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Fish Mate F14 Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder by Fish Mate

  • $47.99
  • Save $23SALE (48%)
SKU: AM00207
UPC: 035368002076
MPN: 207 F14

Fish Mate F14 Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder Description

The Fish Mate F14 Aquarium Fish Feeder is a high quality automatic aquarium food dispenser. Individual compartments allow a varied diet suitable for all popular flake or pellet foods. The battery operated timer serves up to four meals a day, with a capacity for up to 14 meals total. Provide your fish with accurate feeding of all dry and flake fish foods.

  • Serves up to 14 meals
  • Accurate feeding of all dry fish food and flake foods
  • Easy to use timer provides 1-4 meals a day

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Fish Mate F14 Automatic Aquarium Fish Feeder Customer Reviews

Robert, Plantation FL on 2016/08/03
Great fish feeder for bettas

Works great for feeding my betta. Precise feeding portions.Would highly recommend

David, Sioux Falls SD on 2016/02/09
Not that great

Not thrilled about this feeder. Water condenses inside lid and food gets soggy if you don't add air supply. I elevated the feeder about 1/3 inch. It made condensation less. I also don't like the fact the compartments don't empty completely at designated feeding time.

Chami, Torrance CA on 2015/04/15
Best auto feeder

Easy to use. Easy to set up. Always feed the correct amount of food. Better than other feeders.

Rose, Greensbuegh PA on 2014/08/27
Excellent Product!

Worked perfectly. It was worth every penny. I was away on vacation for 9 days and my fish were just fine and well fed when I returned.

Alvin, Waipahu HA on 2014/05/14
Easy to use

Very easy to calculate amount of food to feed at one feeding. I bought three of the Fishmate. I have tried other feeders. I think in my opinion, this is the best. For pellet type of food I would suggest giving this feeder a try. For flake type of food this is ok because food will get caught under the separate compartments, the drum type of feeder would be a better choice. I am going to switch over to this type of feeder and will be buying a couple more on my next order.

Anthony, Sparta NJ on 2013/10/26
Works as advertised

I got it to feed algae wafers overnight and it does well with those. I haven't tried flake food but I don't think it would work well with flake food as there is some space at the bottom of the rotating feeder that flake food could get stuck under. Anything bulkier like wafers and pellets it works great, like the flexible feeding time variations.

Karen, Orange Park FL on 2013/07/04
Worthwhile Purchase!

I did a lot of research prior to getting this fish feeder. My impetus for getting one was going on a family trip with no one reliable to feed my hungry fish. I am very glad I got this feeder and wish I had done it earlier. I mix the flakes and pellets together and place some of the mixture in each of the compartments and the feeder dispenses it a little at a time. Very convenient. My biggest concern prior to ordering it was , how was I going to attach it to my tank? I have one of those stock 55-gal. rectangular tanks with the double hood with the florescent lights. The solution: I removed one of the middle prescored areas in the back of one of the hoods and perched the feeder on top of the elevated area containing the light. The food drops right into the the back of the aquarium and disperses on top of the water. Also I think the heat from the light helps to keep the food dry and not sticking to the dispenser. The only problem is getting the food into the small slots. I use a metal baby spoon, but it is still a little messy. Love it! Wish I had gotten it sooner!

Larry, Hampton IA on 2012/12/29
Satisfied Customer!

The fish feeder I recieved works great! It seems to be a well made product and will last. Thank you for a great product and FAST service!

Dave, Rolling Meadows IL on 2012/12/28
FishMate F14 OK but not as good as expected

The feeder works as described having 15 compartments one for each feeding. You can schedule up to 4 feedings a day although they must be at least 3 hours apart. Also the distribution of the food is very slow taking about 30 minutes for the entire compartment to be emptied into the fish tank. We use pellet fish food and have some very small fish requiring us to break up the pellets into much smaller pieces. Some very small pieces (maybe 5% of the food) tended not to be distributed and ended up under the feeder mechanism. Given you can only schedule 15 feedings there is opportunity to clean the feeder before refilling for its next use. It worked for our needs for 5 days away from the house. As a temporary feeder used when away for a few days it is OK but given a choice, I think I would look at one of the other types of fish feeders for regular use.

Jeanne, St. Louis MO on 2012/11/29
Love it

We have a 16 gal. aquarium. We have the feeder in the back at the top. There are 5 skirt fish and 2 small catfish. We frequently go on vacation. This feeder is reliable and does not get the food wet, so small flakes work fine. There is only a thumbtack amount of food in each slot and it drops out fine (over an hour of time) as it rotates. Would highly recommend.

Andreas, Vancouver WA on 2012/09/07
FishMate F14 works great

Simple, effective and lasts a long time. I have 6 of them. They work best with granular food, but dispense flakes well too. If you don't use them outside in the weather or let a battery go bad and leak inside the compartment, they should last as long as a quartz wall clock. Works on the same principle.

David, Menlo Park CA on 2011/11/11
Does What I Need

This item has a built-in round, timer in the middle that rotates counter-clockwise. There are 4 tabs included with the device so that you can pin them on timer for when you want the feeding mechanism to move (so you can feed your fish from 1 to 4 times per day). You can see the red pins in the picture. Here are a couple of things you should know. The timer moves a wheel, which has approx fifteen 3/4"x3/4"x3/4" compartments (as seen in the picture). What is not obvious is that the wheel is NOT attached to the device. If you're going to use flakes with it, then expect some flakes to move around on the bottom - it's really minimal. Also, don't lift the wheel up, when it's full of flakes because you'll create a mess. Pellets works better with this type of device.

Michael, T.r. MI on 2010/10/27
Great product

This product saves time and allows the ability to stay away from the office for up to 2 weeks.

Gary, Cincinnati OH on 2010/09/04
I have used for years

I currently use 15 of these every week. They are perfect for pellet food and the 1 AA battery lasts over 12 months. Easy to clean and are easy to load if you use a folded business card as a funnel!

Mildred, Cazenovia NY on 2010/05/12
Reliable and simple fish feeder

Fish Mate F14 does work, great product. Have had it for over two years, and it's still working on the same AA batteries!