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Exo Terra Heat Glo Infrared Heat Lamp by by Exo Terra

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UPC: 015561221412
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Product Description

Hagen Exo-Terra Heat Glo Infrared Heat Bulbs are a great solution for providing ideal heat for reptiles, amphibians and birds.

  • Powerful source of infrared heat emissions
  • Heat rays directed deep into living environment
  • Designed for 24 hour use; will not disrupt normal activity
  • Also ideal for providing extra heat for birds

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Amanda, Pocahontas AR on 03-05-2014
Not as hot as I expected

I bought this in the 100w variety, thinking it would be hot enough to use for a Ball Python but it just did not seem to get hot enough. Next time I will probably order the 250w. Otherwise, no complaints.

Dan, Minneapolis MN on 12-15-2011
Excellent Light

Tortoises love the heat from bulb-excellent price.

Joanna, Brooklyn NY on 05-20-2010
Great RED Lights

Kept a nice warm area for my red eared slider. She was able to bask for long periods and not get to dried out. GREAT PRICE.....CHEAP!!!!

Chris, Bedford MA on 10-09-2009
Great Light for the Night

I use this light to light and heat up my tank at night. My Bearded Dragon has grown really big over the past 2 month and I attribute this to his ability to digest and get the proper levels of calcium and vitamins in his diet which is ensured by the Exo-terra bulbs.

Richard, Austin TX on 08-18-2008
Great Product & Price!

I have been using my bulb for over 9 months now and have no complaints. I am back again to buy more for my new reptile setup! Thanks for the great price.

Dustin, Atlanta GA on 11-15-2006
Nice Lamp

Has compact size and very deep red color. Mine didn't last as long as I had hoped, but that is probably due to vibration of the element. Otherwise, Great Product!