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Exo Terra Reptile Cave for Hiding and Basking by Exo Terra

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Exo Terra Reptile Cave for Hiding and Basking Description

The Exo Terra Reptile Caves natural look integrates into any type of terrarium. It is easy to clean, provides a secure hiding place, prevents stress, is very stable, and is not easily tipped over by larger reptiles.

  • Naturalistic rock cave blends into any terrarium
  • Super stable - even large reptiles wont find it easy to tip over
  • Provides a secure hiding place and helps prevent stress
  • Easy to clean reptile cave

Exo Terra Reptile Cave Dimensions:
Medium Cave - 6.7"L x 7.8"W x 3.1"H
Large Cave - 7.4"L x 10.2"W x 3.9"H
X-Large Cave - 9.8"L x 10.2"W x 3.9"H
XX-Large Cave -12.6"L x 11.8"W x 5.5"H

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Exo Terra Reptile Cave for Hiding and Basking Customer Reviews

Kendra, Pensacola FL on 2023/07/18
We like it!

I ordered the XX large for our 4 foot ball python and it fits her great with plenty of room to grow!

Hannah, Bemidji MN on 2022/03/22
Best hide on the market!!

I love these hides, all of my leopard geckos have 2. Large, spacious, and looks natural. The only complaint I have is that only one of the many hides I've ordered had paint runs on it. I have OCD and it was driving me nuts so repainted myself but for a normal person they were not noticeable. I love this, highly recommend!!

Shelly, Castle Rock CO on 2019/10/25
Ball Python Loves it!

I ordered 2 of the XL caves. I can only fit one in her 20 gallon tank, but we are upgrading soon since she is growing like crazy. I took her old one out and put this one in and she went in immediately. Popped her head in and out, it was so cute. Thanks for carrying great products at great prices.

Kimberlee, Elgin IL on 2019/10/25
Great but....

These caves are heavy and sturdy. Fantastic if you are going to use them for ball pythons especially. But the XL is small for my 4 1/2 ft long Ball. She lays on top. The problem is because of the way it is constructed. I one side of it is high, and the other side is extremely low. It doesn't leave enough room for her to be inside there. Pity really. She tried and tried, and half hangs out the thing.

Hannah, Zion IL on 2019/07/01
Medium Exo Terra Reptile Cave

My leopard gecko loves it! It has a small opening, so it's dark and secure for his daytime sleeping. My gecko is pretty big, and he fits inside perfectly! Super happy with this purchase!

Christopher, Saint Petersburg FL on 2019/06/28
XL Exo Terra Cave

Bought 2 to have matching cool/warm side hides for my ball pythons new enclosure that I'm getting 1 came with a hairline crack halfway up the hide called and without any hassle, another one was sent out awesome looking hides and awesome customer service

Daniella, Littlerock CA on 2017/12/11
My gecko loves it

I put this in as a second hide for my gecko and after 5 minutes that I put it in she would not get out, she spends all her time in there now. I like the way it looks like a rock, I thought the opening would be too small but she fits. I also thought it would be bigger but she likes to roll up in there and at night when she's waiting for food she sticks her head out overall me and my leopard gecko are very happy with this hide!

Susan, Annandale MN on 2015/02/04
Super Packaging and Excellent Product!

I bought many of these hides from Pet Mountain previously and I have to say they do the best packaging of these items that I have ever experienced. (I had ordered these from another pet supplier in the past and they arrived chipped or broken.) Pet Mountain triple wraps these in bubble wrap and they arrive in mint condition. Excellent product too. I use these for some of my larger male corn snakes or for the gravid girls. They are a perfect size.

Rayne, Montgomery AL on 2013/11/07
Great for 25 gallon habitat

These are awesome my two dragons have a place to hide and a sunning area.. and it fits great it their habitat. Great buy for the price too...

Ren, Tyler TX on 2013/07/04
Corn Snake and Beardie

Bought 2x medium hides for my baby corn snake and 1x large hide for the young bearded dragon. These hides are heavier than they look, but not extremely heavy, as well as being quite sturdy. LARGE REVIEW: This hide has a very flat surface and is not really domed in the slightest, but for the dragon that's good since I was anticipating him using it as a basking spot anyway. First shipment the large arrived broken and Pet Mountain was happy to replace it immediately with no cost to me! MEDIUM REVIEW: These hides are quite large for my baby corn, since she's two months old and about 12inches long, HOWEVER, I use Aspen bedding and she's made herself a little nest inside each of the hides near the back and prefers to spend much of her time hiding out in there. Glad I decided to go with the mediums because I won't have to replace her hides when she gets bigger. If you do not use Aspen bedding, or any bedding that your corn can burrow in, I would suggest getting the small to start with instead of the mediums.

Martin, Van Nuys CA on 2013/05/16
Geckos favorite

I love this cave and so do my two leopard geckos -- they wont get out of it! Very good price on it, too. Will sure be buying another one soon!

Billy, Appomattox VA on 2013/04/02
Ball Python Loves It!

I got this for my new Baby Ball Python, I was a little worried as she was being shipped from New York to Virginia, it was suppose to be a 6 hour ride but turned into a stressful 24 hour. She was extremely stressed, wouldn't eat or drink, bit me whenever possible, after she started using this hide, her behavior changed dramatically! Now, she can't stop eating, she wants to be handled, and shes puppy dog tamed!

Nicki, San Bruno CA on 2012/09/26

This little rock is great under the heat lamp, it gets warm and stays warm my baby bearded dragon loves to sit on top of it, doesn't really like going inside though.

Joe, Southeast WI on 2012/06/10
My snake loves them!

I bought two Large (1 warm side, 1 cool side) caves for my adult corn snake. He loves them! They are built really well and compliment my Exo-Terra terrarium very nicely!

Andrea, Spring TX on 2012/04/26
Simply Perfect!

I purchased an XL for my snake. He LOVES it. He basks on the top and coils up easily inside and frequently pokes his head out of the hole for a peak. Super easy to clean! The Price was phenomenal! Super fast shipping! The cave is a good weight so that my snake cannot push it around like his previous dwellings. Looks natural! A great addition to my snake's habitat!

Tammi, Panama City FL on 2012/04/04
Great product

Much heavier and more stable than expecting. Our ball python will not be able to move this one around.

Crystal, Sault Sainte Marie MI on 2012/03/26
Good little hut

Got it fast and it seems pretty solid. A little smaller than I thought it was and lizards don't wanna go in it at all but that is ok. It looks good in the tank and is there in case they need it.

Anna, Hickory NC on 2012/03/21
Just Right

The perfect size and it's nice and heavy so the snake can't push it around. Very happy with it.

Terry, Rockford IL on 2011/11/19
Very well constructed

I thought it would be a bit bigger overall for my snake(king snake) to coil up inside. It is very well constructed and perfect for her habitat just not as big as I was hoping..I would definitely buy from here again.

Michelle, New Gloucester ME on 2011/10/13
Excellent hide

I bought the XL for my 4' ball python and he loves it. I might have gotten away with the large but at least he has some growing room. Very realistic looking too. It was chipped on the bottom during shipping but I sanded down the edges and with the aspen substrate you can't even tell it is broken.

Andy, Irving TX on 2011/10/06

I was trying other hides for my snake and he never used them. After putting these reptile caves in his enclosure he uses both of them so I'm sure he feels much more secure. I have a ball python so I need one cool and one warm one. When I look in his enclosure I can see his head watching his cave door! Its nice and dark with a little space to the side he can hide from view. 5 stars

Teneisha, Sacramento CA on 2011/07/01
Perfect size

These caves are excellent for both my corn snakes, 2 years and 4 years old, and they fit easily into even the smaller 20L tank. And the price through Petmountain is the best you can find!

Greg, West Springfield MA on 2011/03/31
cool product

Great product, all of my lizards love them! They are sturdy and solid. Very natural look.

Anna, Gainesville GA on 2011/03/22
perfect little hide!

I love these little caves. Sturdy construction, easy to clean, and perfect for my young ball pythons!

Chris, San Diego CA on 2010/12/24
Great prices and service!

Best price, received on time, will definitely buy from them again!

Tara, Berlin NJ on 2010/11/03
Perfect Hide!

I have the medium for my leopard geckos and African fat tailed geckos, the medium is the perfect size. Put it over the heat pad in the winter, and it keeps the heat in and keeps them toasty warm :)

Thai, Corpus Christi TX on 2010/10/14
A Quality Product

I ordered a large. Unfortunately, not quite big enough for my adult ball pythons but it is definitely a well made and quality product.

Heather, Elgin TX on 2010/09/11
Like it

The medium is a cozy size for my adult leopard gecko.

Heather, Elgin TX on 2010/09/11
Nice to have

We bought the large for our 13wk old ball python and he likes it. It was damaged in shipping but Pet Mountain replaced it very quickly when I called it in.

Lady, Grand Rapids MN on 2010/07/31

None of my adult leopard geckos could fit in a small. Medium is prefect however. Small is great for babies, mediums great for a adult or two and large is great for 2-3 adults:D all mine love theirs especially since the large is rough and flat! they love lounging on them!

Linda, Richmond VA on 2010/06/24
Fabulous for lizards and snakes!

The small offers all the security an adult Leopard gecko could want. The Eastern Collared, Leopard lizards and Spiny Desert Swifts love the medium. The corn snakes enjoy the medium and large, and the balls have the large caves. Good weight, but not as heavy as ceramic. Very easy to clean and maintain, as well as being an attractive addition to the habitat.

Nakila, Columbia SC on 2010/04/27
XLarge hut works perfectly for Ball Python!

My adult male ball python loves the extra large hut! It's darker color than the picture but I love it!

Kay, Silver Spring MD on 2009/12/30
My favorite hide for a ball python

The large size hide works well for young adult ball pythons. It has enough weight and substance that it doesn't slide around as the snake settles in, but is not as heavy as stone, clay, or cement hides. The photo shows the tan version which looks good with aspen bedding, but I received my preferred color which is darker brown. The darker brown color blends in well with cypress mulch bedding, my preferred substrate.

Megan, Davie FL on 2009/11/17
Excellent hiding cave

I bought these for my leopard geckos. They are the perfect size for their ten gallon tanks. My geckos love hiding in them. They are just tall enough for the geckos to have enough space inside yet still feel secure while hiding.

Danno, Kiel WI on 2009/10/10
Cool rock to hide...

I bought this rock last week and put it into my lizards home. They went into right away. Nice rock and good price. Thanks!