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Exo Terra Night Heat Lamp by by Exo Terra

  • $5.99
  • (41%)
SKU: XPT2120
UPC: 015561221207
MPN: PT2120
  • $5.99
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SKU: XPT2122
UPC: 015561221221
MPN: PT2122
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SKU: XPT2124
UPC: 015561221245
MPN: PT2124
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SKU: XPT2126
UPC: 015561221269
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SKU: XPT2130
UPC: 015561221306
MPN: PT2130

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Product Description

The Exo-Terra Night Heat Lamp Reptile Bulb features blue glass to simulate natural moonlight without altering natural day length or photo period. This is a great way to view your reptile's natural nocturnal activities without causing interruption!

  • Simulates natural moonlight for nocturnal viewing
  • Promotes normal digestion, breeding behaviors and other healthy activities
  • Maintains tropical night time temperatures

This lamp features a Neodymium sleeve and emits a bluish light that will not disrupt your reptile or amphibian's day/night cycle. Heat emitted is minimal, but still enough to replicate tropical night temperatures. The low wattage does not interfere with natural night drops in temperature.

Tip: Combine with Exo Terra Daytime Heat Lamp or Repti Glo to create a 24-hour cycle. Formerly known as the Night Glo Moonlight Lamp.

Note: This lamp does NOT provide UVB.

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    Customer Reviews

    Carol, Harrisonville MO on 2014/05/16
    Mixed feelings

    OK so the light burned out after 1 week. That was a dissappointment. It was used in a ceramic fixture rated for the correct wattage and well above mist exposure with plenty of air movement. Burned out - 1 week. However......when I notified Pet Mountain they were "no questions asked and we'll ship you a new one next day". Now that my friends is service. I have not gotten the new light yet - just let them know late last night but am so hopeful they they come through. If so, I am a customer for life!!

    Katie, Barrington IL on 2011/12/21
    Great price!

    The exact same bulbs go for over $7 in the pet stores. I was very happy to find this price online! Will definitely order more in the future.

    Jason, New Orleans LA on 2010/06/25
    Rose Hair Tarantulas are happy again!

    I've tried a number of different bulbs, wattage, and colors...the night glo is simply the best. They stay warm at night and I can still see them wandering around without having the garish red glow filling up the room! Good buy.

    Crystal, Owings Mills MD on 2010/04/26
    great bulb

    this is exactly what i was looking for. keeps the tort warm at night and has a faint blue glow not much to keep you awake. Better than infrared. You can see the tort without disturbing his natural rhythm.

    Juan, Sg CA on 2010/03/25
    Awesome Night Light!

    Exo-Terra's Night Glo Reptile bulb is the best reptile bulb I have used. For the first week or so the bulb emits a dim blue light but after a while it turn into a purple color. I use this for my nocturnal reptiles like my leopard gecko. I prefer these than those bright red bulbs that are eye sores to us. Overall these are great for small reptiles to keep them warm.

    Chris, Pasadena MD on 2009/12/04
    Well worth the money

    I have 3 hermit crabs, but I rarely see all 3 of them at one time. After their moon glo bulb burnt out I ordered a replacement which was the next wattage up. Since installing it, I have been able to watch all three crabs moving about at one time, and they don't see me looking! The cage conditions have been perfect for them; they love their habitat.

    Darryl, Seattle WA on 2007/07/31
    Keeps Fire Belly Toads toasty warm at night

    We've been using the Exo-Terra Night Glo bulbs for night time heat in my son's toad habitat and would not trust any other brand!