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Four Paws Pet Aid Medicated Anti-Itch Spray by Four Paws

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Four Paws Pet Aid Medicated Anti-Itch Spray Description

Four Paws Pet Aid Anti Itch Spray was formulated and tested by veterinarians to provide dogs and cats immediate relief from minor skin problems such as fleas bites, allergic dermatitis and hot spot.

  • Use on Cats and Dogs
  • Helps heal hot spots
  • Does not sting when applied to your pet

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Four Paws Pet Aid Medicated Anti-Itch Spray Customer Reviews

Carol, Longview WA on 2016/07/01
Fantastic Product

This product works fantastic for flea and pollen allergies. When they start chewing you spray it on and the chewing ends. My little guy heads straight to the bathroom counter when I ask him if I need to fix it when he starts chewing. It gives them instant relief. Great product and great service from Four Paws!

Kelly, San Fernando CA on 2015/04/17
Works to relieve itching and heals!

My dog Lucky sweats and gets rashes under his pits, under belly and bites himself on his hind legs. I have tried other sprays and this one is by far the best. After just one use he stopped the itching and the bumps are starting to heal. Lucky gives this product 4 paws up.

James, London KY on 2013/02/14
Works great!

This product really works great for giving quick relief for my cats allergy itch and irritation.