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Fashion Pet Arctic Fleece Dog Boots by by Fashion Pet

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SKU: ST12009
UPC: 077234120095
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Product Description

Spot's Arctic Fleece Dog Boots feature a non-skid, PVC sole to protect your dog's paws from damp weather, chemicals, salted roads, and any other unfavorable condition. These boots are fastened with velcro for the ability to take them off easily -- but only when you want to.

  • Includes all 4 boots for complete weather protection
  • Velcro fasteners ensure a snug fit
  • Non-skid, PVC sole provides superior traction

NOTE: Picture shows the top of the boots in the top row and the bottom of the boots with the tracktion pads in the bottom row.

Measurement Instructions: Measure your dog's front paw from heel to nails, but do not include fur. A snug fit is best or boots may slip off.

Customer Reviews

Monica, Elgin IL on 2018/01/18
arctic fleece dog boots

easy to get on, fits well, provides longer cold weather exposure for my pup to be outside. Soft rubber bottom grips allows flexibility as dog plays and runs.

Dean, Sparta WI on 2018/01/01
Booties easy to put on,

Booties fit the toy poodles well, would be nice if the velcro was on the front of leg to be easier to find on small dogs. They seemed to tolerate them pretty well, sure helps in this below zero weather

Kathy, Cuyahoga Falls OH on 2017/12/30

My dog has trouble walking when it's bitter cold out. She lifts her paws up and tries to walk on 3 legs. The first time I put these on her, she went out and didn't want to come back in. She walked fine. Did not slip or slide. Very pleased.

John, Fountain Hills AZ on 2017/06/26
No more wrestling

Easy to slip on, almost like sock. Might not wear as well as the stiffer, heavier boots.

Dawn , Delano MN on 2015/11/25
As described

Pet arctic dog boots work great.

Jeanie, L.a. CA on 2015/07/12
Easy on-off, stays put

These boots are made of thick polar fleece so they are soft and flexible. Comfortable enough for dogs that do not like "hard" shoes on their paws. A round non-skid sole protects the paws from hot or cold pavement. The wrap velcro strap makes for easy on-off, and stays put. Since it is fabric, it is not waterproof, but we will try waterproofing spray when the weather gets wet. It is machine wash cold, tumble dry low, but we do put it in a laundry bag to protect the velcro strap in the machine and line dry. We got the X-Small 2 3/4", which was the smallest size offered. It was a bit big for our 11 pound dog, so I hemmed the sides and cut off the excess, and it works perfectly since the non-skid sole and velcro strap remained in place. For the back paws, I had to hem and trim a bit off the toes so the length was a bit shorter. Our dog loves wearing the boots and enjoys pavement walking now instead of turning back after a few yards.

Susan, Theresa WI on 2015/03/27
At last - boots my dog will wear.

I have a Maltese/Shiatsu mix and he would not keep any of the hard sole boots on his feet. These he doesn't mind, and they protect his feet from the salt and the cold winters we've been having. Now if only I could feel as warm out there as he does!

Lynda, Holyoke MA on 2015/02/27
These are perfect!!

These are the third type of booty I have tried for my dog and I wish I had found these first! They don't seem to bother my dog and they stay on!!! Love these!! Price is fantastic too!

Linda, Mineola NY on 2015/01/29
They stay on!!!

Love them - Finally found a pair of booties to protect my Shih Tzu puppy's feet with long hair that fits. No zippers or ties - just easy Velcro. Perfect for him to protect his feet from the salt in winter.

Mkt, Edwards MO on 2015/01/01
Easy-on and the boots stay on!!

At last - boots that are easy to put on my Shih Tzu, the only ones that STAY on and that he can walk in! He loves them too. I got the X-Small for my medium sized 17-lb dog and the size is perfect. As another reviewer noted, boots with a full hard sole are next to impossible for a Shih Tzu to walk in. These boots have a pliable circular pad with grips that works well. The soft fleece on this boot allows you to gather it so that the velcro closure is snug and the boot doesn't slide off furry legs as boots made of other materials do.

Gloria, Escanaba MI on 2014/12/17
Good product

Great for my 70 lb golden retriever. They lasted for 1 winter and they did start to show some wear, but good for the price. I ordered them for this winter. A few friends have bought them for their dogs as well.

Mj, Huntsville TX on 2012/12/21
Wonderful product, I love them!

The fleece booties are a hit. Our schnauzer's fur picks up everything causing us to wash her feet each time she goes outside. The booties keep her feet clean, stay on well and are soft enough she doesnt mind them at all. Great product!!!

Connie, Pittsburgh PA on 2012/12/17
Easy to wear boots

These fleece boots are great for my Shih Tzus. They have no problem walking in them like they do in hard sole boots.

Jane, Wayzata MN on 2011/03/08
My dog loves these boots

Fleece boots for dogs

Sally, Chippewa Falls WI on 2011/02/19
Why not Red Arctic Fleece Dog Booties?

Great booties - but black is so easily lost in the dirty snow during a Midwestern winter. Red booties could be easily seen and retrieved and I'm sure many dog owners besides my self would be grateful. How about it?

Chuck, Kansas City MO on 2011/02/03
good value for price

We have blond carpet & a westie, boots are great to protect her feet from tar,snow,glass,chewing gum,poo and anything she may encounter on our walks! They fit well,and stay on,the only problem I have had is the elastic strap is very thin,sometimes they tear first time out of the package, but I am ordering more!

Gerry, West Mifflin PA on 2010/12/24
My Shih Tzu loves the boots !!!

My Shih Tzu loves the snow and cold weather. I have bought her the most expensive boots but she could not walk in them and if I did get them on they would fall off about every block. When I purchased these boots my dog not only kept them on but they protect her feet from the salt. They are not that expensive so when they get a hole in them I just throw them away. I can buy a dozen pair of the fleece boots to one pair of the expensive boots that don't work. I have gotten many compliments from other dog lovers and I tell them about your website. This product is worth the price because they are effective. Gerry Votilla

Lisa, Oregon City OR on 2010/05/20
Great for Oregon

We live in Oregon and as everyone knows it is very wet. We just built a house and have no yard yet, these were great for the wet days.

Laurie, Chicago IL on 2010/01/20
Perfect for your pet!

They are easy to put on my dog & work great. Great for the cold weather & the salt on the ground. Very easy to clean, would recommend. Great customer service also. When I had a question they get back to you right away! Thank you!

Janice, Downers Grove IL on 2010/01/17
Well made boots

I felt that these boots were well made and softer than some others we had tried. I was very optimistic that these would work. It can get very cold in Chicago. They fit well and were fairly easy to get on. At first she wouldn't take a step, but later learned to walk in them. However, she still didn't like them too much. when we weren't looking and they were by the vents drying, she stole one and began chewing it up. so I give it an okay rating. They fit well and stayed on better than the others, but she still didn't like it.

Joyce, Arvada CO on 2009/12/29
These boots stay on my dog.

I like the fleece boots for my little dogs because they stay on. When the sidewalks are covered with snow & ice and the temperature is below 10 degrees, I put their boots on for short walks. I do not have a yard so they have to stay out long enough to potty.

Ruth, Salisbury MA on 2009/10/24
Nice boots!

Besides buying winter boots for my puppy I decided that I would also by some fleece boots for him to wear outdoors when there is not snow. Well, I really love them! The only problem that I did encounter was that they are a little big for the size that I ordered. Next time I know enough to go down on size, not up!

Bob, Graysville TN on 2007/04/17
Works Great

Jigs is a great inside dog, but muddy days have always been a problem until now. These work great!