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Fish Mate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder by Fish Mate

  • $219.99
  • Save $110 (50%)
SKU: AM00348
UPC: 035368003486
MPN: P7000

Fish Mate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder Description

Fish mate Pond Fish Feeder - Model P7000. This auto fish feeder will make sure that your fish don't go hungry while you're away! This oversize feeder holds up to 6.5 lbs of pellet or stick food and comes with a programmable LCD panel to ensure your fish get fed when they need to.

  • Individual meal time control and meal size control from 3 teaspoons and up
  • Option for frequent feeding, manual feeding or advanced feeding
  • Battery Operated - Batteries last 6 to 9 months with continuous use
  • 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

The Fish Mate P7000 fish feeders help ensure that your fish are fed regular, controlled portions to help maximize their health and vitality without worrying about over-feeding.

This versatile feeder dispenses sticks or pellets and allows up to three individually sized feeds to be programmed throughout the day. You can also allow meals to be servied in advance of their programmed times and/or dispense a frequent feed over a longer period of time. Feeder can be easily fastened to a firm base by the side of your pond and the hopper, lid, nozzle and feed screw are dishwasher-proof.

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Fish Mate P7000 Pond Fish Feeder Customer Reviews

Smitty, Middleport NE on 2015/05/28
Happy Fish!

Seems to be a great design. Easy to program, handles stick food better than others I have owned. Hope it holds up, seems to be well made.

Julie, Lampasas TX on 2015/04/07
Goat proofed

I have my koi pond in the goat pasture so I needed a feeder that only has to be refilled once a month. I used a 6/16/1.26 thick to span the raised pond. I used #10 screws one and 1/2" long to attach the feeder to the board. It has been three weeks with no incidents.

Randy, West Chester OH on 2014/09/26
Where has this been all my life?

Easily programmed the feeder and put it to work. It took less than a week for the fish to figure out what was going on. Now they know where it is and even seem to know what feeding time is! Our pond is covered by a bird net canopy (dang Herons) so not having to lift the netting and freak out the frogs is fantastic. I put the pond in six years ago and have manually fed the whole time. Now the wife and I look forward to 6PM when the "Little Man" dispenses the daily ration. (I know... we need to get a life!) I love it!

Sharon, Satellite Beach FL on 2013/03/22
Excited about this product

We haven't used the fish feeder, but think that it works when we go on vacation and we don't have to find somebody to feed the fish everyday.

Ken, Eagle Point OR on 2012/09/19
Perfect Fish Feeder

We needed a system to feed our Koi while we were traveling and had tried a different model that broke twice in the same season. Went to a local fish supply store and they recommended their Fish mate P7000 for $150.00. Searched online and found the exact same thing at Petmountain and ordered it. It worked perfect feeding the fish twice a day everyday all summer long. Best part of it was that Petmountain had it for half the price.

Bonnie, Cape Coral FL on 2011/10/03
Great machine but Caution

Make sure that your fish will eat pellets before ordering this machine. I order bulk pellets and the feeder at the same time. My fish would not eat the pellet food, and this machine only uses the pellets. I feed them only the pellets for two days, and they would not eat it. I was so disappointed. This feeder was my answer to traveling so much.

Bonnie, Cape Coral FL on 2011/09/21
Nice idea

I was so excited to find this feeder to feed my pond goldfish. We go away sometimes as much as a month at a time, and was looking forward to having them taken care of. The problem I ran into, is that this machine only handles pellets, and my fish won't eat it. They spit it out. I hope I can find the same machine that handles flake food. I would definitely try again.

Judy, Denver CO on 2011/09/06
Perfect Solution

Our next trip will be 30 days and we did not want to impose on our neighbor to feed the fish daily. We searched for a fish feeder on line. We didn't want to spend $200 and for the price and quality, the P7000 by Fish Mate is exactly what we wanted. (Pet Mountain has the best price and we got free shipping too. A local store in Denver sells the same unit for $135 + tax). It took us a while to set it up (I read the directions over and over out loud while my husband pushed the buttons). The set up reminded me of dealing with a sprinkler clock--complicated at first but eventually you understand the directions. We did not want to get involved with multiply feedings per day and settled on 1 cup (no. 11 on the feed dial) at 5 PM. It was easy to establish the amount but tricky to get the time correct. Set it up at least a week in advance to make sure the amount of time is correct (we kept finding the food dispensed at 5 am rather than 5 pm). It's been operating over a week now and we will feel confident leaving on our trip, knowing the P7000 will feed our fish. The tub holds 30-33 days at 1 cup per day. We put a large plastic bag over the feeder just to make sure it stays water tight in case of a storm during our absence. We're hoping we are just as pleased when we return from our trip as we are right now.