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Fluval Carbon Bags by Fluval

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Fluval Carbon Bags Description

Hagen Fluval Carbon 3 packs contain high purity activated carbon for both freshwater and marine aquarium filtration. The inner matrix structure provides a large porous area that permanently traps organic waste while removing liquid wastes such as urine, dyes or many other impurities from the water. The result is sparkling clear aquarium water.

  • Chemical filtration media for all external filters
  • Improves water clarity and color and removes odors
  • For use in fresh or saltwater aquariums

Each bag is packed with 100 grams of carbon.

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Fluval Carbon Bags Customer Reviews

Suzanne, North Ridgeville OH on 2015/07/02

Once again, I cannot describe how happy I am to have found PETMOUNTAIN's site. I buy the media for my FLUVAL 405 filtering system, in bulk quantities. This way of buying is far less expensive for the product, no shipping costs, fast delivery. I recommend this product and PETMOUNTAIN as your supplier.

Bob , Cincinnati OH on 2014/03/25
So easy to use!

These make my canister cleaning and change fast and easy. Plus with my many Turtles I have, the water clean, clear and smell free.

Ss, Silicon Valley CA on 2013/04/03
Cheap and convenient

I shopped around for bulk carbon but these bags are as inexpensive as bulk carbon. And the quality of the carbon is really good; it's not dusty and powdery like some of the bulk stuff.

Dave, Rolling Meadows IL on 2012/12/29
Good product worked as expected

We have a Fluval 406 aquarium filter system and these are made by Fluval for that particular aquarium filter and they fit and worked as expected. You do have to follow the instructions to rinse them off to remove any powdered charcoal before use but other than that, they worked perfectly.

Jarrett, Brooklyn NY on 2012/11/03

I got these to be used in the Turtle Canister Filter 501 by Zoo Med, I started using these instead of the one that came with the filter unit, the nylon bag it comes in is real easy to wash off when cleaning out the filter. I had it in the filter for almost a month now and it is keeping the water clear, it took a bit of time for the filter to get the water to be that way, maybe a week or so, but since then it keeps the water clear until each water changing.

Bo, El Monte CA on 2010/10/30

This product is great and the price are terrific!

Simone, Tampa FL on 2010/09/29
Crystal Clear Water

Keeps water clear and no odor. And it has very little carbon dust. Love it.

Cheryl, Tolland CT on 2010/08/25
Great for our turtle

This product has kept our turtle's tank crystal clear from the start.

Sam, Spring Hill FL on 2010/08/01
Great results!

I used with my Fluval 305 and get great results......

Kevin, Grove City OH on 2010/05/21
Awesome price, Awesome quality!

I have used this same product for the last few years. I have not been disappointed. Get it from pet mountain and it's cheaper than the store. Buy in bulk and it lasts a while. I buy 6 boxes at a time. It's a win win situation.

Eileen, Hillsboro ND on 2007/11/27
Excellent Product

Work very well

Matt, Broomfield CO on 2007/08/05
Fluval Carbon

I use these in my Fluval 305, and I have no problems at all.

Betsy, Nickelson WA on 2007/05/19
Prices and Products are Great!

The prices were great and the web site was easy to get around and find your needs! I love this product!

Matt, Broomfield CO on 2007/01/27
Works great

I use this in my Fluval 305 and I have had no problems and it seems to filter well.