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Four Paws X-Large Wee Wee Pads for Dogs by Four Paws

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UPC: 045663016463
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Four Paws X-Large Wee Wee Pads for Dogs Description

Four Paws X-Large Wee-Wee Pads are 80% larger and more absorbent than regular pads. This product features a proprietary leak-proof, 6 Layer Technology Floor Armor system to make housebreaking much easier. The quilted top layer locks in wetness to protect your floors and carpets from leaks. Made with Wet-Lock Gel for a 24 hour protection guarantee.

  • Locks in wetness with quilted top layer
  • Ensures maximum absorption power with 2 moisture-locking layers
  • Protects floors and carpets with leak-proof backing
  • Provides easy training with built-in attractant

Extra Large Wee Wee Pad dimensions: 28"L x 34"W. These Extra Large Wee-Wee Pads are great for small or large dogs. The larger surface area of the XL Wee Wee Pads allows more room for your dog to do their business without running the chance of missing and spoiling your carpets or floors.

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Four Paws X-Large Wee Wee Pads for Dogs Customer Reviews

Heidi, North English IA on 2017/09/09

Order these often and they are great for my pups!

Nancy, San Dimas CA on 2015/11/18
Great product

I use this under the bedding in my guinea pig's cage to keep the floor of the cage in good condition.

Nicole, Westmont IL on 2015/06/30
Great pee pads for puppy or small dog

I have a small dog that is both indoor and outdoor trained. These pads are great for in-between her walks. They absorb great and don't leak outside the edges. Large enough so that she doesn't miss the pad. Also, keeps odor to a minimum (I do change them after every use, as I am ocd, lol). Great product and was delivered quickly! Will buy again!

Valerie, Mechanicsville VA on 2015/05/27
Best Pads Paws Down!

I've tried several brands of housebreaking pads and find the Four Paws Wee Wee Pads to be superior. I put them down for my two Boston Terriers as a backup plan for those times when they can't go outside.

Maria Platow, Oldsmar FL on 2015/01/26
These are great puppy training pads

These pads are the perfect puppy training pad. They are super absorbent, great size and priced right through PetMountain.

Sandy, Utica NY on 2014/12/09

These pads are the best. I won't use any other since I discovered WeeWee pad. I also received them a day earlier than expected. Great job.

John, San Diego CA on 2014/12/05
Simply the Best

Best product, Best price, Best shipping, Best service.

Tamara, Payson AZ on 2014/09/09
Received quickly!

Wee Wee Pads arrived quickly and were exactly as described!

Sandy, Utica NY on 2014/09/05
WeeWee X-lrg Pads

These pads are the best I have found. I have an Italian Greyhound that refuses to go outside in bad weather so they come in handy. They are very good at keeping my floors dry too.

Skip, Uxbridge MA on 2013/10/12
Great size, very exorbant

With these pads one takes the place of two. No leaking through. Considering quality and size price is reasonable. Will be reordering.

D., Tucson AZ on 2013/02/20

This brand is the best--I have seven indoor dogs, and these work great. Absorbent, don't shred, keep odor at bay.

Dixie, Franklin NJ on 2013/02/14
Love them

We love these wee wee pads. They last all day with our 5 chihuahuas and from time to time my collie uses them too when she needs to.

Vered, Rego Park NY on 2012/09/21
Love these!

I have 2 teacup yorkies and they don't get walked outside during the winter. These pads are great and they don't leak through. I will never purchase another brand of wee wee pads. I've tried them all and these are by far the best!

Juan, San Francisco CA on 2012/06/13
Awesome savings on Wee Wee Pads

When I found extra large Wee Wee Pads for this price at Pet Mountain I thought I hit the lotto! Oh the money I wasted buying from the big retailers website! Pet Mountain devotee!

Sa, Dallas TX on 2012/06/02
Exactly right

We have ordered this product before. Service from Pet Mountain is outstanding, and we will continue to order our wee wee pads from them.

Margot, Houston TX on 2012/03/13
Good but needs a design improvement

Though these are good for garage use during stormy weather with a 15 pound dog, there is a design problem. The pad absorbs but does not have any protection if the dog steps on a puddle from earlier in the day. At this price, we do not change the pad every pee. The best design would be to have the liquid absorb through a one-way layer. Don't baby pads have a one-way layer?

Denise, Lexington KY on 2012/01/28
Best Pads

I love these pads. They are the best out right size for a larger dog, does not seep through and don't need to replace right away. They are great if you can't take your dog out regularly. This is a very good place to find deals on them also and they ship them out right away.

Joan, Reading PA on 2011/10/25
One of the best

This is a great product. Always high quality and works as advertised.

Mitchell Clyne, Fairfield CT on 2011/05/16
Great for my dog!

I love these, makes clean up a lot easier!

John, New Bedford MA on 2011/04/12
You got it right!

Don't screw it up leave it alone it's a great product, best on the market and I've tried them all.

Jane, Chicago IL on 2011/03/31
Great size

The large size is wonderful, but I wish they were more absorbent so that they don't leak through to the floor. All in all, though, pretty good.

Susannah, Wodbridge CT on 2011/02/09

I have three small dogs and this is the perfect size to make sure that my floor stays clean if I leave them too long at home and they cant wait. They are incredibly absorbant and leave no smell after being tossed. I couldnt find them from any other internet source either so THANK YOU!

Elizabeth, New York NY on 2010/12/16
Very Fast!

We love Pet Mountain because all of our supplies arrive so quickly! Thank you!

Mary, Brookings SD on 2010/11/18
Love these

I just love these pee pads for my 2 shih tzu. They have been pee pad trained since they were little and are now almost 13 years old. The pads are big enough for 2, very absorbent, and it sure is nice not to have to take them out on cold winter days. :)

Dorothy , Mount Airy NC on 2010/10/26
Awesome Pads for dogs

I have 6 small dogs in the house. These large pads works great for young puppies. They don't want to play with these pads and rip them up.

Chris, Los Angeles CA on 2010/10/15
Fantastic Product!

My two Yorkies wouldn't think of using anything but! This product is the best!

Carol, Flanders NJ on 2010/10/13
These Wee Wee Pads really helped!

I have 4 dogs. My husband and I go to work and have to leave the doggies home with no access to go out. These Wee Wee pads solved the problem! The dogs took to it without having to be trained! When I come home, all I have to do is pick up the used pad and throw it away! It's really great - you should try it!

Susan, Lanai City HI on 2010/10/05
Finally found the right size WeeWee Pad!

I have been searching for a WeeWee pad that would cover a larger area than most "xlarge" pads. My search is over and I'm so happy with the size of it. My little 4 legged family member is only 12" tall and maybe 15" long. At times he thinks he's on the pad and actually is not. I can lay two of these pads down and it will practically cover the entire area where he normally "goes". Thank you for having this product. I will definitely keep ordering it as long as you have it!

Mike, Chicago IL on 2010/09/14
Great, especially for multiple puppies

This product is the best out there when you take into account size and absorbency. I have two toy dog puppies that use this and what I love the most is that it is so absorbent that it does not stain the hair on their white feet.

Joe, Leland NC on 2010/08/30
Just great

The Wee Wee Pads Extra Large by Four Paws has to be the best thing that has been put on the market. My dog loves them never misses. I was way for three days. I came home to find out he used the pad no accidents.No odor. wish I had known about these pads long ago. five star rating.

Brandy, Edmond OK on 2010/08/16
The BEST potty pads!

These are the best potty pads and the XL size is just perfect for my Shih Tzus! The XL pads are large enough for more than one dog to share and are extremely durable, high quality. This is the only brand I will ever use!

Mary Jane, Ft Lauderdale FL on 2010/08/14
Great Product

These are The Best pads for dogs. I have used them for years and every once in a while will try another brand, but always go back to these. They absorb very well, do not shred and are the largest pad on the market. Great value for the high quality and also conveniently packaged for travel.

Aarf, Houston TX on 2010/07/20
Rescuer Loves Them

I have been doing dog rescue for 8 years. I usually have at least one litter of puppies and 1 or 2 adults who are not house trained. I have tried numerous pads and Wee Wee Pads are far superior. Now with an extra large pad, I love them even more. I'm not sure I could foster as many puppies as I do if it wasn't for them. Currently I have 12 puppies, 3 litters, 7 to 10 wks. And they all use them!

Michael, Sarasota FL on 2010/07/06
The very best pads

We trained our BIchon as an "indoor" dog and have used these pads for 3 years. They are excellent and our dog has never once had an "accident". She just runs to the pad

Mary Jane, Ft Lauderdale FL on 2010/07/04
The best on the market.

I have been using these for years and wouldn't use anything else.

Sheila, Piqua OH on 2010/06/29
our yorkie has no problem hitting his extra large wee wee pads

our yorkie has no problem hitting his extra large wee wee pads. we love them! no mess to clean up!

Sm, San Antonio TX on 2010/06/28
Great Product

Great product. Absorbent and neutralizes well.

Peter, Narraganset RI on 2010/06/22

Our black lab Tucket is now 16. He has not been able to walk for one year. He is responsive, loves life and is not at all ready to be put down. The extra large Wee Wee Pads have saved the day. He goes only twice a day after his meal and has NEVER made a mistake. The pad totally catches and holds every drop. Without them, we would have had to say goodbye to him.

Glynn, Allen TX on 2010/06/18
The best for my dogs

This product has proved to be the best for my three dogs. They use them instead of the carpet and that makes me very happy.

Leslie, Norwalk CA on 2010/06/09

All three beagles use this in an emergency or if it's raining. We tried other brands but this one is superior.

Beverly, Pittsburgh PA on 2010/05/22

We started with Wee-Wee Potty Pads and are sold on them. They made potty training a breeze. They are great for saving your carpets and when soiled they make clean-up easy. Our dog loves them, especially in bad weather because you use them indoors. A great product. We wouldn't be without them.

Todd, Renton WA on 2010/05/13
Chihuahua likes em

Venti, my daughter's chihuahua, approves. These are the best size and really work well.

Leslie, Sonora CA on 2010/05/07

I have 4 dogs that use these. The larger size works GREAT! I make sure to keep these stocked at my house.

Sunny, Moonachie NJ on 2010/05/07

I've been using lots of different kinds of pads and this is THE BEST wee wee pads I've ever had and this web site is the cheapest place you can get. It's simply great for dogs.

Patty, Narragansett RI on 2010/05/03
four paws wee wee pads x-large

Our Black Lab, Tucker, just enjoyed his 16th birthday thanks in large part to four paws wee wee pads. Tucker has not been able to walk for over a year having lost the use of his back legs. He is alert, responsive, loves to eat and looks forward to his treats. He is in No way ready to leave us. Believe it or not, he only pees twice a day following his breakfast at 5:30 AM and dinner at 6:30 PM. I put his pad under him following his meal and then he really goes. The pad catches every drop and he hasn't made a mistake yet! Highly recommend this product.

Tony, Nashville TN on 2009/12/09

Four Paws pads are wonderful. My dogs are very faithful to use them.

Peter, Lilburn GA on 2009/10/29
Great for Cats, Too

We use the large Wee Wee Pads under our large litter pans, the pads captures any misses and helps protect the floors from a possible 'cat urine' impregnation. It also makes it a snap to clean up litter that has been tracked out of the pan.

Darlene, Westlake OH on 2009/10/15
"Special size for Special dogs"

I have two Maltese and they are pee pad trained. I found a wonderful extra large floor protector/pee pad holder and could not find the extra large pee pads until I found your website! Thank you Pet Mountain and Four Paws.

Maxine, Ft Laluderdale FL on 2009/03/08
A wonderful product!

Four Paws X-Large Wee Wee Pads are the best I've tried. They are great for indoor use with a new puppy and older dogs as well. We live in a condo and they really come in handy. This is the only brand that I can find that comes in this X-Large size. They are very durable and I can take a pad with me when visiting, and my dog will use it anywhere.