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Nylabone Dura Chew Double Action Chew Bacon Flavor by Nylabone

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Nylabone Dura Chew Double Action Chew Bacon Flavor Description

Nylabone DuraChew Double Action Chew are the newest dental chew toys that feature a double action, for cleaning and freshening and satisfying chewing.

  • Hard natural rubber center bar is easy to carry
  • Ends are bacon flavored Nylabone, durable enough for powerful chewers
  • Dental nubs help control tartar

Regular: Dogs 16-25 lbs (4.75" Long)
Wolf: Dogs 26-35 lbs (7" Long)
Souper: Dogs over 50 lbs (9" Long)

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Nylabone Dura Chew Double Action Chew Bacon Flavor Customer Reviews

Margaret, Lawrence MA on 2015/04/03
Super Souper Chew

These Durabones are the BEST for chewers, especially strong chewers. They last forever. My last ones were about 8 years old. I have three different sizes for my pack. My vet always comments how great my dog's teeth look. She says "whatever you're doing for their teeth, keep doing it. Buy it. Your dogs will love it. Great prices at Pet Mountain too!

Angie, Brownsburg IN on 2014/12/18
Airedale approved

My 8 mo old Airedale Terrier is a real chewer and so far this is holding up.

Michelle, Benicia CA on 2013/12/27
Great for heavy chewer

My lab is 100 lbs - he loves this chew bone - it lasts and lasts

Rhonda, Ardmore OK on 2013/10/16
Nylabone Dura Chew

My dogs love these dog bone toys. I finally found something that my dogs can chew on and play with that they can't tear up and eat. Thanks Nylabone. Rhonda

Cindy Miller, Albuquerque NM on 2011/09/28
Love as usual

I regularly order these and they r always great and my dogs even knows when the box is from Pet Mountain! Thanks for keeping ur prices low and shipping free!Cindy

Joanne, Buckhead GA on 2011/08/18
A good chew!

My two power chewers love Nylabones, but they go through the common shaped ones just too quickly I found these double shaped ones on this site and bought two, wolf and souper. So far so great! The dogs love them, they aren't getting destroyed to quickly and they are easy for me to grab. The way they are shaped I'm not worried about the bone getting accidentally swallowed like they could have done with the old Nylabones once the ends were chewed off. We will be buying more of these for sure!

Michelle, Brentwood TN on 2011/06/23
Really great chew! Our pups favorite

Our Aussie pup loves this chew - bacon flavored with minty center, yum! She will lay and chew on it before bedtime then goes looking for it when she wakes up. Definitely a favorite and really durable.

Deb, Erving MA on 2011/04/01
The new favorite bone

So I have to admit I was nervous to order these at first. I've never giving my dogs anything but natural bones to chew, and the idea of something like this made me a little nervous. But ordering them was a great decision. My zoo love them. They are much better quality then I expected and have held up to heavy chewing great! Pet mountain also had the best prices of any website/local store around, so I also got a great deal. By ordering here I saved about $4 a bone compared to other sites/stores.

Pamela, Croton-On-Hudson NY on 2011/02/25
Wont touch it!

My labradoodle puppy just doesn't like this toy. He's chewed other nylabones. It must be the minty scent he doesn't like because it really looks like a good chew toy. Maybe as he gets a little older; I'll put it away for a while and reintroduce it to him.

Sherrie, Crescent City CA on 2011/01/18
Too Big

I liked this Nylabone just fine, but my dog is 60 lbs. and this bone is too large...I should not have ordered the super.

Resqdogz, Two Harbors MN on 2011/01/05
BEST (most durable) CHEW TOY, BAR NONE!

These have consistently proven to be the most durable, safe chew toys in my entire rescue experience: Unsurpassed longevity, excellent (Pet Mountain) price, and - most important - not amenable to injuring companion animals, when used as directed and promptly removed and replaced when ultimately damaged (eventually, the ends may be chewed through, and should be discarded at that point to prevent accidental ingestion of small bits of indigestible material that could potentially accumulate and create intestinal blockages). Supremely satisfied with both product AND vendor!

Jeff, Savannah GA on 2010/11/30
better than could have hoped for

my dog absolutely loves this bone. he destroys everything, and i mean everything, he can get in his mouth. hasn't been able to destroy this yet though. he works on it all the time too. fyi i have a 13lb Pomeranian.

Henry, Poplar Grove IL on 2010/10/18
rat brat

omg, my rat terrier will chew through a brick if you let him, but the nylabone actually withstands his abuse. it's in his mouth 24/7 and will not leave it alone. Has had it over 1.7 years and finally torn the end off so looking to buy another. Very very very well worth the money

Kristy, Florence KY on 2010/10/03
On our 3rd purchase of these, our dogs love it.

My dogs love these bones and chew them down to the nubbins. Just be careful you don't step on them in the middle of the night.....they kinda hurt.

Sheila, Mason OH on 2010/08/14
The chew toy that lasts!

We have an 8 month old Golden doodle that chews through all other chew toys. He eventually gnaws the end off this one but it takes a while! Well worth the money and the vet says he has great strong clean teeth!

Diane, Denver PA on 2010/08/07
Newf Proof!

my newfoundland loves chewing and ripping apart his stuffies and other toys but when time comes to play with the double action nylabone it's definite quality time and not destruction time! he loves to dig through his toy box and hunt for his nylabone then prance around proudly once he finds it and then lie down and relax while exercising his teeth and gums. They are worth every cent since they last so much longer than any other chew toy we have used.

Diane, Fort Lauderdale FL on 2010/07/24
Loves this bone!

I purchased this for my French Mastiff and he chews up every bone (tuff Kong bones too) this one is durable and its still here Ha! I am happy with this and so is he.

David, Killduff IA on 2010/07/18
Dog wasnt interested

I have a golden retriever mix puppy and he loves to chew up toys. He is an avid chewer and will destroy anything that is plastic. Unfortunately he took no interest in the nylabone double action chew toy. The toy is solidly made but the material (plastic) is very hard and does not entice him. He won't play with it. If it was softer I'm sure he would have loved it. So that is why I only give it a score of 3. It is very well made and I'm sure it would hold up well if your dog likes that kind of toy.

Pat, Raleigh NC on 2010/06/27
Worth the price

This is a fabulous, sturdy chew toy. Our dog loves it and it lasts and lasts.

Sasha, Baltimore MD on 2010/06/07
My puppy loves it!

My puppy destroys everything he gets his mouth on! Ive tried many different toys and this is one of the very few he hasnt been able to "eat" I highly recommend

Shannon, Fishers IN on 2010/06/04
My dog loves this

We have had many of the Nylabone products and this one really stands up to our American bulldog's chewing ability. A must have for the larger/aggressive chewers.

Steve, San Jose CA on 2010/05/19
Dog Loves this

My dog loves this bone. He is a really aggressive chewer.

Rob, Santa Clarita CA on 2010/04/21

My dog, DUNCAN loves the super chew with its unique shape and I like Nylabone durability.

Eileen, Batesville IN on 2010/04/14
All the kids like it

We have 4 dogs (2 Labs - 1 Beagle - 1 Chow/Lab mix) and my son has 2 (Boxers). I purchased 1 small and 1 medium size of these. The dogs all love them. The small one is the favorite since it is easier to mess with, but the larger one was also so well liked that I later ordered another. With the larger dogs, I was afraid of the small size of the smaller one, but there really hasn't been any problems

Leanne, Rock Falls IL on 2010/02/02
The dogs love them

The dogs love the Nylabones...however the shipping cost was too high for the weight of the items..but the price was good and I couldn't find them anywhere around us.

Maryann, Jackson NJ on 2009/11/25
My Shiba babies love these bones

We have two Shiba Inus and they are very aggressive chewers. No matter what we give them, they chew it up within minutes. Yes, minutes. I have tried everything under the sun and the only thing that keeps them busy for a while are these Nylabones. Besides them loving these bones, they are great for their teeth. Since they started chewing these bones, I don't have to brush their teeth anymore. They have to be the Wolf size ones. The smaller ones are not as strong for my dogs. I highly recommend the Nylabones for aggressive chewers. 2 thumbs up.

Ben, Glocester VA on 2009/10/14
Double action

My wife and I have a very active German Sheppard that thinks this chew is her child. She even takes it outside with her when we go to the bathroom and to play in the yard. She throws it and then pounces on it, and would do this for hours. She is a VERY powerful chewer and the wolf size mint double action chew will last about 3 months...and it NEVER leaves her mouth.

Mary, Anthem AZ on 2009/08/29
Best price I could find!

My 18 lb Border Terrier is a very strong chewer. She loves this bone which is easy to hold and carry in her mouth. Once the ends become too pointed from her grinding it down, I replace the bone w/ a new one. I try to keep several on hand. They're not easy to find, especially at Pet Mountain price!

Michelle, Jacksonville FL on 2009/04/08
Chew proof for Pit Bulls

My Pit Bull would chew through any toy in 5 minutes flat. Her first Nylabone she had for 8 months and it was still going strong. The only reason I replaced it was because it got too dirty. Best bone to buy hands down for tough chewers!

Sharon, Harrisburg PA on 2008/01/11
My puppy loves it!

My 12 week old Lab puppy loves Nylabone's and especially loves the Double Action Chew. She takes it with her everywhere she goes, and I swear it is making her breathe better!

Mandy, Erie PA on 2007/08/23


Mandy, York PA on 2007/08/23


Denise, Burlington VT on 2007/08/21
My Mastiff loves these!

I have an English Mastiff and have found it nearly impossible to find a chew toy which she will not break apart within 2 minutes. This bone is the best so far, and most durable. She absolutely loves it. My only concern is to pay attention after it's been chewed on for a while. My dog will eventually chew the round ends off. The little bits she chews off sometimes causes her to gag after she swallows them. When that happens, I know the bone needs to be replaced and thrown out. These bones will last much longer for most other dogs, I'm sure. Again, I'm talking about a gentle giant here! Regardless, a great chew toy.

Meghan, Pittsburgh PA on 2007/08/13
As good as all the recommendations!

I read several reviews on different websites about this Nylabone toy and people just raved about it. I ordered it and my 10 month Doberman/Pitbull chooses it first over ALL of her other toys. This is the ONLY toy that has lasted more than a a few weeks because she is a powerful chewer. It's still in tact too! I'm buying another.

Dee Dee, Rome NY on 2007/03/26
The dogs love it

My dogs go nuts for the nylabone double action chew. I need to get more because they don't want to share the one I have. They even sleep with it when not chewing. It holds up, even to my heavy chewers.Evidently a lot of dogs like it because my local pet suppy store is always sold out.

Shelly, Carlisle PA on 2007/01/31
good toy

good but not great toy as far as excitement for dog. Very sturdy for a heavy chewer though.

Ela, Wheeling IL on 2006/12/20
Can keep a Rottweiler busy.

I am the owner of a very active Rottweiler who keeps busy by eating my home. The Nylabone Chew keeps her busy day and night, day in and day out. She goes crazy for this bone. She carries it from room to room. She even sleeps with it. It takes her a long time to chew through it. No other bone lasts like this one. Really worth trying!

Carmine, New York NY on 2006/10/26
Double Action

I agree the name double action is appropriate. The standard nylabone material makes up the "core" of this toy with a softer rubber like covering the midsection. If you have a super chewer, as I do, you have to watch that he/she doesn't ingest the softer section. I believe this to be an excellent chew toy otherwise.