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Ecotrition Perch Covers by by Ecotrition

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Product Description

Ecotrition Perch Covers serve two purposes for your bird: they help trim the bird's claws to a healthy length, and they keep the underlying perch clean to maintain a hygienic cage.

  • Keeps nails clean and trim
  • Keeps the underlying perch clean
  • Helps maintain a hygienic cage

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Joanne, West New York NJ on 03-30-2016
Ecotrition Sand Perch Covers

I found just the right sand perch covers I was looking for. I have zebra finches, society finch and these covers are necessary to trim the birds nails and also their beaks.I change them when needed so I use a lot of them.I have 4 bird cages. It was not easy to find but I did find them at Pet Mountain.

Kathy, Fair Oaks IN on 10-16-2013
Perch covers

I actually ordered the wrong size but since it was bigger, I just put some fun tack on it and made it work. The birds are happy and I am looking forward to not having to clip nails as often.

William, Columbia PA on 09-24-2010

Another excellent transaction!