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Fluval BioMax Biological Filter Media Rings by Fluval

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  • $155.99
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Fluval BioMax Biological Filter Media Rings Description

Fluval BioMax rings are unique, inert ceramic rings that promote powerful bacterial growth both internally and externally. Each ring is very porous, with holes that are perfectly sized to host beneficial bacteria.

  • Inert ceramic media rings
  • For all external filters
  • Provides superior biological filtration

The massive internal and external surface areas allow huge colonies of beneficial bacteria to grow, making Fluval Bio-Max an ideal media for biological removal of both ammonia and nitrite concentrations in the aquarium.

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Fluval BioMax Biological Filter Media Rings Customer Reviews

Suzanne, North Ridgeville OH on 2015/07/02
Great Saving!

Fabulous! Of course, I just cannot say enough about the FLUVAL 405 filtering system, this is part of it. The best way to buy the media for this system is in bulk and from PETMOUNTAIN. It's practically half the normal (box at a time) price and no shipping cost.

Jesse, Atlanta GA on 2014/01/07
Love these.

75gal freshwater tank. Purchased these for use in my canister filters (Rena XP3). I use 500g per filter which fits perfect in the top slot of my bio media tray. I use API bio-stars for the bottom portion of the tray filled to the max. I like the combo so far and my tank seems to run smoothly. All water levels stay good with the help of beneficial bacteria.

Richard, New Hyde Park NY on 2010/08/22
good stuff

I've used this for several years - it keeps my tanks healthy.

Angela, Bellport NY on 2010/04/22
Great Product!

I have been using this product for 1 year now and I love it. My biological filtration is at its optimum performance. I will never us anything else.