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Fluval Impeller Cover 304/404 - 305/405 (New Style) by by Fluval

  • $22.99
  • (45%)
SKU: XA20156
UPC: 015561301565
MPN: A-20156

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Product Description

Hagen Impeller Cover Fluval replacement part. Impeller Cover Replacement part for the Fluval 304-404 and 305-405 Filters made after July 2001.

  • Replacement impeller cover for Hagen Fluval filters
  • Fits Fluval models 304-404 and 305-405
  • For models with straight impeller blades made after July 2001

NOTE: Please make sure your impeller has straight fan blades. (If your filter is older than July 2001 and/or has curved fan blades then you will need to purchase the OLD MODEL: Part Number A-20155)

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Customer Reviews

Debbie, Midlothian VA on 2014/03/03
Solved the problem

This cover quieted our filter down right away. One of the clips on ours had broken. It continued to work, but was very noisy. The new one was simple to install and works well.

Aimee, North Bergen NJ on 2014/01/09
Fixed my filter

My filter was working with a broken one of these for a long time, then it stopped. This fixed the issue. Much better to buy this piece than a new filter.

Brenda, Knoxville TN on 2012/09/21
Fluval parts

Great place to find Fluval replacement parts at a reasonable price. Filter is back in service. Many thanks!

Km, Milwaukee WI on 2011/02/16
Good Communication, Great Prices, Fast Shipping! WOW

I have a Fluval 405 & 404, best canister filters ever invested into. Had 405 for at least 6 yrs and my 404 for 4 yrs now. Only problem I had like everyone else was the clips on the covers keep breaking every 5 to 6 months! Finally figured it out Fluval lovers! You ever look at the magnet that holds the impeller? If the magnet gets worn out it causes more vibration in terms causes the clips on the covers to break. If you have cover clips that keep on breaking replace impeller, magnet, ceramic shaft, and cover at the same time. Almost a guarantee that cover should last you up to a year or two. But to Pet Mountain, you guys have the cheapest prices on Fluval parts, great communication, and shipping was extremely fast also! Great job, and I will only buy from you guys in the future! Everyone else is just way over priced, like my local pet store $15.00 for just a cover? Cheaper for me to get a cover from you guys and have it shipped! Thanks guys!

Joshua, Huron SD on 2011/01/24
It works great! Got here fast!

I have 2 Fluval 404's and I love them but I often need impeller cover replacements as I seem to break the clips off often. I ordered 2 covers, one as a replacement for the broken one, and one for a replacement for the next broken one whenever it should happen. The part fit great, and the shipment arrived fairly timely. Thanks pet mountain. I will definitely order from you again in the future.

Chris, Clarksville MD on 2011/01/07
Perfect fit.

Impeller cover for Fluval 404

Kent, Sturgis MI on 2011/01/05
Sparepart 100%

Pet mountain has what I need. I'm buying just from this 100% supplier

Humberto, Orlando FL on 2010/10/20
Good but not that good..

This is the 4th Fluval Impeller Cover that I have purchased. The problem lies on the weak design of the plastic ears, these parts tent to break very easy, so you must have at least one in stock at home just in case. I have the Fluval 404 filter for almost 4 years and it is a good product overall.

Patrick, Jupiter FL on 2010/07/15
Problem Fixed!

Our Fluval pump was making a lot of noise when it was running. We found that one of the clips that holds the impeller cover in place had broken off and was rattling. I checked around and found it here. It was the only site that had an easy to navigate schematic and asked the right questions to make sure I got the correct part first time I will definitely shop here again!

John, Chicago I on 2010/04/27

Perfect fits my pump perfectly

Annette, Sugarloaf PA on 2010/01/23
What a great price!

Searched many different sites and came across Pet Mountain for the first time. Prices were reasonable and product came in quickly. There were discounts too! I highly recommend Pet Mountain and will refer my pet loving friends!