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Four Paws Original Wee Wee Pads Floor Armor Leak-Proof System for All Dogs and Puppies by Four Paws

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SKU: FF01641N
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SKU: FF97229M
UPC: 688713109700
MPN: 97229M

Four Paws Original Wee Wee Pads Floor Armor Leak-Proof System for All Dogs and Puppies Description

Four Paws Original Wee-Wee Pads use a leak-proof 6-ply Floor Armor system, protecting your home and making housebreaking to be much easier. Wee-Wee Pads are 100% guaranteed to resist leakage and are perfect for handling your puppy's potty training. America's original trusted housebreaking pee pee pad for dogs and puppies. Four Paws Wee Wee Pad's 6-layer technology with built-in wet lock gel is guaranteed not to leak.

  • Fast Absorption 6 Layer Technology with Wet-Lock Gel layers to Prevent Tracking
  • Leak-Proof Backing Keeps Your Floors Clean and Dry
  • Easy Dog or Puppy Training with Built-In Attractant
  • Quilted Wee Wee Pad Dimensions: 22"L x 23"W
  • Now 25% More Absorbent
  • 24 Hour Protection Guarantee

Here's how Wee Wee Pads work: An special attractant scent draws puppies to the pad. A quilted top layer locks in wetness. Below that, 2 moisture-locking layers ensure maximum absorption power. The leak-proof backing keeps all moisture trapped inside the pad, preventing any harm from coming to your floors or carpets.

Wee-Wee Pads are treated with a special additive designed to attract your dog when nature calls. Made with a multi-layer leak-proof Floor Armor System, the special quilted top locks in moisture and neutralizes odors, while the leak-proof liner protects floors and carpets. Wee-Wee Pads come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit every dog. Wee-Wee Pads make cleanup and disposal easy, and fewer accidents mean less discipline and faster training for your dog. They can also be used as an alternative to outdoor "relief" for your adult dog. Get worry-free training for your puppy and peace of mind for yourself.

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Four Paws Original Wee Wee Pads Floor Armor Leak-Proof System for All Dogs and Puppies Customer Reviews

Cindy, La Canada CA on 2018/02/12
Four Paws Piddle Pads are Great!

We like the Four Paws brand of piddle pads because they are great quality, thick, strong and easy to use. This size have tape pads on each corner to keep them in place. Good as the layer to remove quickly once used. Four Paws brand through Pet Mountain are a good value.Thank you Pet Mountain and Four Paws!

Cindy, La Canada CA on 2018/02/12
Extra Large Pads from Four Paws

The Extra Large Pads from Four Paws are great. They are large enough to use as a protective layer. They are very good quality, thick, strong and easy to use. We use this size as a protective layer. Then apply the regular size on top so they can be removed as soiled without the chance of going through onto the flooring. Together they are perfect. This is Not necessary since the regular size is adequate to protect, but they can slip out of place.

Kelly, Wildomar CA on 2016/02/19
Wee wee pads

I bought the bulk 600 wee wee pads for my litter of 11 pups. They have been tremendous! They hold up super well with ALL the pee and poop that goes on. I love them so much, I'm going to buy them again in bulk. Love the great price and free shipping!

Kathy, Macungie PA on 2016/01/17

These wee wee pads are wonderful. I have tried other wee wee pads when training my puppies and I can say, these are the best there is. They absorb great. I've trained two large dogs (Saint Bernard and Old English Sheepdog) using these and wouldn't purchase any other brand and you can't beat Pet Mountain's price.

Sue, North East MD on 2015/12/16
Four Paws Wee Wee Pads

I really like ordering the pads in bulk. The bulk price from Pet Mountain is the best price I've found. And it is so nice having the boxes delivered right to my door. This is an excellent product.

Ab, Phoenix AZ on 2015/07/22
Puppy pads

Not as good as I expected. A little on the thin side. But, ... they work.

Katy, Brooklyn NY on 2015/05/16
Love it


Mg, Chicago IL on 2015/04/15
Always good!

These are great and I always appreciate finding deals on this site.

Elaine, Dallas TX on 2015/04/08
Ordering at Pet Mountain

I have been ordering Four Paws Wee Wee Pads for my dog since 2009. Not only does this product exceed my expectations, so does Pet Mountain. They are courteous, helpful and product(s) are shipped out immediately.Thank you for your great service Pet Mountain!

Erika, Westminster MD on 2014/12/26
Always keep on hand

These do exactly what they are supposed to do. For my small dog I keep one out all the time just in case he needs them. For my larger dog I just like to have them on hand in case she gets sick or I sometimes use them for clean-up.

Mary, Pequannock NJ on 2014/12/11

We have been using these Wee Wee Pads for 9 years and they have never let us down!

Steve, Racine WI on 2014/10/23

Good price on the pee pads. Our Yorkie-poo is complete train to go on these pads. No more letting her outside in the winter time.

Rhonda, Levasy MO on 2014/10/15
Wee Wee Pads Work Great!

Just recently ordered these and I love them. They're a little bigger than the pads I had been using and are more absorbent.

Margaret, Los Angeles CA on 2014/08/06
Wow... Love this order.

This order arrived on time and in excellent condition. I use these pads for my small 12 pound dog and I love them. It's great that they come in bulk and a great price.

Lori, Millbury MA on 2014/06/19
Size and function

This pad functions just fine. My only complaint is the 22 x 23 pads aren't large enough to use with the pad's holders in the four corners. Those would be nice to use because it holds the pad in place. Other than that, works great, protects my floors, it's durable and easy to clean. The pad doesn't really go anywhere even without the holders....unless the puppies decide to play with it on occasion! With the holders though, it would be less easy for them to grab. Maybe time to buy larger pads!

Shaunda, Lakeland FL on 2014/06/18
Awesome service

Received the order before promised. Will definitely be ordering in the future.

Beatrice, Colorado Springs CO on 2014/05/12
Good Product at a Good Price

I like to double the wee wee pads since they are not really very thick so I do need a large quantity. I have three small dogs so I am able to take the top pad off and replace it and it diminishes the odor problem. I think next time I will look for a thicker, larger wee pad. They are nice when we get a lot of snow and our dogs are trained to go back to a tiled hallway where they can't go out. They were shipped and delivered very quickly. Good customer service!

Sam, Hollywood CA on 2014/04/23

My pet loves this. Best prices online, thanks Pet Mountain. This is my 3rd order with you guys.

Lynne, Tucson AZ on 2014/03/06
Kitties TOO!

We haven't needed puppy pads for quite a while but I had some left over and found they were the ideal solution for first a "hospice" cat and then a 19 year old cat that just didn't always make it to the box. I put one close to her bed and she uses these all the time. They are simple to change and keep her life easier. Oldsters need easy.

Terry, Medina TN on 2014/02/11
Best pee pad out there!

Best pee pad out there and thanks Pet Mountain for making it possible to order them in a bulk quantity.

Pat, Macomb MI on 2014/01/14
The best pads out there...

Excellent product and incredible value. Saved over half ordering in bulk vs. buying at the local pet store.

Mimosa, Foster City CA on 2013/12/12
The best!

Keeps my garage floors clean because these pads never leak. They are super absorbent. Keeps my garage odorless because the pads also hold in the urine smell very well (other pads can't do this). Clean-ups are easy as the pads stay firm and don't crumble or drip when picked up. Once I ran out of new pee pads while I was travelling and was worried that my beagle would soil the floors. To my astonishment, my beagle actually "re-used" the pad and even more astonishing was that the pad handled the "double usage" very well (when I say double usage, I mean my doggie went on the exact same area in the pad twice and the pad held up perfectly). This was remarkable for me in my case because with other pads, my doggie will never re-use and manage to keep the floors still clean. Once a pad was soiled, my beagle would need an entirely new one or end up missing her mark on the pad and create a wet mess. Not the case with these pads. Multiple use and the floors are still dry and odorless. Highly recommend this product!

Nancy, New Hyde Park NY on 2013/11/12

I have a partially paralyzed dog and use the pads all the time. They are great and very absorbent. I received the package of pads in quite short order.

Jomarie, Newyork NY on 2013/10/16
Best wee wee pads

I have used these wee wee pads for two years. They are the best

So Cute Havanese, Milwaukee WI on 2013/10/02
Great Product

I breed Havanese and need lots of puppy pads! I have tried many brands and these are the best on the market. They don't fall apart and leave small chokable bits for my puppies to eat.

Susan, Cabot AR on 2013/09/25
Great product

For some reason the price of these pads in our local stores has skyrocketed. Petmountian has the best price. These pads are nicely quilted and don't have the fluff inside that other pads have.

Richard, Los Angeles CA on 2013/08/27
Some are cheaper but useless

We've been using 4 Paws Wee Wee Pads for over 20 years. Pet Mountain is by far the cheapest and quickest to deliver.

Nancy, New Hyde Park NY on 2013/07/11

I have a miniature dachshund that is partially paralyzed and needs help with going to the bathroom. These pads are very absorbent and strong. I use them all them time and they are great.

Deborah, Chesapeake VA on 2013/06/22
These are pretty convenient to have

Great for those that aren't home a lot and even though dogs have access to a yard through a dog-door, they don't like to "go" in inclement weather, so these are great. I have one down all the time and poof they sometimes miss a little but overall they are great and EASY to dispose of. This is my 2nd box in four years for two small Dachshunds so they don't go often in the house. I thought they might consider the convenience, but they don't. I'm good!

Carol, Johnstown PA on 2013/05/29
WOW, what a great value

I was buying these wee wee pads back home and the price was much more at home, and when I found this value I was excited. I have a 16 lb shitzu and this is perfect, she is gong to be 2 this June, and I use these pads on a holding tray for her and they are excellent, no paw marks and no mess. Emily was trained on these pads and will not use the outdoors for a bathroom and my vet told me that her brain was trained for these wee wee pads and that is ok. When the weather is bad out here I don't have to worry about taking her outside. So if you are thinking are these pads ok, go for it and the value is great.

Maureen, Sun Lakes AZ on 2013/03/20
I love them

Four Paws Wee Wee Pads. I have been ordering these from Pet Mountain for several years, and they are the best. Thank you for a great product, and wonderful service.

Ashley, Sylmar CA on 2013/03/19
Great easy and fast

These pads are easy clean up. They never leak. They keep the smell and I love them. I wont use anything but these, and Pet mountain delivers quicker than they say.

Elaine, Marco FL on 2013/02/17
Wee Wee pads

Not as thick as I think it should be..but I will keep looking... in the meantime still be using wee pads.. I do wish they were thicker.

Abbe, Mitchell SD on 2013/01/22
Very satisfied. Excellent product and service!

Four paws wee wee pads are an excellent product. Very satisfied with this product and Pet Mountain's service.

Ann , Scottsdale AZ on 2011/11/24
Not as thick a pad as I expected

For the price it works OK. Will order another brand next time.

Gabby, Los Angeles CA on 2011/10/13
Great Buy!

If you have a new puppy in your house, great for beginning potty training!

Gloria, Orange CA on 2011/04/01
Great product and price, I like the larger quantity.

The larger quantity is great for the amount that I use. It keeps my babies and my home happy.

Jeritta, Trinity NC on 2010/09/21
pee pee pads are great

these are great. we use them when we have to be away and they save our carpet. they are great and our dog loves them. thanks for carrying them pet mountain.

Sally, Westfield MA on 2010/07/29

My dog is a Parvovirus survivor. She was confinded to the house for her first 4 months. Thanks to Wee Wee Pads she found a safe place to do her business immediately. She took to the pads like a cat takes to a litter box. They are so easy to clean up after use. I swear by these and HIGHLY recommend them for any dog, small (like mine) or large. Thanks FOUR PAWS..........Sally

Ruthie, New York NY on 2010/06/14
A lifesaver

Don't know what I'd do without wee wee pads. My four year old dog has been using it since she was born. It's really a lifesaver when the weather is nasty and neither of us wants to venture outside for a walk.

Amy, Barre MA on 2010/06/12
As good as can be!

Our dog is a "forever" puppy. He's too small to go outside in wintery weather. Living in N.E. we decided to paper train him inside. We bought Four Paws Wee Wee pads and after the first day he was using them and now he is almost four and still using them! He never has an accident, during the nice weather, he does go outside. I am very happy with the absorbency of them, I have gotten cheap ones before where the pee goes right through. Thanks four paws! ~Amy

Lucille, Seattle WA on 2010/05/19
thank heaven for these pads

...or the inventor of them. Boy oh boy... I don't have to take my Chi out all the time and she goes on them. I adopted her and she was trained immediately.

Kaye, Springdale AR on 2009/11/04
Doggies USE it!

Great Item, they are now quilted which is BETTER! Our Chihuahuas shred the unquilted ones and cotton is floating in the air when we get home. With these, they get to enjoy the quilted plastic! (Ha!). The dogs head to these pads and "go" and thankfully the wee stays on the pads!

Garley, San Francisco CA on 2009/09/24
Cant live without these

Don't know where we'd be without these pads. Initially these helped us to quickly house train our two maltese and now they will only go to the bathroom on these. We go through about 2-3 per day for two dogs not bad, right? And clean up is also a breeze. I will be investing in these for a long time.

Pk, Mpls MN on 2009/07/16
These pads are the BEST

These Wee Wee pads are the very best pee pads on the market. I have tried numerous others and they do not work half as well as these. I LOVE them, very absorbent and they hold the urine in the pad and not all over the floor.

Roy, Las Vegas NV on 2008/02/19
These pads rock!

These pads are a life saver! We have 2 pugs and one of em urinates like niagra falls...these pads absorb and keep that urine in check!

Michael, Sarasota FL on 2008/01/10
Great for indoor dogs

We house trained our Bichon to go on Four Paw pads as we live in a high rise condo and they are perfect; never an accident!

Robin, Tampa FL on 2008/01/06
Best on the market!

Wee wee pads are the best pads on the market. We've been using them two years. Over the years we've tried other leading brands, but they weren't as absorbant. we have three dogs the largest weighing 85lbs. I can say, when she wets there is no mess to clean and the floor stays dry. Extra-Super absorbant! Great for small or large......

Brian, Holbrook NY on 2007/12/31
Work Great

Four Paws Wee Wee Pads are great, my puppy rarely has any mistakes.

Miriam, Miami FL on 2007/11/26


Angie, Memphis TN on 2007/11/01
Not the best, but good.

We use these pads, as we find it hard to get the good ones we had before. These pads are just a little too thin, and our poodle and yorkie track the urine all over their bed and play area. Wish it had a barrier that drew it away better.

Billie, Memphis TE on 2007/09/21
Excellent Pads

We use these pads not only for our sweet dog, CoCo, but also for our three African Grey Parrots. They are wonderful to put in the bottom of the cage - no more rusty easy to just fold them over and discard. The X-large pads fit the bottom tray and no trimming is necessary. As a nurse, I've always used Blue Pads for patient care, but never for "parrot" care. Great Idea, tho.

Joey, Broussard LA on 2007/09/14

Best wee wee pad on the market. No matter where we are, as long as there is a four paws wee wee pad around we don't have to worry about our dogs having an accident. Thank you four paws.

Mildred, Bronx NY on 2007/08/15
My Dog and I love them

I been purchasing Four Paws wee wee pads for 3 years, I think they are great. I have tried other brands and they are not the same. My dog preferred Four Paws brand.

Bethanie, Beverly Hills CA on 2007/07/15
Their great!

I would definitely recommend the x-large for big puppies!

Robin, Riverview FL on 2007/07/07
best pads around

I have 3 dogs; 2 large and one small. I've found the four-paw wee wee pads to be the best ever used. My biggest dog, a yellow lab 75lbs nickname is the peeianist.......a gallon it seems, but it always seems to contain the wee wee. I'd recommend them to anyone.

Elana, Hampstead NC on 2007/03/23
It Works

We used regular clean up pads you'd find in hospitals for my puppy's house breaking and it was a 50 50 shot. He would get on it but when we changed to Four Paws pads its been getting alot better. I think its because of the stuff in the pads that attract your dog to eliminate on them.

Philip , San Francisco CA on 2007/01/09
The best thing ever!

Thank you Four Paws Wee-wee pads. Potty training has never been so easy. I put down the pads, and she knows instinctively where to go. I am extremely satisfied with this product. Thank you so much Four Paws, Wee-wee pads are the best thing ever. Thanks, Phil

Jean, Las Vegas NV on 2007/01/09
Thank You, Thank YOU!

We have looked everywhere online and in pet stores for the 100-Pack Wee Wee pads, and you have the best price! We have stocked up a couple times with you and you always ship them quickly and the price is phenominal, my puppies say thanks!

Judy, Bass River MA on 2006/12/22
Ideal for Cats, Too!

We have two senior cats. These are the perfect pads- best on the market - to place under their litter boxes to catch the misses that make such messes! Wee-Wee Pads, because of their super absorbency and the extra large size (I order the X-tra Large) save both the floors and my sanity.

Ramon, Arriaga CA on 2006/12/19
Great and Cheap!

I bought from a competitor website 30 for $23 and absolutely love them, they work well. However, PetMountain has them for much cheaper! Thank you!

Bethanie, Winnetka CA on 2006/12/18
Great product!

These pads are some of the best! I have bought many wee wee pads before and some are just awful! These are really great!

Keeley, Norwalk CT on 2006/12/01
Helps with Senior Pets

Great product when you have a senior pet who can't hold it all night. My 15 year old has Wee Wee Pads in her pen at night and it certainly makes for easy clean up in the morning.

Nicole, New York NY on 2006/12/01
We cant go without them!

We are in a small apartment with two dogs, so we have a Wee-Wee Pad down at all times. The dogs love them - and since they don't leak at all, we love them too!

Lyn, Fargo ND on 2006/11/29
Best Ever

My Chi is litter box trained. I put one down when we first got her and the scent appealed to her right away. She learned to use these pads the very first day. Six years later, she still loves them and has never had an accident. When we travel, I bring them, put them on the ground and she uses them without hesitation. They are so handy and convenient.

Marie, Whitestone NY on 2006/11/20
Great product for puppies!

Since I cannot be home to take the puppy out every hour, the pads are great for those times when the puppy cannot hold it!

Tiffany, Thornton CO on 2006/11/11
puppies went right to them

Our pups (from a litter 2 12 weeks old) began working their way to these pads as soon as we put them in their whelping box. Excellent product

Caroline, Lafayette LA on 2006/11/01
My dogs love them!

Wee Wee Pads by Four Paws are the best on the market. I have three small dogs and no longer have to worry about coming home from work and cleaning up their mess all over the house. The scent does attract them to the pad and there is no leak through. Believe me I have tried all brands and these are definately Number 1.