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Four Paws Smart Expandable Extra Wide Wood Gate by Four Paws

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SKU: FF57220
UPC: 045663572204
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Four Paws Smart Expandable Extra Wide Wood Gate Description

FFour Paws Smart Expandable Extra Wide Wood Gate is a varnished wood frame that mounts easily in large openings up to 8 ft. Expands 51" to 93" wide and 24" tall. Mounting hardware included. This extra-wide gate mounts easily in large doorways. Features varnished wood frame for aesthetic value.

  • Mounts easily in large openings up to 8 feet wide
  • Expandable Gate Dimensions 51-93" Wide x 24" High
  • 2 inches between slats
  • Beautifully Sanded and Varnished Wood Gate
  • Ideal for small pets and toddlers (6-24 months)

This wood gate is perfect for separating pets and small animals from unwanted areas in your home. Gate is bolted in the middle and does not fold! The gate is made of two pieces that side relative to each other to adjust to your ideal width. No tools are required for assembly. Mounts easily in doorways, hallways or large openings. Mounting hardware included - easy screw mounting secures gate to doorframe when latched. Per manufacturer instructions, the gate should be mounted off the ground 2.75 inches to achieve a 26.75-inch height. This extra-wide wood gate does not have a walkthrough door feature.

Fits Openings: 51"-93" Wide
Gate Height: 24"

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Four Paws Smart Expandable Extra Wide Wood Gate Customer Reviews

Lydia, Marshall AR on 2014/08/22
So pleased with this gate!

I needed a pet gate that would span a pretty wide area. After shopping around quite a bit, I picked this one. I was happy with the price and it shipped to me very quickly. It was quick and easy to install and it works and looks great! Very sturdy without being an eyesore. Thanks!

Jeff, Menifee CA on 2014/06/29
Ordering Four Paws gate

Ordered the Four Paws Extra Wide gate and expected it to be delivered in about 3-5 days per the website. Was totally surprised when it arrived in 2 days. Ordering was simple and happy with the product. Will certainly be using Pet Mountain again.

James, Port St. Lucie FL on 2012/02/11
Perfect for pet and us!

The gate is light, and easy to put together. You do not have to install it permanently to get the "results" you desire. Either way it is Removable and simple!

Carole, Toms River NJ on 2011/02/22
Four Paws extra wide wood gate

The gate was a very good price after researching dog gates. I am really happy with this purchase and the quick shipping!

Danielle, Hinton WV on 2010/08/24

I have looked everywhere for a gate that would expand to at least 72" and that wasn't free standing! and this price is awsome!

Lora , Mckees Rocks PA on 2010/04/15
Finally, a wide enough gate.

I have searched everywhere and this is the first gate I found that goes to 96 inches. This site has the best price I have found anywhere.

Deidre, Lakeview NY on 2010/02/11
Great fence...great price

This fence is wonderful...Gizmo (corgi/mix) has not been able to escape. We tried other things to keep her penned in and she always found a way out.T his fence is very well made and very sturdy. Gizmo doesn't like it...but we sure do. Thanks for a great product.

Anna, Union OH on 2009/11/27
The Perfect Solution!

Needing to contain my puppy to the kitchen area while I was at work I needed a gate that would cover a 78" opening and this one did the job just great. It was extremely easy to install with good directions. I would strongly recommend this gate to anyone needing to contain a small to medium sized (10 - 60 lbs.) dog.

Ronald, Agoura CA on 2009/11/07

This product is essential two standard gates cross-screwed together in the middle for the extra width. Without going into all the little details and slight modification that have to be made, I drilled out the rivets holding two of the guides and flipped one side of the gate over so that it was a mirror image of the other side instead of a duplicate. This is an important distinction for those who understand what I'm writing. I then screwed the clips back in rather than re-riveting them. Making this modification changes the staggering of the sections to allow the basic two section gates to be folded together without interfering with themselves as I replaced the cross bolt method of attachment with two hinges which allows the unit to be folded in half in one direction (and not in the other which is positioned to face the dogs) and then to slide the extentions in toward the hinges and the entire unit folds up for removal or compacting without having to unbolt the cross screws. This way we can leave one side of the gate secured to whereever we attached it, unclip the other side, fold the gate in half and slide the sections inward and out of the way when we don't want the gate in the way. I know this word description may be confusing to many readers but, to those who understand what I've done, try it out and find how much more user friendly and convenient the gate becomes.

Diana, Eldora IA on 2009/11/01
Works perfect

This extra wide gate works perfectly for the opening between our dining room and kitchen. Easy to install and easy to put away when not needed.

Rickie, Jacksonville FL on 2007/10/04
Easy to Search

I have hunted and hunted for an extra wide pet gate in my town and finally, a website that is easy to search and gives detailed information in a breif statement.Thank you Pet Mountain

Marcia, Columbus NE on 2006/11/17
Nice Gate

I loved this wide gate, Fits and works well!