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Four Paws Little Wee Wee Pads by Four Paws

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Four Paws Little Wee Wee Pads Description

Four Paws Little Dog Wee Wee Pads are sized just right for smaller dog breeds. The smaller footprint takes up less floor space while still providing the unique liquid-locking features of larger Wee Wee Pads. Each pad is also treated with an attractant to make housebreaking simple!

  • Leak-proof 5-ply floor armor system
  • Super absorbent and treated with an attractant
  • Heavy plastic lining prevents damage to floor or carpet
  • Pad dimensions: 16.5"L x 23.5"W

Super absorbent and with an attractant that helps teach your dog the right place to go, these smaller pads are so convenient they can be quickly and easily placed anywhere!

Additional Features:

  • Locks in wetness with quilted top layer
  • Ensures maciumum absorption power with 2 moisture-locking layers
  • Protects floors and carpets with leak-proof backing
  • Provides easy training with built-in attractant

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Four Paws Little Wee Wee Pads Customer Reviews

Bangkokbabay, Manhattan NY on 2014/04/23

I can not say enough good things about this product it sure is a Life Saver! I love Pet Mountain & the service they provide along with fantastic pricing!

Sandra, Peabody MA on 2014/02/04
Love the small wee wee pads

I love the size of the wee wee pads for my Chihuahua. She only uses them when we're gone for extended hours but uses them when needed! Thank you.

Rg, New York NY on 2013/07/20
Wee Wee Pads for my Cat

The small size wee wee pads just fit the kitty litter tray and my cat prefers the pads to kitty litter. And they're lighter weight!

Diana, Los Angeles CA on 2013/04/18
Whee, whee!!!

My doggie is now older (she's 12) and sometimes can't wait to be walked - even though I get up at 6:30! But now, with these terrific pads, no problem! They work great and everybody's happy. She still gets walked 3 times a day, but for those midnight occasions, she's covered - well, actually, the rug is covered.

Linda, Jupiter FL on 2010/08/01
Best Wee-Wee Pad

I have a small Mi-ki and have been using wee-wee pads for indoor toileting for her for the past year. I tried another brand first, but it was not absorbent enough. Once I tried Four Paws I stopped looking any further. These are perfect for her.