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Four Paws Tie-Out Cable Heavy Weight by Four Paws

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UPC: 045663847104
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Four Paws Tie-Out Cable Heavy Weight Description

Four Paws Heavy Weight Dog Tie-Out Cables ensure pet safety while allowing complete freedom. These vinyl coated aircraft cables are rust-proof and are available in a variety of lengths. Four paws Tie-Out Cables are strong, safe and include two bronze snaps. Tie-Out Cable - Heavy Weight is for dogs over 50 lbs.

  • Vinyl coated aircraft cable
  • Rust-proof bronze snaps
  • Allows freedom and insures safety for dogs

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Four Paws Tie-Out Cable Heavy Weight Customer Reviews

Colleen, Pittsburgh PA on 2014/09/08
Excellent purchase!

My dog has a special spot dug out in the shade and when she broke her last tie-out, I could not find a 30 foot cable anywhere. Very pleased with this purchase!

H, Nashville TN on 2014/01/01
Good pick

It took my St. Bernard and Lab a year to wear these down. Now I'm buying another two. My dogs are able to get out of our fence but not out of these chains. No rust, great price, and the size of my active dogs tells how strong and durable these cables are.

Melody, Charlotte NC on 2010/10/13
Love, love, love it!

I bought this tie-out cable before. I am so happy with it and because it's very affordable, I am buying a few as gifts for my doggie lover friends!

Kelly, Seymour IN on 2010/08/30
good tieout cable

i bought one of these cables last year and it has worked well. No rust, no problems with the snaps sticking. I'm replacing it this summer not because the product was faulty, but i ran over it with the lawn mower and the coating cracked. I'll be buying this one again.

Scott, Torrance CA on 2010/06/06
My dog loves it!

Works great. My dog can sun bath now in the front and not get all the way down our drive way. He loves being able to be were the action is not stuck in the backyard.