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Dingo Dental Sticks for Tartar Control by Dingo

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SKU: DG26013
UPC: 615650260133
MPN: P-26013
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SKU: DG26010
UPC: 615650260102
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Dingo Dental Sticks for Tartar Control Description

The Dingo brand combines powerful flavors and benefits to create bones, chews, and treats that are sure to keep you and your dog wanting more. With a wide variety of shapes and flavors, there are options for any size companion. Reward your dog with a delicious treat that satisfies you both! Protect your pooches pearly whites. Help fight stubborn plaque and tartar buildup with Dingo Dental Sticks, For Tartar Control. These yummy treats offer the same great taste as other Dingo products made with real chicken in the middle, for a great source of protein.

  • Proven To Reduce Tartar Build-Up And Remove Plaque
  • Easy To Chew And Fully Digestible Sticks With Real Chicken In The Middle
  • Granulated Rawhide And Chicken Break Down Easier To Scrub Teeth
  • Parsley Seed Oil And Sodium Bicarbonate For Clean Teeth
  • Real chicken bits in every bite.

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Dingo Dental Sticks for Tartar Control Customer Reviews

Lynn, Pottsville PA on 2016/04/06

My dogs love the treats I bought them. They sit in the yard and chew them up.

Lynn, Pottsville PA on 2016/04/06
Dental sticks

All my dogs love the Dental sticks I bought for them. These sticks help keep their teeth clean from tarter buildup.

Charles, Atlanta GA on 2016/03/16
My Doggies Love Em!

Bought in Bulk the Dingo Dental Sticks and it's an Awesome deal. Not only that my Doggies Love them, I also Love the great Bulk price and the excellent Customer Service and Fast Shipping by Pet Mountain. Thanks for giving good service!

Nadeen, Tucson AZ on 2015/06/30
Great product, great buy

Dingo Dental Sticks are helping to keep my dog's teeth clean, my dog loves them, and PetMountain has the best price.

Kathleen, Norman OK on 2015/06/01
Excellent Results with Lucys teeth

My dog Lucy LOVES these dental chews. She is 12 years old and these dental chews are the only thing she has had for dental hygiene. We tried the toothpaste and brush routine once and only once. She reacted quite nastily to the brushing and obviously abhorred the experience, that finding alternate means was necessary. (She's a big girl at 145 pounds.) I forgot how or where we originally found Dingo dental chews, but she has been given these for most of her life. The vet is always amazed at her teeth and gums, telling us that Lucy's dental health is comparable to a one-year-old's mouth and to keep on doing what we're doing. The vet was shocked to learn that we do not brush her teeth (HAH! No way--too dangerous!) and now recommends the Dingo dental sticks for dogs. At first, I was concerned about they're coming from China, but Lucy hasn't ever had any ill effects (great teeth), and the Chinese government is quick to arrest (and execute) those who soil the country's export reputation. Lucy loves these Dingo sticks, and I love, I buy these sticks two cases at a time.

Nicole, Minneapolis MN on 2014/12/20

I'm a repeat-orderer. Dog loves them and his teeth look fantastic (...I don't brush his teeth w/a brush and paste like I should). Do not leave residue on carpet.

Carla, Centralia MO on 2014/08/01

I bought these for my bulldog (Lola). She has trouble chewing on stuff but these work very well without choking her!

S, Gresham OR on 2014/05/06
My dog loves these

I used to buy a much more expensive product that looked very similar but it seems to have been discontinued (forgot the name). It forced me to look elsewhere and I found these. My dog gets them twice a day, he loves them and they produce the same results: fresh breath and clean teeth. Locally, these are about half again more expensive than buying them (48-count) through Pet Mountain, so they're an excellent bargain.

Joel, Vancouver WA on 2013/12/16
Excellent Bargain

Our dogs love these and get their "Treat-Treat" every evening. These showed up on-time and should keep these treats off our shopping list for 6 more months without breaking the bank.

Maril, Plano TX on 2013/02/26
Fav of my dog but...

These are my dog's fav (he's a Collie/Aussie Shepherd mix) and help his teeth being whiter, but they're now being made in China, which is a concern.

Corona, Albany GA on 2012/10/17
Glad to have found them

Had stuff that I could not find anywhere else. Shipped and received the dates they promised.

Lori, Miami FL on 2012/09/20

I thought this product was had artificial colors and I would not serve it to my dogs.

Ray, Astoria NY on 2012/07/30
Received on time and good price

Received on time and good price.

Wayne, Chicago IL on 2011/12/05
Dingo Dental Stix are the Best!

My pug, Chang, loves them. They're his favorite after-dinner treat. My local pet stores are usually out of them and I was glad to find them online at PetMountain ... and cheaper, too!

Carrie, Burien WA on 2011/11/16
Keep our dogs teeth sparkling white!

We have 4 dogs and do not brush their teeth. I give them each one of these 5 times a week and at their last exam the vet said their teeth look fantastic, as if we've been brushing them! The dogs love them and the price is right! Highly recommended!

Dick, Louisville KY on 2011/01/07
Perfect dental chews for our 3 year old Puggle

These dental stix are perfect for our rescued Puggle. He needed to have some teeth pulled when we first found him. The Dingo Dental Stix allow him to chew on on a dental chew that he can handle with teeth missing. Plus, he loves them.

Pam, Malibu CA on 2010/10/12
dogs love them

My Chihuahua loves these!

Linds, Sandy UT on 2010/08/11
Delicious Treats

My dog loves these and they are good for her teeth, gums and breath! She's a small dog and these are the perfect size. I find bits of them around the house, which can be annoying, but in general we love these products!