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Dingo Twist Sticks with Real Chicken Regular by Dingo

  • $17.99
  • Save $8SALE (47%)
SKU: DG45022
UPC: 615650450220
MPN: P-45022

Dingo Twist Sticks with Real Chicken Regular Description

Dingo Rawhide Twist Sticks bring a twist of excitement to rawhide chews that dogs cannot resist. Dingo Twists with Chicken in the Middle are made with premium rawhide and real chicken that are twisted together to form a fun, new chew that goes beyond plain old rawhide chips.

  • Rawhide sticks and chicken packed with protein
  • Resealable bag to keep Dingo twist sticks fresh
  • Made with real meat in the middle
  • 4.5" twist sticks

Ingredients: Rawhide, Chicken, Sorbitol, Sugar, Salt, Potassium Sorbate (preservative), FD and C Red 40.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein (min) - 80.0%
Crude Fat (min) - 0.3%
Crude Fiber (min) - 2.0%
Moisture (min) - 14.0%

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Dingo Twist Sticks with Real Chicken Regular Customer Reviews

Glenn, Hickory NC on 2017/08/30
Our dogs absolutely love these

Our dogs have a particular fondness for these Dingo Twist Sticks. They're a bit pricey, and Dingo recently reduced the weight of the packages significantly. However, Pet Mountain had the absolute best price that I could find on these, and their service was great. Placing the order was simple, and the product was delivered to my door only a few short days later. I will be buying from Pet Mountain again.

Sherry, Omaha NE on 2016/05/17
Awesome Products

I will not buy any of my dog's rawhide treats at stores anymore. I now get everything here at Pet Mountain. Great choices and great prices. Fast delivery makes it a best buy.

Debbie, Mechanicsburg PA on 2016/03/26
Dingo twist sticks with chicken

My 6 year old border collie loves them. She looks forward to getting one after she eats her supper. It is her dessert.

Scott, Hernando FL on 2016/02/10
The Dingo sticks are improved

The Dingo sticks are improved. Someone was listening to my previous review. The sticks are now thicker again. Thanks.

Donn, Genoa WI on 2015/11/22
Dingo Twists

These are one of my dogs favorite. Love your site.

Donn, Genoa WI on 2015/11/22
Dingo twists

These are one of my dogs' favorite. Love your site.

Donna, Genoa WI on 2015/08/30
Dog loves these

Great product, fair price, quick shipping.

B, Boerne TX on 2015/07/21
The go-to chewy

Small enough for puppies and loved by all. These are a cost-effective option that always pleases. Contains at least a little meat and aren't messy.

Becky, Boerne TX on 2015/07/21
A Nice Alternative To Sticks

These little bow-tie chewies take only a few minutes for adults to eat (meat gets chewed off first) and aren't too challenging for puppies. Like all the Dingo treats, they are remarkably un-messy rawhide. A little expensive for what they are, hence 4 stars.

Scott, Hernando FL on 2015/04/01
Pet Mtn is a reliable supplier

I have made 9 monthly orders containing a case of 16-50ct Dingo sticks. The service has been just fine. I appreciate the helpful discount opportunities. As for the Dingo sticks... well, they have become a disappointment as the size of a majority of the sticks are very small in diameter. Seems the quality control must be slipping. I give 5 stars to Pet Mtn and 2 stars for the Dingos.

Charly, Bronson FL on 2014/04/05
Great Product!

Our dogs love these sticks! They are quick, tasty, no mess treats that our Jack and our Wa-Wa much that they stock each other's left-over sticks around the house after we give them out.

Greg, Springdasle AR on 2014/02/27
Dogs Couldnt Wait

The items were just as expected. All items were packaged securely and arrived in perfect shape. No crushed boxes. The dogs couldn't wait until I opened the package and gave them a Dingo Stick. I have ordered from Pet Mountain before and will continue to order in the future. My items arrived before expected also.

Steven, Rio Rancho NM on 2014/02/16
She loved them!

Best price around and my dog loved them.

Suzanne, Houston TX on 2013/11/13
Great product

My little guy loves these chewies. I have been giving them to him for years.

Greg, Springdale AR on 2013/09/21
Pretty good

The Dingo Sticks were received quicker than expected and the three dogs were extremely happy, price was pretty good too. I'll be ordering again when I start to run out. I just wish they carried the large size Pedigree Dentastix. My dogs LOVE these, too.

Linda, Newbury OH on 2013/09/20
My Dog Enjoys These Treats

My dog enjoys the Dingo Twist Sticks. He is picky about rawhide treats, and will only eat Dingo bones or twist sticks. When he wants a snack, this is a nice non-caloric or low calorie alternative. (AND as with any rawhide treat, he is always supervised when he is eating them.) Pet Mountain prices are excellent for this product, and service/shipment prompt.

Gail, Dayton OH on 2013/06/12
Dogs favorite chew stick

My pit bull loves these chew sticks. They are $15.00 a bag in pet stores. I'm buying them here for $7.00 a bag. I ended up getting 16 of the 50 chews Packs before the price goes up. Cleopatra loves theses more than others because there is chicken crisps wound (the red twist) in them.

Sally, Lyndhurst OH on 2013/05/18
Highly recommend at great price!

Initially Pet Mountain did not have my item in stock, but notified me when it was. Before placing order, I called the manufacturer to verify they distributed to company since this was the first time I ordered. I placed my order and received it the following week. I am very pleased with my purchase of Twist Sticks Rawhide Chews which my dogs love. Prices went up drastically at my local pet store and I was thrilled with my "find" at Pet Mountain! Thanks!

Diane, Greenville WI on 2013/03/05
My Dog Expects One of These Daily

My dog, Jasper, is over 11 years old and just loves the twist sticks. He is a large dog and always has liked the twist sticks. He is fussy about his treats and loves these, so they must be good.

Mardi, Indianapolis IN on 2013/02/21
Yummy Chew Chew Chew

My dogs prefer these Dingo Sticks to any other kind of chewy. They are both medium-sized dogs and can pulverize these pretty quickly, but they are a favorite treat.

Nancy, Walker MN on 2012/11/20
Our Roxy loves these!

Our rat terrier, Roxy, just loves these. Not only are they good for her teeth, but also takes her quite a long time to devour. She has learned about the inner "treat" and goes for that first, then hides the two ends for later. You even mention the word Dingo and she goes crazy!

Lisa, Kingsport TN on 2011/11/16
Dog loves these!

My little schipperke is kind of fussy when it comes to bones so i was hesitant in buying these. She just loves them and doesn't stop until they are all gone. Great product!

Kathryn, Seabrook NH on 2010/09/12
Nothing bettter than Dingo twists

My dog loves Dingos but spends just a few minutes devouring the bones. The twists keep him occupied for much longer He's a Dingo fan, for sure.