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Poop Off Dumb Cat Anti-Marking and Cat Spray Remover by by Poop Off

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Product Description

Dumb Cat Anti-Marking and Cat Spray Remover is a feline retraining aid from the makers of Poop-Off. Dumb Cat works by controlling a cat's urination in carpeting and floors where they confuse their urine's natural marking scent for their litter box.

  • Feline retraining aid
  • Controls cat urination in carpeting & floors
  • Eliminates lingering scent & odor of urine

Dumb Cat works by removing the invisible sticky mucous and pheromones that remain after urination or spraying. Specifically developed to make a cat use their litter boxes not your carpets or floors.

Permanently removes new or old scent and urine odors left behind even after cleanup with stain and odor products. Dumb Cat utilizes the latest in scent elimination technology to control your cat’s urination outside the litter box.

Dumb Cat is effective by eliminating the scent, not just the odor. Dumb Cat works where nature’s enzyme products fail. Dumb Cat contains a deterrent and residual action ingredient to prevent feline urination outside the litter box. Dumb Cat is non-toxic & Bio-degradable.

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Jacque, Tucson AZ on 02-20-2014

I just love this stuff. I have a cat that sprays and it's so simple to clean up the walls with Dumb Cat. And I don't have any cat urine odor in my house. Good for dog pee too.

Jacque, Tucson AZ on 07-18-2013
Love this stuff!

I have been using Dumb Cat for a couple of years. It really works. Takes the smell right out of anything my male cat sprayed. I tell everyone that is tackling very nasty odors to use this product.