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Flexrake Jumbo Jaws Scooper by Flexrake

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UPC: 017849000443
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Flexrake Jumbo Jaws Scooper Description

The Flexrake Jumbo Jaws Scooper picks up your pets messes on all surfaces and is designed for easy pickup using just one hand. The extra large spring-action scoop is made with high density polypropylene and measures 32" inches. Heavy duty spring action makes the "jaws" easy to open and close.

  • One-hand scooping operation
  • Picks up on all surfaces
  • Heavy duty polypropylene construction

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Flexrake Jumbo Jaws Scooper Customer Reviews

Rick, North Wales PA on 2015/01/27
The Right Size

My old scooper had seen better days (springs wore out)... Went to the local pet supply chain store thinking I'd pick up a newer model with maximum jaw size (got a giant breed dog don't ya know). Looked at what the store had, I liked the models available but wasn't fond of the price. Later that night pulled up the Pet Mountain site, found the exact same model of scooper for a little more than half the cost at that chain store. Shipping cost was reasonable too. I now have a scooper that does the job right the first time, with enough spring to stay closed until I want it to open.

Oscar, Ft Lauderdale FL on 2012/08/02

I bought this item after looking at all these reviews, and it is perfect -- looks like it is made well. It can pick up a lot of feces. No more bending over or getting that spongy warm feeling in your hand after picking up poop with your hand, and no more plastic bags!

Elena, Larkspur CO on 2011/07/26
Saved my back!

This object saved my back! I have a lot of ground to cover and the bending over was becoming too much! I hope it lasts because the construction seems ok but only time will tell.

Rhonda, Fort Campbell KY on 2010/08/10
Love it!

Perfect size and works great!

Mike, Valencia CA on 2010/05/30
Works great

Love this item. I use it daily and have nothing but good things to say. Saves my back a tremendous amount. Thanks for the help. Be careful, they are sold for DOUBLE this price in the pet stores!

George, Fayetteville NC on 2009/11/09
Jumbo Jaws scoop

This product has great design and works well. The quality of construction leaves something to be desired with plastic hinges that break easily. I have had to replace mine once already and I have repaired the one I have now.

Matt, Denver CO on 2009/09/25
Works great for big dog logs

I've used Jaws Scoopers for 6 years. They keep you a healthy distance from the poop and are great if your dog tends to walk around as he drops his gifts. Usually have to replace every 2 years because I leave it outside 24/7.