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Fashion Pet Extreme All Weather Dog Boots by by Fashion Pet

  • $17.99
  • (44%)
SKU: ST30201
UPC: 077234302019
  • $19.99
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SKU: ST30202
UPC: 077234302026
  • $21.99
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SKU: ST30203
UPC: 077234302033
  • $22.99
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SKU: ST30204
UPC: 077234302040
  • $24.99
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SKU: ST30205
UPC: 077234302057
  • $26.99
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SKU: ST30206
UPC: 077234302064
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SKU: ST30207
UPC: 077234302071

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Product Description

Fashion Pet Extreme All Weather Boots are made of rugged, fleece-lined nylon that keeps paws warm and dry. Cold weather can make paws stick to the ground, causing pain and damage to your dog's feet. Protect them with boots!

  • Includes all 4 dog boots for complete weather protection
  • Suede-leather sole, PVC toe cap and reflective tape give added protection
  • Adjustable Velcro straps and knit rib trim provide a secure fit.
  • All sizes include 4 boots

To fit the boot on paw: Open the Velcro fastener. Next, bunch up the ribbed cuff and pull the boot over the paw (It helps to hold your dog's elbow while wiggling boot on with other hand). Pull Velcro strap SECURELY around boot at dog's ankle and press shut - cut excess strap if you wish.

XXX-Small: 1.5" - (Toy Poodle, Maltese)
XX-Small: 2.25" - (Jack Russell Terrier)
X-Small: 2.75" - (Sheltie, Min. Schnauzer, Min. Poodle)
Small: 3.25" - (Beagle, Westhighland Terrier)
Medium: 3.75" - (Dalmation, Border Collie)
Large: 4.25" - (German Shepherd, Golden Retriever)
X-Large: 4.75" - (Old English Sheepdog)

Measuring Tips: Measure the front paw from heel to nails but not fur. A snug fit is best or boots may slip off.

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Customer Reviews

Michael, Chattaroy WA on 2016/01/13
Better, but not as good as expected

We were frustrated at not being able to find a product that would stay on our Chesapeake Bay Retriever's paws when romping around in deep snow. Finally, these worked for that purpose, but after only 4-5 times of runs up to 6 miles, the booties have worn through the rather thin swede soles. Also, they aren't waterproof, as advertised. A rubber sole or thicker leather would probably improve this product to a significant degree.

Rosely, Fultonville NY on 2015/07/20
Worth it!

My dog was able to go outside in the snow and enjoy it and do his business with his little boots on. It took some time getting the hang of putting them on so they wouldn't come off, but well worth it for my doggie and me.

Rosely, Fultonville NY on 2015/02/23

With the weather being so cold these boots have been the best solution for my doggie, especially since he doesn't like the hard bottomed boots.

Megan, Montclair VA on 2015/02/20
Not Waterproof

I purchased these for snow and cold, rainy days. However, these are definitely not waterproof. They work better in the snow than rainy days. I wish the sock portion was a little tighter on my miniature schnauzer. These worked well for a cheap starter pair of boots as I wanted to see if my dog would even tolerate booties.

Linda, Schaumburg IL on 2015/02/06
Best boots I've purchased

These boots are the only boots I have found that stay on my greyhound. The only negative thing I can say is the bottoms could be thicker. Even with her nails trimmed, her nails wear holes in the bottoms and I have to cover them with duct tape. Also, I wanted to order additional pairs and they have been "out of stock."

Rose, Queens NY on 2015/02/03
What a difference

My toy poodle's paws get cold within a minute in winter and he hates the snow. These booties are a life saver. I did learn though that if you dry them out on a radiator they stiffen up and get too hard so now I want multiples to rotate and let them just air dry. And they don't seem like they'll last long but for the price... I'll buy more.

Mel, Swanzey NH on 2015/02/02
Wish the \sock\ portion was longer"""""""

I like that the boot is wide so the nails and aren't cramped. They dry quickly when wet. I considered so many different boots, I missed the fact that these didn't have tread which is a bit disappointing as they don't prevent slipping on ice - but then the low price probably accounts for that. The biggest issue is that the sock portion isn't very long so back boots fall off easily/quickly. I think they'd stay on if there was a bit more length.

Jeanie, Fargo ND on 2014/02/06
Best dog boots

I have used these boots for years for walks out in the snow and cold winter days. They are the only ones my 10 pound yorky-maltese will let me put on her feet, and with the velcro they stay on well. I use the xx small size for her. I noticed the last time I purchased them that they are a little wider now, I might try the xxx small next time. The velcro strap is too long so I cut off the extra strap. Also, with my last shipment, one of the boots got a hole in it on our first walk, which was unusual. They usually last at least one winter. I called the company and they promptly took care of the problem.

David, Butler PA on 2014/01/02
Great Boots

We had a set of these boots before and our dog wore them out so finding a replacement pair was on the top of our list. These boots are easy to put on and fit very well. They hold up quite well in the snow and on ice. Will buy again when needed. Will tell all dog owners we know to get them for their pets.

Tina, Pine City MN on 2014/01/01
Decent for the Price

These are fairly well constructed booties, we use them on our Irish Setter. Keeps snowballs out of his toes! Snow collects in the elastic upper part, though, and the plastic buckles all broke on mine. Otherwise, they hold up as well as any other bootie on the market.

Jomarie, New York NY on 2013/10/16
Great boots

This is a great fit for my 15 pound dog

Shelley, Willis MI on 2013/02/05
Safety issue

I bought these pretty boots for my 67 pound Golden Retriever. Yes, a snug fit is best or boots slide off. My dog hurt her foot wearing the boots because the velcro strap can be restrictive. I had to take her to a veterinarian to be checked. I was advised to keep the boots off the dog because foot injuries can occur.

Nancy, Minneapolis MN on 2013/02/03
Outstanding boots!!!

These are the first boots I've found that stay on in snow mound hopping and slippery street sprinting and pawing. They are durable for the price and allow my toy terrier to stay out long enough in below zero temps to do her business.

Curtis, Kuna ID on 2013/01/18
My dog loves them!

I thought I had just wasted money ordering these booties! I put them on him ("he's a great big lab-mastiff mix") I just assumed he would pull them right off or chew them apart. But he loves them!!!

Katie, Redlands CA on 2012/08/06
Almost great

The dog shoes worked great to keep things out of her feet all weekend at our camping trip, which is where she cuts her paws up every year. The only problem was that they kept falling off one foot. She wasn't trying to get them off, if she was it would have been really easy to get the shoes off. Then we tightened it so that the shoe would stay on. The strap lays over the du claw and it rubbed the du claw all day and made a sore on her foot. We are going to just put nursing tape at the top where the elastic is so that it wont be a problem next time.

Lynn, Northern IN on 2011/01/17
My dog loves these boots!

I had purchased some "Paw Protectors" from another online pet store that turned out to be hard & stiff. My miniature schnauzer puppy had trouble walking in them and the Velcro fasteners were useless to get a snug fit. She lost one of the boots the first time she went out in the 2 feet of snow in our yard. Consequently, I was hesitant to try another kind of boot, but our weather demands protection for her little paws. When these boots came from Pet Mountain, the first thing I noticed was how well made they are. Considering the great price I got on these, I was not expecting them to be so well made. They have a knitted sock-like top on them that is not only soft against my puppy's legs, it also keeps the snow out! My puppy loves these boots so much that she actually likes leaving them on all day and makes no attempt to take them off! They are soft enough for her to walk around the house without doing that funny walk that dogs do when they have something on their feet that they don't like. Yet, they are strong enough that her nails do not come through the bottoms and I can feel confident that the pads of her feet are protected from the outdoor elements. If I don't put her boots on, she won't stay outside long enough to do anything more than a quick pee and then she ends up doing her poop job inside the house. However, with these wonderful boots on and a nice warm sweater & coat I have for her, she not only wants to stay outside to completely relieve herself but also wants to stay outside to play in the snow! I get cold and want to go in before she does! The reflecting stripes on each boot are a plus during the dark, light-deficient winter days, too. These boots are easy to put on, easy to take off, and they completely dry from the snow overnight. As my puppy grows, I will definitely be back to purchase these in larger sizes. Pet Mountain also has the best price for these high-quality boots than I have found anywhere on the Internet.

Sarah, Rochester NY on 2010/12/29
quality just OK

They are great about staying on as long as you adjust the Velcro well. However, they're not so durable... after my doberman wore them for a few hours to run and play in the snow there are already some small (minor as of now) tears in them, so I expect he will only get a few more wears out of them.

Jc, Chicago IL on 2010/12/23
Protective and long lasting

My dogs have worn these boots for years. They are easy to put on and stay on 90% of the time. They protect from the cold and salt and last thru the entire season (with a little duct tape mending).

Bbb, Irving TX on 2010/12/12
Cushion for corns

Our 9 year old greyhound girl has a corn on her right front pad. Together with bee propolis and dremeling, wearing the boot (over a toddler sock) on that foot, allowed her to be completely comfortable on our walks. She trotted off at her usual quick pace. The boot protected her foot from the hard surface and from the elements. Easy to put on and worked really well. Good price too.

Abbi, Manhattan KS on 2010/11/16
Fits well

The shoes stay on well and do not seem to cause any discomfort

Monique, Manila PH on 2010/10/26
i love it!

its a nice product good quality

Patti, Newcastle WA on 2010/06/02
Great Boots!

Two dogs, new hardwood floors...always have several pairs of these boots on hand for protection. I've tried several types of boots and these are the best.

Linda, Cedar Rapids IA on 2010/02/25
My Boxer loves her boots!

We live where the winters are harsh and owning a dog means you have to protect their feet from the extreme temperatures, sharp ice, salt, etc. I've tried several brands of dog boots, but these are my favorite. My Boxer had no problem leaving them on, in fact will wait by the door for me to put them on. I highly recommend this product.

Linda, Cedar Rapids IA on 2010/02/25
Functional and Fashionable

I bought two sizes of these boots. I have a Boxer puppy and she loves these boots. They stay on her feet and keep the snow from going inside. I bought an extra pair to have for next winter. I highly recommend these boots!!

Joanne, Rockland NY on 2010/02/10
It all depends on what you are looking for...

This is the third pair (and fourth) of these we've had. Our first dog has exceedingly sensitive paws and these make it possible for her to go out in the snow/salt. The bottoms do tend to go through after a while but they still offer protection. We've found that often you can just switch in a single replacement at a time as they don't have right or left, etc. We just ordered a new pair for her and another pair for our newly adopted dog who got the biggest "snowballs" on her legs I've ever seen!

Jennifer, Plymouth MN on 2010/01/20
Dog boots that fit and stay on!

My dog wore out the first set in about 3 years so this is a replacement order. I tried another brand but ended up returning them. The neoprene boots just dont fit/stay on well. These boots are great for small dogs feet and my Yorkie Poo. I sprayed them with water repellent to fight of the slushly Minnesota snow melt!! My dog is happy to walk the mile without any trouble with cold feet!

Harry, Minneapolis MN on 2010/01/15
Super Boots

These boots are just right for our little dog. The first time I put them on her she frolicked in the snow, which she had always avoided before. Then, just yesterday, I saw a clip on the morning news saying that in our climate dogs should have their paws protected from the salt on the streets. The dog on TV had on boots identical to the ones we had just received. A good endorsement.

Megan, Taylors Falls MN on 2009/12/30

The boots have been used about ten times now, and are already showing wear and tear. I don't know if this is the extent of it, or if they will truly be wrecked in just a few uses. I certainly hope they will last longer as they've only been used on snow (no pavement).