some tinkering I got it the way I want it. It was actually pretty user friendly as far as setting up the feeding times, seemed tricky at first but if you follow the directions it is really pretty simple. I'm going on vacation next week so I guess that will be the big test, but I really don't expect any problems...Overall I think this is a great feeder at a very reasonable price.

Derek, Baton Rouge LA on 12-20-2011
Fish friendly.

The automatic feeder was the perfect solution to feeding my discus while I was at work. The feeder works with Tetra ColorBits and is very quite. Its battery operated so I don't have to worry about a power surge resetting the programmed feeding times.

K, Riverside CA on 10-04-2011

This holds a lot of food and can feed my fish plenty. Works great. Adjustable time and can feed up to 4 times a day!

Jimmy, Ny NY on 08-19-2011
Good for vacation

It is an excellent product when you leave home for a week or two. 5 stars for this price.

Dumitru, Daytona Beach FL on 06-24-2011
Aquachef Programmable Automatic Fish Feeder

My husband loved it!

Tracy, Hamden CT on 02-16-2011
Just what I was looking for

Having never used a self-feeder before, I needed something easy to program that would deposit food in my classroom saltwater tank on weekends and vacations; for years I've gone in to do it myself. This product absolutely fit the bill and I wish I had thought to buy it earlier.

Edward, Denville NJ on 02-01-2011
A real nice convenience!

Going on vacation in the next week or so and I needed a way to feed my fish while I'm gone. This little machine is just the ticket!

Dan, Durham NH on 10-09-2010
Best Feeder

Hands down the best automatic feeder for the price that I have found. Many others have failed or plugged up, NOT the Aquachef!

Joe, Avenel NJ on 08-17-2010
This is a great product!

It is very user friendly & multiple feeding settings is an added bonus...

Jonathan, Chicago IL on 06-17-2010
Excellent product!!

I have multiple aquariums of various sizes. Having a full-time job and making sure the fish are fed has always been a challenge. getting home late and dumping a ton of food before the lights go out is not exactly healthy. Shopped around looking for something that had more than 2 feedings per day, large hopper, and battery operated. I found the Aquachef. I tried it for a week and I now have one for each of my tanks. It was easy to program multiple and double feedings. The large hopper is awesome; easy to refill, simple lever to dial-in the right amount of food.... works well for flakes, granules, and LARGE pellets. The mounting bracket is a bit problematic. The rubber cup on the mounting screw is too big and took some tweaking to get it to fit securely. Nevertheless...Simple, well designed, reliable, versatile, and affordable! (you can't beat the price!)

Dave, Troy NY on 10-27-2007
great product

this thing has a great volume for keeping food, it was easy to setup and very adjustable

Johnny, San Juan CA on 05-03-2007
Customer Service

This product is great!

Napoleon , Glendale CA on 04-02-2007
Must have item!

Very Satified!!

David, Commerce Twp MI on 01-30-2007
Feeds great

The "Aquachef" takes care of the feeding that I can't be there for with ease. I'm very happy with the way it operates.