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Blue Ribbon Exotic Environments Angkor Wat Temple Gate Aquarium Ornament by by Blue Ribbon Pet

  • $30.99
  • (45%)
SKU: BR01593
UPC: 030157015930
MPN: EE-485

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Product Description

The Exotic Environments Angkor Wat Temple Gate is a replica of one of the major archaeological monuments on earth. The Angkor Wat Temple Gate was built in the early 12th century in southeast Asia, and now it comes to your aquarium!

  • Finely detailed replica aquarium ornament
  • Provides shelter for your fish
  • Safe for fresh and saltwater aquariums

This incredibly detailed aquarium decoration provides valuable shelter for your fish and livens up your aquarium!

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Customer Reviews

Mae, Los Angeles CA on 2017/01/15
Stunning! (floating solution tip)

I have this placed gloriously in my 5-gal tank - it looks spectacular!!Tip on floating issue: Just tip piece over so that all the air is released (no air bubble trapped) and the piece will still stay put perfectly. Remember, it's the trapped air bubble that'll make it float. Get the air out, and voila! Problem solved!

Steph, San Diego CA on 2015/09/02
Yes it floats

I read a couple of reviews stating it floated and could not be used in the tank as result. Well I thought it was fluke and I would at least be able to weigh it down by sinking it in my thick gravel substrate, but no such luck. It popped right up on the first go, but I was determined to devise a way to use this decoration. I tried many things, including weighing it down with large rocks, tied to the drain hole in the back. Nope. Then after about a half hour of brain storming, googling (which did not help), and trying different things, I ended up solving my little issue. I ended up partially filling a quart size zip-lock bag full of pennies, then jamming the into the top of the structure, with a couple of flexible pieces of plastic under it just in case.So now that I was able to finally use the decoration, is it a success? It looks pretty cool, but my fancy goldfish have been too scared to get near it, let alone swim inside. Hopefully that changes. The only thing I worry about is the superstructure is quite sharp all over, including the top. If my fish end up swimming too fast or have one of their manic episodes, they might end up hurting themselves. I don't know if filing down these edges would help or just destroy the look of the piece. Only time will tell. As it is, it's really cool piece that has lots of visual appeal, and is super functional in providing a fun place to play and hide for your little fishes or creatures.

Nibedita, Yorktown Heights NY on 2015/08/21
Nice Decoration

The Angkor Wat ornament is really a nice piece. We found that this ornament keeps floating up in water. Guess we have to keep it on a shelf rather than in aquarium.

Janet, Lawrenceburg IN on 2015/06/24

Was going for the ancient world effect and this fit the bill.

Peter, Queens NY on 2014/04/10
A Temple in my Tank

Better then I expected for my Nano Tank

Mike, Beverly MA on 2013/12/12
Very detailed

Everything about this thing is great: highly detailed, sturdy, expertly weathered. It looks even better in person than in the pictures. Forget about the fish tank. This thing would look great on the mantel. Very impressed, especially for the price.

Maria, Ozark AL on 2013/07/05

This looks amazing in my tank. Really beautiful. Now I am looking for something else similar to make a nice theme. I love it! Highly recommend it.