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Ecotrition Nesting Material by Ecotrition


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In Stock - Buy Now!
Cyber Sale 10% Coupon: SAVE10
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Ecotrition Nesting Material Description

Ecotrition Nesting Material is a natural fiber for nesting Satisfies natural urge to build nests. Designed for easy access to soft nest lining. Maximum comfort for breeding and raising hatch-lings.

  • Ideal nest lining for all birds
  • All natural cotton fiber
  • Great for breeding and raising hatchlings

Made in the USA.

Directions: Attach a nesting box near a cage opening. Place a nesting form in the box. Then, fasten a carton of UltraCare Nesting Material near the box, inside the cage with the clip between the cage wires. Pull a small amount of UltraCare Nesting Material through the opening in front of container. Your bird will get the idea and begin to line its nest.

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Ecotrition Nesting Material Customer Reviews

Heidi, Knoxville TN on 2015/07/13

I bought this for my 4 finches, using 2 nests. I have given them 4 nesting material "discs", 2 of which I fill with the nesting "fluff" and 2 with this string-like material. They seem to enjoy pulling the fibers out, and they are busy most of the day, so everyone - including me - is happy! I will buy this again when they have used it all up.