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Flexrake The Scoop Poop Scoop and Spade with Aluminum Handle by Flexrake

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UPC: 017849055726
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Flexrake The Scoop Poop Scoop and Spade with Aluminum Handle Description

Flexrakes The Scoop features a pan and spade made of durable, non-rusting aluminum and alumiLite aluminum handles. Sturdy yet lightweight construction. Flexrake Scoops are made in America with superior materials to last a lifetime.

  • Durable Non-Rusting AlumiLite Construction with Non-Slip Grip
  • Sturdy Lightweight Spade 7" Wide x 36" Long Handle
  • Small Dimensions: 7" Wide Scoop Pan x 36" Aluminum Handle
  • Large Dimensions: 10" Wide Scoop Pan x 36" Aluminum Handle
  • Made in the USA

Aluminum handles are both lighter weight and more durable than old-fashioned wood handles. Perfect for quick, easy clean-ups!

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Flexrake The Scoop Poop Scoop and Spade with Aluminum Handle Customer Reviews

Jodie, Ventura CA on 2016/02/09
Very happy camper here! : )

I think my pooper scooper that just quit on me (spade came loose several months ago, reattached best we could, finally gave up the ghost for good this weekend) was this brand, but it had the wood handles. I had it for several (lost track) years, and was not kind to it. I would use the spade as a shovel of sorts at times, with heavy dirt, gravel and rocks. I more than got my money out of it. I don't remember where I got it in Ventura, but I couldn't easily find a replacement locally, so online I went. You guys came up on the first search page and your price was more than fair. I did read through the reviews, and was struck by several comments of how quickly the product arrived. Secretly I was hoping for the same, even though I went with the basic shipping. I ordered this yesterday around lunch, and it arrived this morning! I'll tell you what, when your pooper scooper takes a dump, that is some serious sh!t. Thank you so much for selling this product, the fair price, and awesome turn around time! : )P.S. The only thing of note was the yellow grip is shorter than shown in the pic, but I don't care, cuz it's right where I hold it anyway. : )

J.l., Compton AR on 2015/12/17
Good poop scoop

This is a good poop scoop. The only problem I've had is getting the label off. It was glued on so well that I had to use alcohol to remove the glue. Not exactly conducive to not having poop stick to it if all the glue doesn't come off. This is the second one I've purchased and I did not have this problem with the first one.

Elisabeth, Pensacola FL on 2015/09/07
Pooper Scoopers

Nice long handles, light weight. I'm concerned that the single pin/weld connecting the handle to the scoop will not hold up...this part feels flimsy.

Marilyn, Zalma MO on 2015/04/19
BEST: product and price!

We had an old blue handled scoop set that lasted for over 15 years. It cleaned behind mastiffs and Rottweilers. Then behind all sizes of rescue dogs. The newer models seem lighter and only last our rescue about two years, HOWEVER, I load them and work fast cleaning behind 35 to over 60 dogs here. I think the price is GREAT even if they don't last as long as the older model did. The convenience with this design over all other designs I have used or even looked at is that THIS IS THE BEST for speed and for a quality clean-up. Especially good on cement surfaces but also works well in grass if the poo is firm. EASY to clean too as compared to the rake or tooth types... Easy to dispense poo in the pails as compared to other types too. I prefer the all metal style over the wooden handles because of the weight and the wood will rot here easily due to moist weather conditions of Missouri. Ours break at the rivet locations on the spade and on the scoop. Also we have had the scoop split at the crease of the pan which never happened on the old set. This along with seeming to be lighter in weight, is why I think the metal is thinner than the older models.

Ralph, Nantucket MA on 2015/04/03
A very useful gadget!

First class!

Belinda , Vestavia AL on 2015/03/24
Great Product

Well, my first one lasted ten years, and finally broke. I bought a new one, and it is shiny and sturdy, and I am expecting to get another ten years out of it. I foster puppies, and it gets a lot of use, stays outdoors year-round in the South, and holds up fine. Definitely get the spade rather than the rake. I have tried both, and the spade is easier to use with different consistency poopies. Highly recommend.

Linda, Ashland VA on 2015/03/14

We run a non-profit dog rescue and were so thrilled to see our new pooper scoopers were all aluminum! We didn't even know they came without wooden handles. We actually were able to purchase 3 new scoopers for the price of 1 1/2 of the old kind with the wooden handles...absolutely thrilled!

Brian, Miami FL on 2014/02/02
Best Scooper!

The product is well made and serves its purpose. I would definitely recommend anyone to buy it.

Gladine, Modesto CA on 2011/04/06
Pooper scoop fun!

First time of ordering on line. It came faster than said it would. Got it for a friend. 3 dogs she needed it. This is a pooper scooper that makes the task fun! It holds more than 1 plop of poop and is not flimsy. Had one for years for the strays that dump in my yard. Had others that came apart. Not this brand... It's the best. Truly! Hubby says nothing made better since the wheel lol!

Edith, Dallas TX on 2011/02/26
The types are no match.

This is my second one. I broke the first one trying to get ice out of it after I left it out overnight during an ice storm. I'd had it for over 10 years. I shopped locally but could not find anything else I liked. I am so glad I found this one on the internet.

John, Mill Valley CA on 2010/06/01
Quick Ship

We needed poop-scoops for our Dog Park and this site had large clear pictures of what I had in mind. Once the transaction cleared PayPal it seemed the scoops came with-in two days. Quick Ship!

Barbara, Woolrich PA on 2007/12/19
We love them!

We use this product in a commercial setting (dog daycare and boarding). We Love them! They are so lightweight and sturdy! Two paws up!

Abraham, Arlington WA on 2007/05/22
Scoops a lot of poop!

I bought the large one and this thing is massive! Don't buy those wooden handled ones, they're cheap and will break if you put any pressure on them or fill them full of crap.