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Exo Terra Worm Dish by by Exo Terra

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SKU: XPT2808
UPC: 015561228084
MPN: PT2808
  • $14.99
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SKU: XPT2816
UPC: 015561228169
MPN: PT2816

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Product Description

The Exo-Terra Worm Dish features an innovative design that provides easy access for reptiles while preventing live mealworms from escaping. The dish keeps worms contained for easy addition of vitamin and mineral supplements, reducing wasted powder and lost food.

  • Ideal dish for live feeder worms
  • Lets reptiles see their food while preventing worm escape
  • Catches valuable supplements and prevents waste
  • 2-part construction with removable lip allows easy cleaning
  • Realistic look blends well with any terrarium decor

Mealworms need to be contained when they're placed inside the terrarium. If not, they may quickly dig their way into the substrate and remain hidden until they can metamorphose into an inedible beetle. More likely, they will simply die, leading to the introduction of harmful bacteria. The Exo Terra Worm Dish prevents mealworms from escaping, while allowing them to remain visible to the terrarium inhabitants.

Buffalo Worm Feeder: 3.3"L x 3.9"W x 1.7"H
Mealworm Feeder: 5"L x 5"W x 6.1"H

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Customer Reviews

Dee, Glendale AZ on 2017/07/17
This is GREAT!!

I LOVE THIS DISH!!!!! I hate messing with the superworms for our beardie...This dish actually holds them in and he can eat them in his tank.... We put the calcium in the bottom and just cover them up a little and put it in this way...I wish it was a little bigger since his head is huge and I guess it's a little difficult to see!

Joanne , Rowland Heights CA on 2010/07/21
WOW! Great price and my Beardie loves it...

I love this bowl. My baby bearded dragon loved it and adapted as soon as I put worms in it. :)