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Eheim Jager Aquarium Heater by Eheim

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Eheim Jager Aquarium Heater Description

Eheim Jager TS series heaters. Made of 2mm thick shock resistant Pyrex glass construction, they are stronger and twice as thick as most other heaters. The Jager heater features a precision bistable thermostat with +/- 0.5° accuracy.

  • Perfect for freshwater or saltwater aquariums
  • Fully submersible aquarium heater with dry-run protection
  • Adjustable from 64°F to 94°F with an easy to adjust thermostat

Free from radio and TV interference. 6 foot double insulated power cord included. The Eheim Jager aquarium heaters are Certified to CSA-C22.2 and approved to UL 1018.

Note: Must be placed vertically within aquarium for proper heating.

50 Watt: Up to 16 Gallons (9.63" High)
75 Watt: Up to 26 Gallons (9.63" High)
100 Watt: Up to 40 Gallons (12.63" High)
150 Watt: Up to 79 Gallons (13.63" High)
200 Watt: Up to 106 Gallons (15" High)
250 Watt: Up to 159 Gallons (17" High)
300 Watt: Up to 264 Gallons (20" High)

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Eheim Jager Aquarium Heater Customer Reviews

Edward, Pinellas Park FL on 2019/03/26
great product

Have paid 40 dollars plus for heaters that fail after a couple years, these heaters have long life span, oldest now four years, use plastic guard that protects the heater during shipping, protects glass tube in the tank against cracking or damage from fish hitting or movement of glass tube against sides of tank, save this packing device.

Dawn, Hampstead MD on 2018/02/19
Great product

I love these heaters! Fully submersible, durable, easy to use, totally accurate. Love having a quality made product for one of the most important jobs in the tank!

Glenn, San Diego CA on 2016/09/27
Eheim heater

When I order the heater the price was very good and it came a few days earlier that great and fast.

David, Marion IA on 2015/06/15
Good so far.....

I bought 2, one for use and the other as a back up/spare. I have a very simple 29 gallon community tank setup and after installing the heater it took about a day to bring the water from its original 62 degrees up to where I wanted it at 78. Seems to be working fine, no complaints and seems to be calibrated fine right out of the box.

Nick, Bellingham WA on 2013/11/25
Pretty Decent

I have four of these heaters and they all work great. These units don't always come calibrated accurately, so I turn them down a few degrees before the initial installation. I then figure out how far they are off and adjust the temp. setting appropriately. I feel it's worth the inconvenience, because once the unit is adjusted the temp. stays very consistent relative to other heaters I've owned.

Cheryl, Arvada CO on 2013/10/16
Good heater so far

I bought this heater to replace an old, failed ebo-jager that was purchased in the 1980's. Those old ebo-jagers were the best heaters at the time. I understand that they are now made by a different company. DO NOT TRUST the temp markings on the dial! This is true for any heater, so I wasn't surprised it wasn't true for this one. The little red marker helps to calibrate it, but in this case it wasn't close enough so I ignore the temp markings. Set the temperature by letting the heater adjust to the tank temperature for at least an hour and then plug it in. Adjust it until it *just* turns on. Wait a few hours and gradually adjust it over the course of more hours until the temp you want is reached. Once it is adjusted, the heater keeps the tank evenly heated. Unfortunately the heater is too new for me to rate its durability and longevity.

Cheryl, Chassell MI on 2013/08/07
Temp hard to get right

I wanted a heater that I could set the temp to and it would remain constant. I've had this heater in the tank over a week now and still need to monitor it because it runs higher than the indicator. I have it set in the 70's and it was into the 80's, I needed to unplug it to cool the tank down. The instructions are in many different languages and I really started to think it might be reading Candordm; and not Fandordm;. If I need to keep pulling it out of the tank for adjustment I will just replace it. Otherwise I would be pleased with the heated.

Sher, Jackson MI on 2013/07/09
Nice quality heater, but....

The quality is really nice. Does a good job in the tank, but the temp dial is way to hard to use. Not recommended to anyone that has arthritis.

Danimal, Denver CO on 2013/07/09
Best bang for the buck!

I bought my first Ebo in 1986...still using all 5 of them in 2013. Bought a total of 4 new 250's and all of them are all you could ask for. Pet Mountain has the best price by far and free shipping is icing on the cake. Unfortunately I bought one from another vendor before finding all my shopping here now. Thanks Pet Mountain! I have also bought 2 Marineland magnum 350's waaay cheaper than anyone else. PM ROCKS!

Danny, Chicago IL on 2013/06/06
A+ Product Highly Recommended

Really solid heater. I liked it so much that I bought one for all my tanks.

James, Hemet CA on 2013/03/26
Gret product and price.

Besides being cheapest price, the product and service is unmatched. Thanks again.

Josh, Mount Sterling KY on 2012/12/31
Great for the price

I have the 300 watt heater for my 120 gallon tank and it stays right on 78 degrees. What more do you need it do?

Georgia, Carrsville VA on 2012/05/29
Jager makes a great heater!

I've used other brand heaters before and Jager is the only one I've used that gets the tank high enough for Discus fish. If you set it at 85 it will be very close or at 85. Pleased with the quality, price and performance. Highly recommend.

David, Brunswick OH on 2012/02/29
nothing but jager for me

20 years in the hobby and the only heater I will ever use is a Jager. No other heater has ever held my tank so steady as a Jager. if you have never used one, I recommend them fully.

Chrisitan, Columbus IN on 2011/09/15
The original.....The best.

It's not expensive, it doesn't break, it's easy to use, and it gets hot. What else could you ask for? I've been using these for a long time, and I won't waste my money on other products. I've found what works. Do a google search for "longest lasting aquarium equipment" and see what products come up. This is one of them for a reason. Only thing is.....they are a glass type product. So if something smashes into it hard enough, it will break. This isn't a design flaw, or the product's fault. It's just how a glass heater is. So if you keep super big fish that like to smash into things inside the aquarium (Dovii, etc...), you might look into a titanium heater if you run your heaters inside your display tank, or get an inline heater, or run glass heaters outside the display tank (in a sump, etc...). I use these in my sump, and they do great!

Katelyn, Pittston ME on 2011/05/29
Loving It

I just recently replaced my old Stealth heater with the EBO Jager 50 watt in my 10 gallon beta tank. It has been a week and so far I love it. The temperature stays stable and hardly fluctuates. Cons: The only bad thing seems to be, you must calibrate it yourself (which isn't as bad as it sounds). I have the thermostat on the heater set to about 77* but it really only heats to 74*, so there is a couple of degrees difference between what you set it on to what it actually heats to. Overall it isn't that bad, I'm just taking a few days to keep upping the temperature until my thermometer reads what I want it too.

Don, Port Washington NY on 2011/05/14
Great heater

Bought this as a replacement for a recalled marineland heater. Dropped this in and it's provided rock solid stable temperature. Seems well made. My only issue is that it has bright white lettering and a blue temp dial. I like to have this stuff disappear but the colors make it call attention to itself. But otherwise great heater!

Tony, Valencia CA on 2011/02/22
Excellent Heater!

I've owned this brand of heater for over 20 years, and have NEVER had a problem with it! It's a very dependable unit and keeps the water temp. steady, consistently. The heater also lasts a long time with no operating problems. I HIGHLY recommend this heater!

Alanna, Sandpoint ID on 2011/02/07
Love this heater

Got a 150 watt for my 55 gallon a couple years ago and have nothing but good to say about it. It maintains a steady temp, is accurate, a very solid little heater. Adjustment dial is easy to read. I will stick with this brand for future heater purchases.

Joe, Houston TX on 2010/10/25
very good heater

the jager heater is very good heater. its well made and very dependable heater

Peter, Seattle WA on 2009/11/05
Accurate and Fully Submersible

I bought the 200W heater for my 55 gallon tank. After I ordered it I realized that maybe it isn't fully submersible. I did a little research, and it seems that the EBO Jager Heaters were not UL listed for the United States to be fully submerged. I even called Petmountain to check, and they confirmed that. They were also willing to waive to restocking fee if I wanted to return it. When I got the heater, the package stated that it is now UL listed to be fully submerged! Problem solved! The heater is working great and keeps my tank at whatever temp I set. I'm glad I bought the best quality one and that it can be submerged. I like the indicator light and the ability to recalibrate it if needed.

Joey, Plano TX on 2009/01/04
a good heater with a good price

I have had mine for 3-4 years now and it is well worth it to get one. I have a 250watt one on my 225 gallon tall and it keeps all that water heated at 78 degress.

Warren, Denver CO on 2008/02/07
Great Heaters

I have 2, 200 Watt EBO's and they work great. I keep one in my Sump and the other in my batch of Salt Water I use for water changes.

Brent, Colorado Springs CO on 2007/12/08
great heater lgreat guarantee

this is a solid heater with lifetime guarantee.PM's prices blow LFS out of the tank

Gitusuk, Honolulu HI on 2007/11/23
Quality heater

Best price and this is professional stuff.

G, Chapel Hill NC on 2007/08/27
Great heaters

I've had my 150W heater for going on 3 years with no problems. Great product!

David, Philadelphia PA on 2007/07/24
Good heater

I've owned this heater for years and it has proved the test of time. The price here is also better than local stores.

Tuan, Allen TX on 2007/04/09
Reliable, but thermostat inaccurate

Had this heater for close to 10 years now. It has reliably maintained a steady temperature for all these years. However, the one gripe I have about this is that the thermostat is not properly calibrated, at least on my heater. The temperateure is about 5 degrees too high, so to set it to 80 I need to set the thermostat to 75. This might just be bad quality control on my particular one though. Would've given it 5 stars otherwise.

Hugo, North Las Vegas NV on 2007/02/23
Quality is what its about!

I love this heater! They are made by German engineering and usually go for about 40 bucks at the pet stores! These are a steal here!

Jevon, Arcadia CA on 2006/12/07
very good

This is so easy to use with the best results! Definetly what I expected and more!