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Exo Terra Turtle Clean Biological Turtle Habitat Cleaner by by Exo Terra

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Product Description

Exo-Terra Turtle Clean helps eliminate organic waste in turtle habitats (such as terrariums, aquariums and bowls). Efficiently reduces solid turtle waste and leftovers from overfeeding.

  • Cleans turtle habitats and gravel
  • Reduces and controls odors
  • Rapidly reduces organic waste

Use Exo-Terra Turtle Clean to complement existing filters and reduce odors associated with decaying waste. Solubility wastes become a primary food source for beneficial bacteria.

Instructions: Shake well before using. Use 5mL for every 10 gallons of water treated. Use for initial set-up and as a weekly treatment.

Note: Keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, contact your doctor.

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Nancy, Grand Marais MI on 11-05-2013
Great Product

Turtle Clean is great. Our two yellow-bellied sliders are messy eaters and although we have a large Pleco to help keep things tidy and a good filtration system, Turtle Clean makes a big difference. Our only suggestion: it should come in a larger bottle for the convenience of people with a large aquarium.

Carol, Alta Loma CA on 10-13-2013

This product really works. I put it in my turtle tank and by the next day the water looked clear and by the second day the water did not smell at all. I tested the product at a time when my tank needed a partial water change and the water was slightly cloudy and had an odor. I highly recommend this product.

Joanna, Brooklyn NY on 09-03-2013
Only the BEST

Only the best for my turtle. I take pride in keeping her healthy at 15 years old and I hope she out lives me. Great product and it actually works, especially since my filter isn't the strongest.

Ronald, Tallahassee FL on 01-21-2012
Wonderful Product

Product works very good with my large turtle keeping the water and other items clean I have in the tank.

Lisa, Newburgh NY on 05-27-2010
love it!

I love this stuff!!! it really helps to keep the tank from smelling and keeps it cleaner longer!

Lee, Colonial Beach VA on 05-19-2010


Arnold Lausevich, Milwaukee WI on 05-02-2010
Use This Stuff

Been a user for a few years, and with a small tank (30 gal) it does help especially with a smaller filter. Now I have a 90 gal tank, and hope to continue to use it to assist in bio degrading the excess food and turtle waste.

Farah, Centreville VA on 11-25-2009
SMELLS horrible

It doesn't really do the job, but I guess I only tried it once; could work better with smaller tank. smells horrible :/