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Fritz Zyme 460 Saltwater Aquarium Cleaner by Fritz Aquatics

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Fritz Zyme 460 Saltwater Aquarium Cleaner Description

Fritz Zyme 460 Saltwater Aquarium Cleaner is an all natural, biologically-active formula that helps reduce and simplify routine maintenance while eliminating sludge, organic debris, and nasty odors. It improves water clarity and filter flow while supporting your tanks nitrogen cycle.

  • All natural reef-safe aquarium cleaner
  • Removes sludge, organic debris and foul odors
  • Biologically removes waste and assists nitrification

This highly effective saltwater aquarium cleaner uses powerful blends of live, naturally occurring, eco-friendly, heterotrophic bacteria to digest and remove organic sludge such as fish waste, leftover food, and other decaying organic matter. Fritz Zyme aquarium cleaners stand apart from the rest by using only bacterial cultures that perform best in specific environments for maximum effectiveness and efficiency. In this case, that means using only species of beneficial bacteria that are native to saltwater to get your tank clean and sparkling as quickly as possible. Using Fritz Zyme 460 as part of your regular aquarium maintenance will significantly reduce the needed amount of gravel vacuuming and water changes, as well as extending the life of your filter. The bacteria used in Fritz Zyme Biological Aquarium Cleaners are safe, non-toxic, and non-pathogenic.

Usage: Unlike chemical-based products, Fritz Zyme 460 contains live bacteria that must remain viable (alive) to be effective. Do not use Fritz Zyme 460 with medications or copper based algaecides. For best results, protein skimmers and UV sterilizers should be turned off prior to use and remain off for two days after applying Fritz Zyme 460.

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