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Fish Mate Pressurized UV Bio Pond Filter by Fish Mate

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SKU: AM09267
UPC: 035368092671
MPN: 3000 PUV

Fish Mate Pressurized UV Bio Pond Filter Description

Fish Mate Pressurized UV BIO Pond Filter combines UV clarification and biological filtration to guarantee crystal clear purified water. Allows for easy installation above or below ground. Colored green to blend easily with natural surroundings. Designed especially to power waterfalls!

  • Includes UV light that clarifies water
  • Three-stage purification process
  • Easy installation and maintenance above or below ground
  • Inlet/Outlet .75" - 1"

Included filter provides a three-step purification process. The first stage is algae destruction that kills aglae that cause green water by passing them in front of UV-C light. The second stage is mechanical filtration that traps algae clumps and other large particles. Stage three is biological purification where the water passes through the Fish Mate SUPRA Biological Filter Medium. The structure of SUPRA enables rapid growth of aerobic bacteria, resulting in the removal of lethal ammonia and nitrite.

The 2000 and 3000 gallon models features POWERCLENZ, an automatic cleaning system providing pond keepers with less pond maintenance. Simply turn the knob to position "CLEAN" and the foam will be squeezed. The water pressure forces out pond sludge that may then be used elsewhere in the garden as a fertilizer.

Kits do not include tubing. Includes Supra Biological Media. 15' UV Connection Cable. There is a 3 year warranty on the unit, and a 6 months warranty on the provided UV lamp.

2000 Gallons: 9 Watt - 450-1,300 GPH
3000 Gallons: 13 Watt - 650-2,000 GPH

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Fish Mate Pressurized UV Bio Pond Filter Customer Reviews

Marilyn, Southbridge MA on 2018/06/10
Fish are happier

This filter works as advertised. I was surprised how quickly the green disappeared from the water. My fish are much more active now and I can see them clearly. The instruction are well-written and easy to understand.

Susan, Avenel NJ on 2017/06/27
Great filter!

It really does the job! First i have to change half of the water and take a day of two then you will see the result. Fishes are happier too! Just one thing i didnt realize it does not have a pump in it so i have to buy a pump. Over all i am happy with this filter.

Mike, Falls Church VA on 2015/10/27
An OK Filter - lasted three years one month more than warranty

Pump arrived promptly. This is my second order of the same filter. The first one developed a crack in the top after three years (just past three year warranty). I have not really compared this with any other, I bought it for compatible parts and because it fits appropriately by my pond. I filters well, but should be cleaned out regularly when you notice flow is falling off. I take mine apart and clean it by hand. You can also just reverse the pump entry and flush it that way, but I prefer to clean it more thoroughly. I didn't realize I could replace the cracked top ($20 + shipping) until I had already bought the new filter. The UV light also has to be replaced once or twice a year. I didn't know this so my algae really built up these past two years. The fish mate representative told me when I replaced the top. As soon as I used the new pump with the new UV bulb the algae cleared up. New lights are available on line for $10+.

Bob, Cincinnati OH on 2012/09/08
Little disappointed

This pressurised/UV Filter is well designed and robust and should last for quite a few years with just normal care. While it is designed in the UK, it is manufactured in China and I have concerns(cold temperture properties) about the plastic material used to mold the Housing and Top Cover. I'm sure the design company specified a good plastic material, but you can't be sure (unless you're there) what gets added during the molding process(like a lot of regrind mat'l) to save a few pennies. I therefore intend to keep the Filter in the house during the winter months and not have to worry about the plastic becoming brittle. Too much re-grind can adversely effect the plastic material properties. There are no barbs on the inlet and outlet, but good stainless steel clamps seem to do the job. It's something you really have to watch, though, as the clamps and tubing seem to loosen up from handling after the top has been removed several times to clean the filter sponge. They need to be checked at least once every 3-4 weeks. There are two other things that need to be mentioned. First, I think the 1000P-UV is over rated for use in a 1000 gal. pond in full sun light. My pond is about 850 gal. and about 24 in. deep and I have not been able to get the pond water clear all the way to the bottom. I have a 1800 gph pump with a good knife valve and no matter what flow rate I adjusted it to, the pond water would not clear up completely. The 2nd and last thing I want to mention is the long term maintenance cost. Fish Mate recommends you replace the two o-rings and the sponge filter every year a cost of $40.00 plus shipping. That's more then 25% of the total cost for the Filter and isn't a good value. I'll probably up-grade my filter next year and may not go with another Fish Mate filter because of this. I would give this Pump and overall rating of 3.

Tanya, Galveston TX on 2011/04/08
Wonderful! Love it!

We bought this and were very hesitant, only because our pond was so green, we did not think anything would work. We have about a 1,400 gallon pond that was never clear with any other filter we used. So we drained most of the water cleaned as much as we could, and started the new filter. The first day it was cloudy, 2nd day pretty clear, 3-4 days crystal clear. It will be a week tomorrow and still crystal clear. We love it!

Cynthia, Texarkana TX on 2010/04/25
Going to reorder my second one!

I ordered my Fish Mate UV Bio Pressurized Filter in 2006. It has lasted four years so I have been pleased. I think the cold weather that we had in Texas effected it this year. I am going to order a larger pump this time because I think I need it to make the filter work better. All in all, I have been very pleased.

Dr. Fred, Fairmont WV on 2010/04/03
As advertised and more

This filter is everything it's advertised to be and more. I installed it at the beginning of the spring season and my three small ponds connected by three waterfalls were already green. The ponds began to clear within a day. The PowerClenz feature is worth the price of the filter. With my previous filters (there were two in parallel, the FishMate has the same capacity as two of them), I would have to take them all apart about twice a week to clean the filters, a really messy smelly task. Now I just turn a knob. The filter is well made, everything fits together with no leaks even on the first try. I recommend it highly.

Pam, Quincy FL on 2009/08/11
Fish Mate

I have been using one in my pond for years and I an getting ready to order another one. This filter is great, it keeps my pond water clean and clear. My fish are very healthy and I really think is it because of the fish mate.