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Fritz Zyme 7 Live Nitrifying Bacteria by by Fritz Aquatics

  • $13.99
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SKU: FR80209
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Product Description

Fritz Zyme #7 Freshwater Nitrifying Bacteria contains live, active. non-pathogenic, non-toxic Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter nitrifying bacteria. Proven to be the best product available for ammonia and nitrite reduction, Fritz Zyme #7 begins rapidly converting ammonia and nitrite to non-toxic nitrate when added.

  • Professional formula for use in all freshwater systems; safe for use with plants, snails and discus
  • Removes ammonia and nitrites the safe, permanent and natural way
  • Does not require refrigeration
  • 16 oz treats 80 gallons

Always add Fritz Zyme #7:

  • To new tanks
  • When adding new livestock
  • After any rigourous cleaning
  • Changing gravel
  • After changing filter cartridges
  • After medicating
  • Whenever ammonia/nitrite imbalances occur

Dosage: Add 1/2 cup (4 oz) per 10 gallons to jump-start new systems or reduce ammonia/nitrite spike. Nitrifying Bacteria count (minimum): 2,000,000 per ounce.

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    Customer Reviews

    Melinda, Indianola IA on 2016/03/03
    Best Product

    This is by far the best product to use for healthy fish, after a water change, and establishing new aquariums. Don't waste your money on anything other than this. Looking forward to Pet Mountain selling the gallon size too! Plus the packaging by them is fantastic. Bubble wrapped and the lid taped!

    Chris, Detroit MI on 2010/04/16
    Helped my tank cycle quickly

    I added fritz zyme to my tank when I initially set it up and my tank finished cycling in less than a week. I wouldn't rely solely on this for bacteria, you should add some live sand and at least a little live rock but this definitely helped my cycle along.

    David, Oxnard CA on 2009/01/30
    Fritz Zyme #7 Nitrifying Bacteria, really works!!!!!

    First I have to thank pet mountain , you guys have some of the best prices over other competitors out their. That's why I keep coming back and will continue to. I was extremely happy and thankful with the speedy shipment of pet mountain . I placed the order on a Monday ,received the package Tuesday that was shipped ground wow that's fast. I have a 20 gallon aquarium setup with only a few Mollie and platy fishes with about 1/4 inch of gravel so its not even deep. The tank had already been cycled, and I have been doing the 25% weekly water changes including vacuuming out the gravel when I change the water. OK so I decided to give this product a try after I did some research and heard some good thing I liked about it. I was recently having some type of cloudy water . I have not had any problems with the water until recently. I checked the ammonia levels and they seemed a little higher then normal. So when I received the shipment I immediately opened the box and read directions for the Fritz Zyme#7 I did a 20% water change and added the recommended dosage. The next day I woke up and I could already see the water was 80 percent clearer . The following day , the water was so clear it looked as if I had just done a 100% water change just like setting up a brand new tank look. I have not had any problems with any more ammonia levels , and the fish seem so much happier now as well. I will continue to use Fritz Zyme #7 in helping aid in the biological filtration for my aquarium's.