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Felisept Home Comfort Calming Cat Refill by by Felisept

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Product Description

Felisept Home Comfort calming refills create a soothing, pheromone-free environment that reduces stress and associated behaviors in cats, including urine marking, scratching, irritability, loss of appetite, and more. This non-pheromone technology uses the active substances in catnip and contains no artificial or synthetic additives.

  • Aids against urine marking & scratching
  • Reduces feelings of stress & unwanted behaviors
  • Non-pheromone behavior correction technology
  • Made with the natural active component of catnip
  • Includes 45 ml bottle (diffuser not included)

How it works: By using the natural properties of catnip oil extract (Nepeta Cataria) to create a soothing atmosphere for indoor cats. This natural, non-pheromone calming solution helps eliminate many problematic behaviors associated with stress, including urine marking, scratching and biting, irritability, loss of appetite, and more. Nepeta Cataria is an herb from the mint family that helps cats acclimate to changes in environment, new pets or family members, or trips to the groomer or vet.

Directions: One 45 ml bottle lasts up to 30 days. Replace monthly to maintain a calming environment. Note: Plug-in diffuser required for use (sold separately).

Ingredients: Tripropylene Glycol Methyl Ether, Fatty Acid Ester, Essential Oil, Preservatives.

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