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Four Paws 5 Panel Smart Folding Wood Pet Gate Extra Wide by Four Paws

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SKU: FF57205
UPC: 045663572051
MPN: 100203592

Four Paws 5 Panel Smart Folding Wood Pet Gate Extra Wide Description

This Four Paws 5 Panel Smart Folding Gate Wood sets up in seconds and can be used on carpet or hard floors. This gate is perfect to easily assemble and remove without any use of tools. Made of attractive real wood, it is the perfect gate to keep small pets out of where they shouldn't be.

  • Wood gate designed for small pets
  • Easy to set up and move from room to room
  • 17" high, easy to step over

This gate is 17" high which makes it small enough to easily move around and step over if needed. Each panel is 24" wide and distance between slats is approximately 2" apart.

Dimensions: 5 Panel Gate Fits openings 48"-110" Wide x 17" Tall

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Four Paws 5 Panel Smart Folding Wood Pet Gate Extra Wide Customer Reviews

Dee, Davidsonville MD on 2016/07/25
Four Paws Five Panel Free-standing Gate

Great gate. Low enough to step over but high enough our Boston Terrier is blocked from restricted areas. Can lock into many different configurations for different spaces. Easy to pick up and place elsewhere or just fold until needed again. Attractive - highly recommend.Dee

Elena, Niagara Falls NY on 2016/05/23

This gate is perfect for the price it keeps my small dogs out of the living room. I'm able to climb over it with ease and it was delivered in a timely manner. I looked long for a gate to fit my large opening. I was so glad to find Pet Mountain. My husband says it is made well.

Joanne, Brooksville FL on 2015/01/29
As expected!

Perfect transaction, free shipping, arrived faster than expected. Well packaged, exactly as described. No unwanted surprises. Would buy from again. Great value.

Deb, Las Vegas NV on 2014/08/29
Best Pet Gates EVER!

I love love love these! We originally ordered one of the three-panels. We found ourselves moving it all over the house. Now we have 2 three-panels and 1 five-panel that we take to the boat with us! Our friends don't mind us blocking the dock because everyone can just step over. Our critters are capable of jumping over but they never have! (please don't tell them)

Mary, Evansville WI on 2014/07/25
Love my Gates!

I ordered my gates because they are low enough for me to walk over easily and high enough to keep my dogs out of areas not intended for their traffic. All of my dogs (large and small) obey the gates. I love them!

Bob, Columbia MO on 2014/02/04
Better than expected. Perfect

Four Paws 3 panel free standing gate.

Brenda, Genoa City WI on 2013/09/19
Excellent dog gate for my dachshunds

We are very pleased with these gates, we ordered one a few months ago, and recently ordered two more, they're easy to step over, when used for blocking doorways you don't want the dogs to have access to, easy to fold up to make into smaller sizes, and easy to fold up when not in use, very happy with them, also very well built gates. Thank you pet mountain, glad I found your website, while searching for good dog gates.

Brenda, Genoa City WI on 2013/08/02
A miracle gate for our three mini dachshunds

This gate is wonderful, we have been using baby gates to keep our dogs from entering carpeted bedrooms, and to stop them from entering the front part of our home at night time, this gate is like an accordion style gate, you can move it around to fit where it is needed. The dachshunds are not jumpers, so this gate has helped us tremendously, I was researching dog gates when I found pet mountain, I'm glad I purchased this gate from you, the price was also very reasonable, I would recommend this gate to any one with a smaller dog.

Chris, Morgantown WV on 2013/04/16
Exactly what we wanted

We wanted a gate to keep the dogs from roaming the finished basement on their way out to the backyard to potty. My husband can step over it easily to get to his "space" and it looks so much better than the green outdoor fencing we were using! It is free standing and is exactly what we wanted.

Sue, Ellensburg WA on 2013/03/01
Absolute Necessity with Puppies

This is a very well made partition that can be use for a variety of areas. We use it to keep our mini dachshund puppies in the family kitchen area from our formal living room in our open designed home. Looks nice too. Friends and neighbors have made very positive comments. I do love the cushions on the bottom so it does not slide or scratch the wood floor. A Must Have!

Traci Clark, Bothell WA on 2012/10/18
Four Paws free standing gates

The gates are working out great. It's nice to be able to pick them up and move them to where I need them. The order was delivered very fast, I received them within 3 days of ordering.

Chris, Taylorsville CA on 2011/11/14
A dream gate for small dog owners

This gate is affordable and best fits my needs. I searched online sales extensively before I settled on this one. It is incredibly simple to set up (no assembly or installation required). It's light weight (2 lbs.), so I can easily fold, lift and carry it to different locations. Nice looking (natural unfinished wood). It spans different lengths (I needed to cover 6ft. and 9ft. on the porch and in the house). There are pads to protect floor (helps to know which side goes up!). It's stable (some configurations are more stabilizing than others; there are two brackets to further secure the panels). Works as a walk-through; I set it up so that one panel swings open for entry-exit. And lo and behold!--It contains my long-bodied "loves to jump" Dandie Dinmont Terrier. He doesn't even attempt to jump this gate even though he can easily leap onto a couch. I highly recommend it!

Melissa, Edmond OK on 2011/10/29
Tri-fold pet gate

Useful gates...tri-fold...step over. Our Wheaten Terrier is afraid to jump over these gates...she could EASILY do so...but she doesn't know she can do so...! (I'm not going to tell her about it, either!) My only suggestion for improvement for them would be to put feet on both sides. It would be better for us to have them fold the opposite way in 2 of our doorways...but because the tiny round pads are just on one can't turn them over without scratching my wood floors. Will probably go get some felt feet to use. Good product.

Madalene, Jefferson GA on 2011/10/07
Worth it!

This gate is so nice and handy. Light weight, can be carried from place to place, and so worth the money. Finally, a low pet gate for my 2 tiny doggies. I will be making plenty of use of this gate. I cant wait till the larger one is back in stock.

Melissa, Georgetown KY on 2011/09/27
Great gate at a great price!

Absolutely love this gate! Very good quality for pricing. It's a great way to confine my cocker spaniel to the kitchen when we are away as she still has potty issues at times when she's nervous or anxious. The gate is foldable so you can use one or all (or any number in between!) of the five panels. I've seen other similar ones in stores and on-line at a much higher price. The free shipping was nice, too!

Phyllis, B.g. KY on 2011/08/11
It does the trick

Bought the gate to keep our YorkiePoo from going down the hall into the bedrooms. It's easy to move in order to confine her to whatever room we're in and at other times give her the freedom to move between three rooms. It's been almost two weeks and she hasn't tried to jump over it; she just watches us between the bars.

Dottie, Bullhead City AZ on 2011/07/05
The perfect pet gate!

This is a lot of gate for not much money. I've seen gates like this for 3 or 4 times the price. The 17" height is perfect for small dogs. When my family comes for a visit, they bring 3 Chihuahuas and I have a cat. This gate allows half the house for the dogs and the other half for the cat. Because it's self-standing there's no need to fasten it to the wall or door jambs. Although it's low enough to step over, the way it folds makes it easy to just swing one panel open to walk thru and shut behind you. I shopped high and low until I came across this gate, it's just perfect for my needs. I would highly recommend this pet gate.

Linda, Villa Ridge MO on 2011/04/03
Best Gate ever!

Bought from another store......then found it here for $8 cheaper! The gate is need to make holes in the walls. Easy for me to step over.

Amy, Phoenix AZ on 2011/02/16
Excellent pet fence

This pet fence does the trick. It keeps my cat out of areas we don't want him in. It's sturdy and not too unsightly. It was very reasonably priced as well and we did a lot of shopping. Best of all, it arrived two days after we ordered it. You can't beat that!

Sherry, Ellenboro NC on 2011/01/15
EXACTLY what we needed!

This gate really IS freestanding and really does conform to what ever "shape" you need it to. It is wonderful! Very surprised...for once, I really feel like I got what I paid for!

Malena, Boston MA on 2010/12/21

These were great, exactly what I was looking for - easy to put together and great price.

Terri, Chesterfield MO on 2010/12/07
We love this gate!

We've looked for months for a gate wide enough to cover an 87-inch doorway and haven't been able to find anything for less than $200-$300. I was thrilled to find this gate at such an affordable price. It spreads out to cover an area even wider than our doorway and comes with braces to keep it's accordion shape. It folds up completely into a nice, compact rectangle when not in use. We have small dogs, a shih tzu and a yorkie, so the low gate works very well to keep them in, while allowing us to step over it easily--so much more human friendly than past gates we've owned. It's made of "raw wood," not finished or painted like the expensive gates, but I think that, for the price, it's plenty attractive and could certainly be painted if wanted. Not for big dogs, but terrific for the little ones! Love it!

Joe, Jersey City NJ on 2010/12/03
Nice Gate

We got this gate to block off our Papillon from getting into the cat litter box. Had it for over a week and its working great! The gate is built pretty sturdy and looks nice. It came with 2 metal brackets that you can mount on the top of each joints where the gate folds to keep the gate from folding. The brackets are not super strong and are more meant to keep the gate from folding and falling if you bump into the gate. They are also strong enough to keep the 15lbs dog from pushing the gate and making it fall over. For $34 bucks you cant go wrong.

Erica, Washington DC on 2010/10/27

I was so happy with this gate! I have to admit I was a little skeptical when I ordered it because it was so inexpensive but it is perfect! It is actually really good construction, fits my oversize entry way perfectly and folds away easily and is compact when I don't need it. Thank you so much for stocking such a great, helpful and inexpensive product!

Erin, San Antonio TX on 2010/09/20
Dog Gate

I having been searching for an extra wide dog gate for an inexpensive price and this Four Paws dog gate has been the best price yet. A friend suggested this product and would recommend it to anyone. I am looking forward to this dog gate and plan to use it everyday.