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Exo Terra Bendable Jungle Vine by by Exo Terra

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Product Description

Exo-Terra Bendable Jungle Vine features:

  • Natural feel and look.
  • Bendable and twist-able to fit any terrarium.
  • Ideal for arboreal reptiles and amphibians.
  • Creates 3 dimensional habitats.
  • Looks even more natural when twisted together with other sizes.
  • For aquariums or vivariums we recommend using only the Large - Waterproof vine!

Size: Vines approx. 72”
Small: 5mm
Large: 15mm

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Customer Reviews

Christie, Kannapolis NC on 2013/10/08
My Chameleon loves it.

My Oustalet Chameleon loves this vine. It is sturdy enough and wide enough that he can sit on it and hang upside down from it. It is a great vine for him to rub against when he is shedding. Was easy to zip tie onto the sides of his screen cage.

Kris, Las Vegas NV on 2012/07/10
Was I the only one?

I seem to be the only one not too impressed. Only because when I twisted it, all the little black stuff that gives the vines their texture flaked off into the cage. I doubled it over and twisted it with another one of them, black stuff everywhere....I figured it just wasnt supposed to be twisted THAT much, so a second one I just bent a little bit in the cage and it still flakes off. Also flakes a little over time at time as our bearded dragon walks on it.

Joe, Southeast WI on 2012/06/10
These things are awesome! My snake loves them!

So, I've seen these bendable jungle vines in lots of enclosures and always thought they looked cool but never saw any snakes climbing on them. I decided to add them to my Exo-Terra climbing log and I couldn't be happier. I recommend buying the Large size and the Small size and wrapping the small around the large. They look fantastic, provide climbing fun which makes my snake happy, and give him something rough to rub against while he's shedding. Do yourself a favor and invest in these! They really make your enclosure stand out and your reptile will love them! A happy reptile is a healthy reptile!

Brad, Bakersfield CA on 2012/05/30
Works like a charm.

Six feet is a great length and it is easy to bend and maneuver. My Jackson's chameleon loves to hang out on it.

Christina, Mountain View CA on 2007/05/04
Very helpful in furnishing/decorating cages

The Bendable Jungle Vines are great for creating custom cage interiors. I have used them for my frilled dragons and prehensile-tailed skinks, as well as my green tree python. Intertwined, they can be used for reptiles of just about any size. They add a very natural feel to terrariums. Tip: Wrap artificial ivy around them for an added life-like effect!

Erin, New York NY on 2007/03/25

I have an Albino Corn snake, and he loves them! I bought one of each size and twisted them together. They look really great in the tank, it gives it a nice jungle feel.